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  1. "In How to Win Money and Influence People, which went out live, who was the comic actor playing a postman emptying a postbox that Hancock was using, who fluffs his lines at which both of them just manage to stifle a fit of the giggles?" Wee Dick Emery. This sort of question is like taking sweeties aff weans. 12/10 for me.
  2. WM has an incompetent and mendacious government. It's great to see the press and the court of public opinion dismantling it. OK not fast enough but it is happening and hopefully we have a GE soon. Not sure why you think it's an issue for Scots or - I assume - people in Scotland. HR matches it in incompetence and mendacity. A plague on both their houses.
  3. While I do love the 'our end' trope - see my post above - it was the Scotland end for Home Internationals. This is why it was covered first. Shame. That Rangers paid for the roof is one conspiracy theory I wish was right.
  4. Hearts and Rangers in MoFlo . Hibs and Celtic at KP. A'deen fitting in as and when. This is absolutely not a rule. Funny, though...
  5. You're not going against the grain. You are 100% right and "Booze, Burdz & Bookies" - with a foreword by Jim Baxter - is a biography that could be written many times about Scottish footballers. BUT Goram is about the best of the lot of the players whose footballing ability was overtaken by their lifestyle.
  6. Are we doing more pedantry shit where, again, you're wrong? What sashes?
  7. Sad I won't be in Glasgow until Aug 2nd. Lovely to see the primacy of parliament being celebrated so tunefully.
  8. The US is brilliant and I owe my pension(s) to Xerox, Oracle and Computer Associates. Undoubtedly the most creative and innovative nation of the 20th and 21st centuries.
  9. I missed that. I now have the problem of where to put him based on His Ibrox career...which was pretty shite.
  10. ^^^GB furiously googling 'fergusons who played for Rangers". You love to see it!
  11. If he does come to Ibrox and if we can remind him that his role is to kick a ball rather than a player then I'd be delighted.
  12. Persistent reports of young Lewis signing for us. I'd not mind except he''s become a brain-dead thug and would need a decent effort to turn him back into a footballer.. List of Rangers Fergusons in order of ability: Ian Barry Derek Duncan** Alex Iain Eric* I wonder where Lewis would fit in. *thanks @Grangemouth Bairn **thanks @Grangemouth Bairn Or @grangemouth Bear. Amirite?
  13. That is 100% the suggestion and - in the world of the Nat - iScot will follow. This is the snake oil the NatWits are buying.
  14. There won't be an independence vote next year. What bit of 'played like a fiddle' did you miss?
  15. Tough year for we Bears and the FF thread could be easily The Dead Pool. Walter, Jimmy, Davie Wilson and now The Goalie. All taken too soon. "What a save by Andy Goram" was one of the most overused phrases in Scottish football commentary:
  16. I'm a bit - well quite a bit - older than you. I was brought up on a diet of The Girvan Lighthouse and Gerry Neef. The Clangers before The Clangers ever was a thing. When Chris Woods joined Rangers it was goalkeeping you'd never seen before. A fit, enthusiastic, tactically aware bloke whose shot-stopping was only matched by his ball distribution. The first time I knew goalkeeping could be a tactical position. Andy was different in so many way. His distribution was poor, his tactical awareness was non-existent and he'd applaud himself if he actually came out to catch a ball from a corner. But Andy hated shipping goal. For most keepers it's 'aye. it happens' but not for Goram. He seemed to take each goal against him as a personal insult. That's why he is the best keeper in living memory. The Goalie.
  17. That''s a fair summary. About 1/3rd of Scots are dull-witted 'blood and soil' nationalists and about 1/3rd are 'British 'til I die' zealots. The battle is for the dim middle. The non-aligned who will put their mortgages either on Boris's bluster or Nippy's unicorns and rainbows. If there is to be a ballot in Oct next year - unlikely - then the ones who will change it for Yes or No will not be the politically-minded activists but the chap in Hamilton with a £120,00 mortgage, a £250/month car lease, whose credit cards are maxed and whose wife is inconveniently pregnant. Will he stick or twist? That's the big imponderable. Even Peter Snow's Swingometer is useless here. OK you could have used the apostrophe but thanks for the comment. We've always got on well. I do with most posters. OK a dozen or so Natwits froth at the mouth when I post but they are mostly empty gourds. We both know this. My position - as I have stated often and volubly - is that if your answer is a border then you've misunderstood the question. I direct this at the daft wee tartan gonks who want Scexit and their counterparts who voted for Brexit. A plague on both your houses. Both are hopelessly wrong and both are polluting Britain with their nasty politics of identity and division. If stating that makes me a 'Unionist' then it's a tag I am comfortable with.
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