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  1. I wasn’t a fan at all of the 8-8-8 either. I think it being tried twice and failed twice is a big alarm bell. For me it was also just a way to get new Rangers playing too flight teams quick as possible as well. I would love a bigger top flight but the SPFL are geared only to four Glasgow derby games a season
  2. Take the point it is not perfect however I would have it in transit with other rules and support like - prize money/ sponsorship/ support distributions given on the requirement youth is invested in with the smaller teams supported - completely scrap and start again with project brave where youth development is incentivised - maximum squad sizes and outbound loan rules to prevent the big teams swallowing up talent. Man C and Chelsea are examples of what should never have been allowed to happen in any nation with bloated squads and practically abusing loan markets. Rules can easily be put in place to stop this. The reality is this will never happen though because of the warped rules in this country which allow for the previously called ‘Old firm veto’
  3. It's so frustrating they keep pushing this idea when it has been shown there is little fan appetite for it outside the biggest clubs. If they want to improve the quality of young players then lobby for change that forces teams to develop, it would be so easy. Two/ three year grace period then put in a rule where 3-5 of all starting 11 need to be: - Under 23 at start of season - Trained at YOUR club for a minimum of three years before they're 17. (This would prevent bigger teams just swallowing up young talent and mean all the players would be Scotland eligible) All clubs being bound by the same rules would soon force the youth issue.
  4. Only if they break them, fix them, break them again and repeat that process about half a dozen times
  5. I would be very surprised as well. Every league, the second place team can get a max of 9, 10 or 11 points and our goal difference is worst of the lot. No chance we're going through unless we hammer them
  6. Completely agree mate, we just have a good number of delusional fans here.
  7. I know, I was just following on from the thread. Crazy people actually genuinely think this
  8. Shankland isn't signing for St Mirren, Can you imagine being an Ayr fan and waking up to the news, you've sold your best player for £100k? He might go for nothing next summer but staying in the league for Ayr is worth more than £100k, Shanks could be their difference maker in staying up or going down.
  9. likely recieve travel expenses and a thank you and thats it. doubt spartans have any semi-pro players. I agree
  10. I said I wasn’t sure. If they aren’t amateur then they certainly play at a similar level to them anyway. Does anyone actually know for sure? If they are part time and not amateur then I sincerely apologise. OMG it makes such a difference to the point please let’s continue to discuss this tiny detail that will completely justify an SP, professional club, drawing with them at home...
  11. i thought you didnt have to pay anything to players if you held amateur status? was that not the case with queens park? might be wrong or it may have changed. Yeah it's true of amateurs. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if a number of their players are amateurs.
  12. Possibly, again I feel we're focusing on the wrong aspect here. My gut feel is it'll be a mix of amateur/ p-t contracts and no one will be on earth shattering money above £50 (or certainly not much) Regardless of the granular details, we still shouldn't be drawing with Spartans.
  13. £50 a week - Would pay over nine hours at min wage a week. Only training part time for players that likely have full time jobs I doubt it would be illegal. In saying that, I do feel we're focusing on the wrong part of our team drawing with Spartans.
  14. I don't think there is anything we can justify on the quality of Spartans players against our own. They play 30+ spaces below us in the league structure. It's a concern not being able to beat them comfortably.
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