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  1. Game of Thrones

    Davos chucking in a vote anyway
  2. Game of Thrones

  3. Eurovision

    They fair milked that.
  4. Eurovision

    The jurys appear to know f**k all anymore.
  5. Eurovision

    7 points for the Czech boy band
  6. Eurovision

    At least the public prefer us to Germany,
  7. Eurovision

  8. Eurovision

    Complete shock at Greece giving 12 to Cyprus.
  9. Eurovision

    “Say Na Na Na” is bottom? FFS!
  10. Eurovision

    And Ireland now giving us f**k-all.
  11. Eurovision

    No idea who the UK guy was.
  12. Eurovision

    Doing a Falkirk by the end,
  13. Eurovision

    I can’t even remember Italy’s effort.
  14. Eurovision

    San Marino Denmark Norway Cyprus Iceland for the lols
  15. Eurovision

    Enjoying this bit so far.