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  1. My department- Morton - 1 Liverpool - 1 (he is from the North of England) Celtic - 1 (goes to the games) Elsewhere - Kilmarnock - 1 Sevco - 3 (one hates the use of the name Sevco) Leicester - 1 (though I think he’s a closet Sevco) Celtic - 1 (leaving soon) Recently retired were an Ayr fan, an Aberdeen fan who watched Ayr and an Auchinleck Talbot fan. Rest don’t follow the game apart from a few wives of Celtic/Sevco fans. Among the pupils in my form class, I have a Killie fan, a Hibs fan and a Ross County fan.
  2. It’s a strange one. Maybe they’ve learned to shut the doors and windows on the train.
  3. Caely game will be postponed. They are the new 1980s Dumbarton.
  4. Players needing two or three touches just to control the ball.
  5. New guy on. Will only work if he gets any service.
  6. We now train on it too. Previously we trained elsewhere. Parklea, I think.
  7. We don’t look like scoring so far so I’m not sure a change of keeper is going to hamper Rovers.
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