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  1. Will the "WOLVES" come calling at Tannadice?? Maybe a phone call from Jes Moxey (remember him?) And it's COMPENSATION time all over again. So get your wallet out Mr Thompson, no installments. Come on, Jackie, Stephen you can pay by Morning, Noon or Night. Why not just pay on the day. You pair of Wonga Dicks!!!
  2. was at NDP on Saterday; snow,sleet and fitba; ON GRASS !!!!
  3. Didn't see it in The Galloway news, 2 wrongs don't make a right. And one swallow doesn't make a summer.
  4. Have you taken in any of our games? The only JUMP you will know, is on the jukebox in the new Bizarre. The only part of your post that is relitive is joing the first division. And having 3-400 partick fans eating your shity chips because you cant cater for a big crowd. Looking forward to coming next year. Great wee Stadium.
  5. Not really he's a guy that scored a good goal against Rangers, big deal. P.S I've got a lisp.
  6. That's what was wrong he only had one foot. Two number signing on fees £1m+. Then he had more Frees than the Church of Scotland. Don't drink!!! But heres my chant. Thistle don't want him, don't shit your pants. There's only one magic Johnsone and that is Mo.
  7. Couldn't agree with you more Johnstone will stay at Queens to win a title/trophy at the end of the season. Because!!!!! He under acheived as a player (he won he-haw), Runners up only. " As Brucie says you don't get in this game for a pair."
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