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  1. Write sorrow on the bosom of the earth then - from the same play... 9 for me. Flash hiphop - not sure I even understood the question.
  2. You're being a bit harsh there, mate. I've been posting on here for more than a decade and a half and support Rangers, like you. I also have issue with Nationalism now and then and have a wee bit of give and take with a few posters. Mostly my views are respected. I even topped a P&B poll last year! So give it time, don't jump in with quick but cheap judgments and maybe you can be as popular as me...
  3. That we SE Tory taxpayers prop up The Cult seems to be a constant issue for you. Let's agree to suspend Barnett then.
  4. The sensible thing is for England to simply abandon the Barrnett formula for, say, four years and to stop daft wee Katie trying to crayon IOUs which Holyrood hasn't a hope in hell of ever honouring. We all know that Scotland is economically gubbed without support from we SE England taxpayers. We all know that the SotGov plan of independence in Europe is also gubbed. This is why the trajectory of the debate is now towards ethno-nationalism, hence Devi Sridhar being fooled in to stating that if you support the Union you're anti-Scottish. Desperate time for the Natters - but at least you can light your Nikla prayer candles for solace.
  5. Oh go on then. I scrolled back a couple of pages and didn't see any rage. Who are the 'some Rangers fans'?
  6. Given that Scotland is feather-bedded by taxpayers from London and the SE then, of course, it should be a whole-UK vote. Taxpayers like me have 'skin in the game' @MixuFruitto the tune of hundreds of pounds per annum and the idea that we'd not be consulted is absurd. Not sure how it would go, though. We have to consider the decent Unionist community whom we'd want to support but then there are the moonhowling xenophobic cultists who want to partition the country. My (reluctant) stance (were it a UK-wide vote) would be to vote against independence but I know a fair few who are sick of the constant kvetching from The Cult. A sensible compromise would be to turn off the Dr Barnett tap for, say, four years and then have an only-Scotland poll.
  7. I've been on lots of Uni tours over the past five years with my kids. Apart from Durham, the main UCL building and one Oxford college we visited all of the public loos had been remodeled or built to be gender-neutral and had been done tastefully. This is also happening in newer bars and pubs. Mind you, Soul in Aberdeen had separate areas for men and women to pee/shite but a common wash-room area a decade ago. Where Aberdeen leads the rest of the UK will follow...
  8. I just read through it and didn't note anything that I'd disagree with. Seems pretty sane and sensible.
  9. It is but I prefer red or yellow goalie tops, personally. Anyway, great vid of us projecting our crest etc on some notable building in Glasgow. The Ibrox Lhoyal on here will have seen this, of course.
  10. I couldn't imagine losing to a nicer set of blokes so let's make sure it doesn't happen! Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage; I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, Straining upon the start. The game's afoot: Follow your spirit, and upon this charge Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'
  11. Fucking hell - you as well? I know that your big pals - bohemian and the half wit - regularly spam us with this dreck but it's sad to see following the same path. Maybe wearing grey and green just turns people in to morons.
  12. I read, "Tannadice chiefs say there could be "catastrophic" and "grave" consequences if Hearts and Thistle win their legal bid which "would compromise the sporting integrity of the SPFL". The irony, eh? They only got promoted because their Dundee pals colluded with the SPFL to rig a vote and award Sellick a title and promote their rivals. Sporting integrity my arse.
  13. The North Koreafication continues apace. Who knew there was a Nicola Sturgeon Appreciation Society? As you'll know from your membership of the Nicola Sturgeon Appreciation Society there are plans for a mass celebration of Kim Jock Yin's 50th birthday on Sunday week. Have you put your ideas in? Maybe you could just light your Nicola Sturgeon Candle and offer a prayer for the Chief Mammy. In normal societies this sort of thing - appreciation societies, prayer candle,self-styled 'chief mammy' title - would be lampooned by comedians and ripped apart by satirists. Not in the DPRS, though. Here, the height of political satire is the FM approving of the 'hilarious' Janey Godley's voice-overs of her images to lampoon the basturt English. State approved comedy, eh? Near-deification of the dear leader? Calls for public birthday celebrations? What a fucking laugh.
  14. Eh? No Cornish flegs? No dressing yer dug up as a Cornish pasty? No renditions of 'Trelawny' on a public address system? No bal maidens in gooks? These Cornish blokes can learn a lot from their Scottish ethno-nationalist "raid the dressing up box Shona" fuckwit counterparts.
  15. So you're indifferent whereas I know as FACT that @MixuFruit and @Day of the Lordsare both gutted that they can't don the cross of St George tabards... Anyway, that's a 9 for me.
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