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  1. Bit of a mixed week for us. Saturday was a training game but tonight we were tested - though we eventually shone through. Add in the fact that Livi held us to a draw in August and Sunday is unpredictable. I hope for a narrow home win.
  2. Top notch, young Pete. How are you doing anyway? Not seen you for a while.
  3. I don't do front line recruitment but I do work (part time) for a large consultancy and this has been a common call going back to April/May and lots of people are evaluating their job roles and you're no exception. Hope all is well with yer wee yin and, although it's not the best time to be a new dad, young yins have this way of bringing joy to us. Right now? I'd go with security of employment as my priority and then take a view in about a year, frustrating though it may be.
  4. First class work. This stood out from @Theroadlesstravelled: Duffy is a good signing. Never mind just Celtic, he is probably a better athlete than the whole of Scotland put together. He will rag doll strikers for fun up here.
  5. 'young Ryan' put in quite the shift tonight and was a stand out. Is that what you meant to say?
  6. I thought we'd reached peak poetry when William Blake (in The Tyger) rhymed 'eye' with 'symmetry' but you have surpassed if with 'kidding' and 'midden'. There will surely be a peaceful resting place for you in Bunhill Fields. 9 for Thursday.
  7. Having shipped two goals to Accies on Tuesday I'd have thought you two had more things to worry about. You have a job to do on Sunday...
  8. I saw that too but can't find it again so maybe it's pish. As to the game...Ryan Jack was at his calm and collected European best. Immaculate performance from him.
  9. Beating our biggest local rivals at a stroll and not even giving them a corner then winning away against a highly-rated European club with a goal that will be talked abut for a while? Not a bad week to be a bluenose:
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