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  1. Eh? There is no 'positive yes' message. People have had a 15 year prelude to iJock and, by Christ, does it look bloody.
  2. Scotland is not in the least bit a political or economic homogeneity. It is daft for you to regard it as such.
  3. Away and bore someone else. Not even your fellow Nats can suffer your tedium.
  4. I had a decent exchange of billet doux with @Hoose Riceon Saturday and he seemed in good form. A thoroughly nice chap. Hope all is well with him.
  5. My war on the unnecessary 'pre' continues. Not only have we 'pre heat your oven' but the latest was 'pre ground coffee beans'. 'heat your oven' and 'ground coffee beans' are what we say in English. I will monitor the entire internet to catch someone saying, "The greatest thing since pre sliced bread".
  6. You have to continually make these snide remarks. What TF is wrong with you? I can see it from the daft wee 'blood and soil' Natters but you acting like an ignorant boor is, surely, beneath you. Maybe not. Bit pathetic anyway. The entire point is, "This was, very clearly, a recognition that there was a constitutional justification for a referendum, albeit one that had to be agreed through a clear framework that included Westminster legislation." The bit you got wrong was "constitution recognition". There was no such thing. It was entirely pragmatic. The bit you got right was, "Through...Westminster legislation". Why? Because we're a unitary nation state - which is where we started the discussion. If you reply then stop being a child and try and play nicely - though I know you'll struggle with it.
  7. In my 60ish years of following Scottish football I'd say very few Hibs fans are sectarian and those that are can be divided 50-50 between 'us' and 'them'. Daft post.
  8. Slowly, I think. Still, it won't stop your Rangers obsession.
  9. I saw this on Twitter: About 30% of the Scotch electorate is divided between Blood and Soil Natters and RA-loving Tartan Shinners. The rest are just thick knuts. Still, not good reading for either party.
  10. Stinky67 in 'We're not unhinged it's them' shocker. I never expected this tit for tat pish...
  11. Celtic winning in Lisbon was ground-breaking. A triumph for the whole of Scotland and one I remember with great fondness. What are your own memories of 1967, mate?
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