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  1. Don't you feel shame that you take such an interest? Just to inform you: The Paki Friend wasn't on the PLC board. No need to report it to the AIM.
  2. Of course he is right. Bloggers and Tweeters always get it right in advance of an enquiry. When the outcome is different to their blogs or tweets then they either take down their blog or blame it on an establishment fudge.
  3. Actually this is the first time in 7 years posting on here that I've had a proper squabble with anyone. Normally I am full of bonhomie and good will. You, though add nothing to the debate. You don't make any attempt to greet other posters nor is there any content to your lashing-out towards Rangers. All I see from you is anger and vitriol. This is why I suggested you calm down.
  4. Hello Clonmel. How are you doing? I haven't seen you for a week or two. Been keeping busy?
  5. Yadadadadada. I will venture an answer when you tell us which King is most enticing to you. Tell us straight. Which King interests you more. Rhyming slang Nat or legal Dave? I bet you can't answer me. What's more, I bet you haven't a fucking clue what I'm asking. Mods, can we have better quality Plastic next time? This one broke too easily.
  6. May I respectfully suggest that you are confusing your Nat King with your Dave King? One is rhyming slang and the other got fucked for £20M by Rangers.
  7. Naw. Edited to add: I might have meant Aye. Naw still sounds better. So Naw. or maybe Aye.
  8. Your are one wee angry man with little to offer but bombast. May I suggest that getting to know Nat King may calm you down and take your focus off The Rangers? At least for 15 seconds?
  9. The utter fandan just gave me a Helen for simply quoting him. The Ps &Ds have gone to hell in a handbasket these days. Edited to add: I remember......oh maybe 2 weeks ago......that you could have a reasonable conversation with folk. Now they think it's a triumph to use the word 'salient'.
  10. All you did was regurgitate ridiculous old pap. Nothing that you said was interesting or original in any way None of you, "3 salient points" were either salient or even prescient. All you have done is rehash the tawdry old arguments from at least a year ago. Learn how to fucking read what better posters have said before you make your "3 points", Salient Boy.
  11. Haw I wore flares when I was under 17.....and a tank top too. I also had a waist back then. Mind you, it was the early 70s. Are you the fashion polis? Edited to add.....they can ban flares all they like. I still have a couple of pairs of Levi sta prest knocking around.
  12. Aye the greatest manager ever in world football only regards playing for Rangers as the pinnacle of his life as a player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=177z7eUE3RQ
  13. We have an excellent group of guys who need to be managed better. We could also add a few good players from SFL2/3 and we will scoosh Div 2 next season. Ours isn;t a money problem......it;s a coaching and attitude problem.
  14. How come The Plastics keep banging on about Messi? Is he looking to come to The Gallowgate for some fashion advice?
  15. Haw stop trying to get the forum back on track. Mind you, given we've discussed 'Fantasy Threesomes' maybe you harbouring a desire for a Ménage à trois with Bomber and Jabba.
  16. So your fantasy threesome is you, Mary Stavin and Susan Boyle? Yup, shows the ambition of The *****s. Edited to add: My fantasy threesome would be Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman naked aside from orange collarettes and masonic aprons. Goats optional.
  17. Aye but we still have Mary Stavin (a former Miss World) as an uber-bear: You've got Susan Boyle
  18. "precedes" is a functional equivalent of a predicate but isn't one. The idea that sentences need a predicate is as absurd as the idea that they shouldn't start with a conjunction. English has a much more fluid structure than WRK knows. He should be disbarred from his self-appointed role as grammar police.
  19. Hello Henke. So how are you? How are you doing with Rangers' titles? Seems ages since we chatted.
  20. Well parse, “Lightning precedes thunder.” and show your predicate, please.
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