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  1. Agree. He would at least have had the sense to listen to the scientists etc and try to cope with this pandemic the way that any president would, rather than saying the first thing that came into his head. Operation Warp Speed FFS.
  2. Get that unclosable ad with the West Ham guys to feck!
  3. Dave McKinnon has confirmed that we voted against it (not a surprise). He's also confirmed that ICT were pushing for a null and void, despite their "scintilla" ridden statement (ranks up there with concomitant).
  4. The Rangers EGM motion is defeated by 27 to 13 with two abstaining. Championship clubs - 9 to 1.
  5. No, they'd make it top eight & bottom six. That way the top sides can play more games and take the attention away from the play-offs.
  6. So the two votes with crosses are the ones that shouldn’t count. Motion carried?
  7. Kheredine on Twitter with pics suggesting the “technical issue” is simply that Dundee put a tick in the reject box rather than an X.
  8. We should now switch to a series of votes regarding who wins all of the remaining games each week, with a 4.50pm deadline each time. That would be more fun than having to attend the games.
  9. Hibs have just tweeted confirming that they voted to support the proposal. Lets have every club do this and shame the ones that didn’t.
  10. Doncaster will announce that another vote will be held with abstentions counting as a Yes now.
  11. I presume you mean that the next budget will be full of tax increases. Why not just say that?
  12. Doesn't seem to bother the teams down south very much.
  13. Which will be useless unless they plan to eat it or wipe their arses with it. In all seriousness, what use is gold in a pandemic?
  14. Hearing that there’s an education announcement at 2pm.
  15. Hearing mutterings that the fortnightly pen-jabs I have to take are being used to treat the virus in other countries. Nothing official that I can find, but Israel was mentioned. Ironic that I'm a higher risk of catching it but might have a stock of a cure in my fridge.
  16. Wife works in bookies - they’re not expecting any sport until August at the earliest.
  17. Same here, except I'm in education so can only really work from home when we all do. Wife works in a bookies and is wondering what will happen now that there's f**k-all to bet on except the cartoon races. Was in GP yesterday getting the pneumonia jab. Was told that in the few days it needs to kick off, I'll have a sore arm and maybe feel groggy, like I have a flu. Fucking good one.
  18. Nothing about Crosshouse hospital yet? Was expecting something to be announced.....
  19. Our 4th goal from twitter. Well taken by McGuffie.
  20. Whoever kicked off didn’t choose ends.
  21. Nice too see that since 3pm, we've swapped goal differences with Queens.
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