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  1. I did say “main live game”. I’m aware that they are both televised, but not shocked that BBC1 will still be having a Ronaldo slaverfest.
  2. Ghana v Uruguay will now be quite tasty, so the main live match on TV will undoubtedly be the Portugal game.
  3. Camera zooming on a group of Uruguayans giving him the finger,
  4. A tampon up the nostril must be a first for the World Cup.
  5. True, but as it was Portugal they beat (who were later themselves an underserved winner), I'm prepared to let them off.
  6. All of a sudden the Belgians have discovered how to run.
  7. This is a great World Cup for getting stuff done whilst the games are on. You can go put a wash on, hang another up, make a cuppa and get back knowing you’ll have missed absolutely f**k-all.
  8. I think it was the only game in that World Cup which kicked off so late as well. Greece has a man sent off in the first half and parked the bus. Japan with 75% possession but no way through. May have kicked off so late so that the Japanese could watch it.
  9. Not even the worst Japan game I've seen. Japan 0-0 Greece 2014. That one finished gone 1am when I had work at 7am as well. I stayed up for that one.
  10. Their first shot on target in the tournament
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