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  1. I'd take it if it meant independence. Fine by me.
  2. Not NATS if it's a blue red and white one.
  3. To be fair, nuclear weapons dont just accidently go off. It's literally impossible.
  4. I think we know the answer to this one. He himself thinks it will take at least 5 years to get into the EU. That's 5 years of 'true' independence that the guy won't contemplate because flags.
  5. You support real independence whilst supporting being totally run by another country. No bother Malky. You've no been missed.
  6. I'd take an autocratic regime over the utter buffoonery down south.
  7. What an absolute roaster you are [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. You can almost taste the fear in the air.
  9. ^^^^ Jakey wall-guarder in criticising wall-builder shocker.
  10. Mind during the last referendum the Tories were so desperate that skint Scotland wouldn't leave that they actually said they couldn't win the next election ? Good times. Won't wash the next time and that's why every hard no has been shitting it about another for one for years. That's you. Unlucky.
  11. Barraso wouldnt even be in the room [emoji23]
  12. Still don't understand the desperation of some yes voters to have some sort of left leaning Labour government in Westminster for maybe 5 years like they'll somehow change the direction of travel of the sinking ship. They're totally irrelevant up here as far as I'm concerned. Wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them and about 80% of the Scottish electorate agree with me. Do people like Panda genuinely believe that the likes of Keir Starmer is going to radically change anything ? Westminster is fucked as far as I'm concerned and Scottish Independence IS the most important thing for the future of this country. Not what useless halfwit gets a shot at a job for a few years.
  13. Bit of daft mentality especially as they're fine with the Chinese building their nuclear power stations.
  14. Here was me thinking Glen Minter had forgot his password. Must be hard remembering them all.
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