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  1. RT @J_CartwrightN0T: What the f**k did I just watch! https://t.co/bhrG3JfWS8

  2. RT @JontyCPFC: Pure genius, Harry Arter shouting leave it, didn’t get enough coverage. ???? https://t.co/LFgJRbvwhX

  3. @TekelTowers @HilltownArab83 @dundeeunitedfc It’s combined init? Doubt there’s over 12k

  4. RT @13IanWest: City might have won the league, but Liverpool deserved it and should have won it - a short thread:

  5. Falkirk and Dundee DOOOON. HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA

  6. RT @HammerLegend: @Peter_Shilton @ManCity @ManUtd Is it good technique to be outjumped by an Argentine dwarf?

  7. RT @Charlieallan164: Ye we denounced ur Scottish membership after that horrendous attempt at patter , u belong to the English now x https:/…

  8. @gavin_priestley @RequestABet troops?

  9. RT @AccidentalP: #AccidentalPartridge https://t.co/4N1vJNgwlV

  10. RT @RunawayYe: Kanye West has the greatest discography in hip hop https://t.co/UQEUV85xjY

  11. RT @JWinlow23: Some blind fella out on run there, his guide could have told him a bit quicker shan c**t hahahaha https://t.co/TYRiyres2J

  12. RT @fancylunch3232: Okey-dokey, I had 6 large on my guaranteed horse, the bookie I bet with gave me 5/2 (he is nuts) Anyway, I’ve had a cou…

  13. RT @WSCsupporters: Meanwhile in Italy.. https://t.co/9RFS8nRAUS

  14. @TekelTowers He’a got a bigger gambling addiction than Griffiths and a staunch ***. Bathered

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