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  1. Which will be useless unless they plan to eat it or wipe their arses with it. In all seriousness, what use is gold in a pandemic?
  2. Hearing that there’s an education announcement at 2pm.
  3. Hearing mutterings that the fortnightly pen-jabs I have to take are being used to treat the virus in other countries. Nothing official that I can find, but Israel was mentioned. Ironic that I'm a higher risk of catching it but might have a stock of a cure in my fridge.
  4. Wife works in bookies - they’re not expecting any sport until August at the earliest.
  5. Same here, except I'm in education so can only really work from home when we all do. Wife works in a bookies and is wondering what will happen now that there's f**k-all to bet on except the cartoon races. Was in GP yesterday getting the pneumonia jab. Was told that in the few days it needs to kick off, I'll have a sore arm and maybe feel groggy, like I have a flu. Fucking good one.
  6. Nothing about Crosshouse hospital yet? Was expecting something to be announced.....
  7. Our 4th goal from twitter. Well taken by McGuffie.
  8. Whoever kicked off didn’t choose ends.
  9. Nice too see that since 3pm, we've swapped goal differences with Queens.
  10. 4-0 - McGuffie gets his first goal for Morton!
  11. Well, that was unexpected. Miles away from Saturday's defensive efforts, and in the second half you could see that they had a bit of belief in themselves (and that Ayr were there for the beating). Nicky Cadden - thank you for those #scenes. Shout out also to Rodgers, who was outstanding, especially in the last quarter.
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