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  1. This. Is it a remarkable cover or too shouty?
  2. We've done this shite before. You're as dull as ditchwater on here without an original thought in your head. In addition, you constantly make the same "drunk joke" in your ignorant and cack-handed way. You will be as tedious in the classroom as you are on the forum and your retirement can't come soon enough. All I have seen of your "professional capacities" is that you're the worst sort of whiny drone. I've no doubt you're a decent sort at heart - and I've said this before - but just try and behave yourself.
  3. Sure. Happy to. Talk me through why I should, though.
  4. Steady, chap. Many of P&B's DWTG's don't recognise there ever was a legitimate vote in 2014. They have spent 8+years railing against Rangers fans, the MSM, Auld Yins, Tories et al. This is why governance in Scotland is so abysmal.
  5. Unfortunately yes. It was your usual mealy-mouthed pish. "Scottish education is going down the stank but do not ever blame the HR administration. It's someone else's fault." Half right. England has two saving graces - grammar school and free schools. Both are free from local authority intervention and both produce remarkable results. You'd hate them. They both require you to teach rather than whine incessantly about 'the education mafia'.
  6. Keep up, Tony. The 'comfort blanket' is daft wee @Darrenthinking you'd have been pumped regardless.
  7. The ScotchNats have had 15 years and a Barnett Bonus of about £2,500 ppa to sort out education in Scotland. They have failed. Their failure is entirely down to the likes of you who keep voting for them but come on here and shed crocodile tears. You are complicit in the shitshow that is modern Scotland.
  8. I doubt it. Self-ID requires one to be complicit in a fiction and we've seen this week how proponents of the idea - Sturgeon and Gilruth - rail against it.
  9. Sorry that DPB's gone. He could be a touch intemperate but had a good heart. As to your question, I can speak from recent- and ongoing - experience - and the answer from Tory Lib Dem South Bucks is that nobody really gives a f**k. My youngest's enduring friend - from infant school through primary and onto grammar - was born Anna and is now Connor and I can;t think of anyone in their circle who really questions it. OK - full disclosure - her maw (who is Anglo-Irish - so a bit of a unicorn) cried for a week. My ex Mrs helped her recovery by asking - in her gauche way - "Why does Connor need a boob job?" to be told, "Unlike your two stick insects, Connor actually has tits". Which made me laugh like a drain. So while Connor isn't my child I did teach him to play draughts - and he even beat me a couple of times - and we're ongoing friends. His parents and close friends do not give a f**k about his change and are all supportive.
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