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  1. To be fair Talbot done the same when they won it in 1949
  2. Anyone else getting annoying adverts appearing at the bottom of their page? Wtf P&B have you sold out? Best in the West
  3. Would it not be better just to tarmac the whole park? Best in the West
  4. Heard Beith sold the jersey tonight with a lacklustre performance. Any truth? Best in the West
  5. You missed the scene where the Glens team were singing about hating Talbot.
  6. Good Auld Joe Murph is in the line up aswell [emoji4]
  7. Sorry eamonn I was just up to a wee bit of mischief. That Tucker thread couldn't survive on its on. [emoji16] Am sure Mr Miller will be staying with Beith for a few more seasons.
  8. Can't see us doing well tonight. Heard a lot of our players are on hols
  9. Lol. How the f**k did hurlford fail with that similar mix. ? [emoji23]
  10. It's a wee shame it was posted, but its the little things in life that make the world go round [emoji23]
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