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  1. 'The Irish' don't need to be 'forced back' - as witnessed by the many millions of people in GB with Irish heritage and the ongoing delight of the CTA.
  2. That we have a unitary nation-state and a hereditary Protestant monarchy are true truths. That doesn't mean I have to like them but to deny that they are real is imbecilic.
  3. Nope. I haven't voted Tory for a while and in the Chesham and Amersham by-election I voted LibDem. Regalia is always great. I support Scotland in all sports but doesn't mean I want independence. As for, "whatever will get (me) attention"? Are you daft? Nationalism is corrosive and - intentionally - divisive. That's why I dislike it.
  4. Barbados is welcome to its new political settlement. You're mistaking me for a monarchist
  5. Please don't become like the other Natter trolls on here. Unlike the ScotchNats I've always been an avid supporter of the European ideal. We've had two Europe-related polls in my time. In 1975 we had the daft ScotchNats warning of the evils of Scotland belonging to the EEC. In the second we had the more modern but equally daft wee ScotchNats warning of the evils of leaving the EU. In both cases the issue, for them, was how best to justify partition of our unitary nation state. I've always wanted fewer national boundaries which is why I despise ScotchNattery and why I'd like to see Ireland united. I've always, even in my teens, been a huge supporter of deeper European integration - which is why I voted Remain in 2016 and why I have stated many times on here how much I despise Brexit. So the British Isles as one united region in a European coalition of regions may be highly optimistic and certainly not achievable in my lifetime but is a laudable ambition and one I aspire to. So was I trolling? Absolutely not. Do I despise nationalism? Of course - of every kind.
  6. No. The 2nd article refers to the, "United Kingdom of Great Britain". We were the UK from Day 1. Though you're more likely to remember than a youngster like me.
  7. Just go back and correct any statements you made about me wanting to break up the UK. There's a good boy.
  8. I was asked a straight question and gave a straight answer.
  9. What you've quoted is accurate. I never said one word about breaking up the UK so please stop making shite up.
  10. We ARE one nation. I have no idea why you're even disputing this. Having different regional flags, names and laws doesn't change that.
  11. I haven't, of course, said that but then that has never stopped you making up shite.
  12. That we are one nation is beyond dispute. As it said in the AoU, "That the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England shall upon the first day of May next ensuing the date hereof and forever after be United into One Kingdom by the Name of Great Britain."
  13. Of course! The two parts belong together. As Mary McAleese said at an Orange lodge in County Cavan, "It is possible to be both Irish and British, possible to be both Orange and Irish".
  14. It isn't. We're one nation as created in 1707 and if you slough off a part of it then it's partition. Not that I'd expect you to understand this.
  15. Happy to partition Ireland though, aren't you? I have many thousands of posts on here yet have said very little about Ireland though I do have a certain fondness for both the Orange Order and the Irish rugby team. Both of which are, of course, whole-island organisations.
  16. Wanting to partition our unitary nation-state and using the justification that Scotland is a hang-over of England's imperial past is extremism. And ignorant extremism at that.
  17. I thought Lorna Slater would never be beaten as the most bat-shit crazy supporter of Partition...but the SNP themselves have outdone her. One SNP 'activist' asked the party's conference to boycott oil-producing countries. Including, then, Scotland itself, I suppose? https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/19749782.snp-activist-urges-boycott-oil-producing-countries-despite-implications-scotland/?ref=twtrec
  18. Do even the hard-nosed, blood and soil Nats believe this pish? There is zero chance of a referendum in 2023.
  19. The "Low Block Machine" choosing the high press. Not working so well.
  20. The stream came on in time for me to see M'well conceding two goals. Absolutely dire. Nice kit, though.
  21. Here's yer burgeoning Partitionist movement thronging the streets of Scotland's capital. Even Santa looks embarrassed:
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