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  1. What was with the cheering for an announcement that a gate had been opened? Never heard a gate being celebrated at a game before.
  2. Happened at Firhill two weeks ago. Our players took the knee and there was brief confusion as to why some of our fans started booing. It transpired that they were booing the Thistle players for not doing it. Yesterday there was just applause for the players who were doing it rather than booing for those who didn't.
  3. Pretty much this. First half we were fine, but faded in the second. No real plan B for when we conceded.
  4. Really disappointing not to get at least a point from that game. Ten minutes to go and their keeper calls the ball boy over and tells him not to give the ball back when it goes out, but to drop it at his own feet for him to go and collect - tells you everything about how far Killie have fallen.
  5. Cheers. Ought to have clicked the score than assuming.
  6. San Marino have scored against Poland. Unfortunately, they were already 5-0 down.
  7. A workmate recommended this to me. I'd remembered seeing it advertised at the time but paid it no more mind. Saw the DVD in Tesco and decided to try it out. Fucking hell. Absolutely outstanding. Watched the whole thing either side of a night's kip and have started watching it again with my son. Will never tire of this and am now downloading the podcasts. Some genuinely chilling scenes - imagine being told to go up onto the roof and shovel radioactive bricks for no more than 90 seconds. That whole section from Legasov interrupting the first meeting up to the point where the plant managers were arrested was fantastic. The trial, with its flashback scenes, was excellent. No being clued up on actors, I kept thinking "That Legasov's voice is really familiar" - until I looked up Jared Harris and saw who his dad was. Funny to think that this was Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson's first feature together since that mad shagging film they did that was set in the Highlands.
  8. Can’t recall the exact number of years but you’ll find that it was also us and it was 5-0, at the same time of year.
  9. That Burnley goal has been coming. Now don't feck it up.
  10. Whoever is at left back for Rangers has Kyogo in his pocket.
  11. Probably due to the lack of away fans to vent at.
  12. Loving the "ball needlessly given away" crowd noise.
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