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  1. You could start these three at Shawfield...
  2. Their No 9 was MotM for me. Good player. 3-1 was a fair result.
  3. Absolute howitzer of a FK to put Bay City Strollers 1-0 up at HT. They're a well organised team. We need to up the tempo a bit - we're not cutting it in the middle of the park.
  4. Just noticed it's also live on RTV tonight: https://www.rangers.co.uk/article/watch-the-b-team-live-on-rangerstv/6M1nhsy1JKPZXSJWLdt2bF
  5. Very sad - and only 63. He played for us the first time I actually saw us win the Scottish Cup vs Hibs in 1979 and went on to captain the side for a few years. I feel for his family.
  6. ^^^Three for a tenner, my old china plate: -Wet blankets -Damp squibs -Half-empty glasses We got them all, Duchess. Anything to make you life more miserable.
  7. He's a rare talent and, in true Kent fashion, he crashed a sitter onto the crossbar!
  8. The wee man came of age 2 years ago when he sent Broon out for a double nugget and 20 Regal: He has improved since then.
  9. "Sweating harder than Jill Dando trying to get her key in the lock" is the best/worst comment I've seen this past week.
  10. He has come back from the Euros playing better than ever. He's one of those (very few) players who make football look easy
  11. Desperate to start a match thread and use the old diddy tropes!
  12. Best wishes to you and your Mrs, young man. She's a lucky woman.
  13. Some preseason. We were abject vs P. Thistle and ordinary vs Tranmere. Today we played some decent kickball vs this Spanish mob so we've improved a bit. I'll be raging if we don't get a top two finish.
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