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  1. When I arrived here (1999) the Labour candidate resigned after a year in the post and it's been Tory ever since. Great to see it change.
  2. The years I lived there it was the safest Labour seats in existence. A donkey in a red rosette could have gotten voted in.
  3. Just on to say I'm happy to have played my part in that Ayr result. GIRUY John Scott.
  4. "Playing" is not the word I'd use, but the consequences of this now being the fixture are, of course, hilarious.
  5. To stay up we're going to have to win two penalty shootouts amid seven hours of goalless football.
  6. Good save, but the forward should have buried that.
  7. Both of our games were 0-0 draws. Seem to recall a fair number of stinking games on BBC this season in fairness.
  8. I'd say we're fucked. Ayr are far more likely to shitfest a 0-0 draw at Inverness than we are at Arbroath. In any case, Ayr know that would be enough - we need to win, just in case they get their point. And we don't do wins. I have zero confidence in our ability to outscore any of the teams in League 1.
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