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  1. Hardly “abandoned” given that it never actually started in the first place.
  2. Actual tears at the one with Krusty and the horse.
  3. Seven fucking leaflets through my door from those c**ts. Delighted to hear this.
  4. I’m watching BBC News - they’ve been going live to results.
  5. The Labour boy on BBC throwing Corbyn under a bus and feeling certain he’s lost his seat.
  6. Yes, but possibly busier a lot earlier in the day, with many first timer keen to get voting. Who knows?
  7. No, but a number were driven there by their parents to show them how to vote, as they were first time voters.
  8. Voted (SNP) around half 7 this morning. Car park at the community centre was almost full and like a logic puzzle trying to get out. Not seen it as busy at that time since the independence referendum (and that had a larger eligible electorate). Wife voted later. Fairly sure she voted SNP too as our MP is a good one. She did say, that if she was still in Stranraer she wouldn’t as the SNP guy down there is an absolute crook. Thankfully I’ve got her out of there and she’ll vote Tory no more.
  9. Only if there was a riot and the cup was withheld.
  10. Naked Dundee racist touches herself in front of police. Edit - Torrie may be nowhere near Dundee for all I know.
  11. 3-0 so far - Muirhead, McAlister and Cadden.
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