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  1. St. Mirren will win all of their games. We won’t get out of the group, even if we somehow finish 2nd.
  2. Cuts out any time for complaints, legal challenges and fines.
  3. Good to know this. My involvement with doing estimates was only for N5 - AH.
  4. Someone I know has passed their N4 courses - and they said they didn't finish any of them. They have friends in the same boat. Curious as to whether their school decided to estimate that they'd have passed or just banked on not being moderated due to the SQA being too busy with the appeals of the other qualifications.
  5. It depends on what was used. We had endless Zoom meetings whilst doing the ranking. My PT (a real numbers man) has loads of data and figures. Tests were combined, not combined, tests and Prelims rolled into one, Prelims plus S3 summer exams - absolutely everything possible was used to rank them, with the extremely difficult cases eventually coming down to the teacher's gut feeling.
  6. So basically avoid pubs which begin with the letter "B".
  7. "Seven days" Unless you made a copy and passed it on.
  8. Markers too. That’s usually our holiday money. This was at least countered by the fact that nobody with a brain was going anywhere this summer.
  9. I’ve not read all of the posts on the results. The grades were created using - Evidence of pupil achievement including progress as the year went on. Estimated grades, then bands within the grades. Futher bands within the usual bands 1-8. Ranking pupils in order within these new bands. Schools’ previous record for accuracy (or lack of) for estimates In the past. The final one would be done by the SQA. The other four were done by the teaching staff., and was a lengthy procedure. As for appeals, they’ll probably be done the way that the old appeals were (before the “request a re-mark” was introduced) - Check the evidence submitted was marked correctly Check the evidence was sufficiently challenging enough to be useful as evidence. if either of these were not met, deny the appeal (or in rare cases of really crap evidence, lower the grade). If the evidence doesn’t back up the grade being asked for, there would be no point sending it in, even though it’s free this year.
  10. Sadly, I feel that St. Mirren will be safe again this season.
  11. Or they kept hitting "reset" until they got the desired opening day fixture.
  12. We get two home games with no away fans likely to be present. Excellent.
  13. The games that won't be able to have any fans at them should be the fixtures that are repeated in the final third of the season.
  14. Why are you on this forum? This is for Championship teams like Hearts.
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