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  1. Jeesu! This thread has never seen such activity. Listen! the top guys at Kelty Hearts do not conform to norms or statistics they look to develop & progress them.
  2. If more east junior clubs are to follow, the eos league will only become more difficult to exit successfully.
  3. Strangely enough, looked into that earlier today Uncle Arthur, suspected as much but the search proved inconclusive. As always, It will ultimately come down to who buys into what the club are trying to achieve.
  4. Ross County are probably the model that most provincial towns / clubs would want to aspire to in Scotland, they are a shining example of where forward thinking & ambition can take a club and its community. Noticed the honorory chairman`s post match comments on KHTV on Saturday, the club are in very good hands.
  5. Probably the best chance of getting things together in a wee while, good luck.
  6. Well done to everyone involved at the Hearts. Cheers!
  7. Great effort after a long hard season, respect!
  8. Whatever happens in the playoff for the title. You boys have surpassed all previous points totals in the East Super league this season. Hope you get it done, all the best.
  9. No sure if folks that have no been going to games get a vote or no? If they do, put me down for Conrad please.
  10. Bonnyrigg played 26 & not drawn a game yet. Has any side ever gone through a whole season without drawing a match?
  11. Well done to the Cowden who kept their league staus through pk`s today v East Kilbride.
  12. Well done on your promotion lads, was really taken by your young side last season in the Scottish Cup.
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