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  1. These things seldom run to the script. Mind you, a back three of Bates, Broon and McCrorie - as you finished the Hibs game - would make for an interesting match.
  2. Hey - I'm that generation (well 20 years) before you - and no - we couldn't say the same. We had our lows (I was at Ibrox to see us humped 1-3 by Gornik to seal the fate of Davie White) and we had our highs (I started work in 1977 so the first treble season under Jock Wallace was my first one paying my own way and I went to every home game and I though football would never get better) and, of course, we had Barca '72 under The Deedle. But none of the managers I knew - even Souness - imprinted their character on the club in the way that Walter did in his two terms with us. It sounds a bit trite but it really is like your favourite uncle or older cousin - whom you've always looked up to - has been taken from you.
  3. I think it's only on RTV - but no mention of it being available for PPV. If i see any change to that I'll give you a shout.
  4. Very sad to hear about Walter's passing - an absolute giant for we Rangers fans but a big figure for Scotland too. I just watched Ally's interview on Talksport and unashamedly shed a few tears. To make matters worse, I also read that Jimmy Millar died today. His Ibrox career was waning when I started to follow follow but he was a goal-scorer of great renown with 162 goals in 317 games for us, a great favourite of my auld man and, indeed, Walter's hero when he was a young supporter. I recently read Davie Wilson's ghosted bio and, of course, the famous partnership of Millar, Brand and Wilson featured heavily. So a terrible day all round. RIP Walter and Jimmy. Thanks for all you gave to us.
  5. Yeah - I know others have gone to previous games and weren't ST holders - so I suspect it's just 'cos it's Celtic. Not entirely sure of the capacity but I think it's only about 250 - so it will be full. I assume (hope) that they will have given Celtic tickets for friends/family, too.
  6. Still no ticketing info! We're effing hopeless at this: Edit: You have to have an ST or MyGers points to buy a ticket...
  7. FFS - too slow. I was thinking along the lines of, "When I went to Gothenburg as a young tup..." Anyway. I was wondering who this 'Oldforce' was. You, Joey and Boab?
  8. Best wishes to McGrath for a speedy recovery. Odd game that peaked - quality-wise - in the 3rd min with Ronan's screamer and became very scrappy. Deserved win in the end. No controversy either - so with the Midden fans getting all the 'bigots', 'newco', 'loving cup' pish out of the way early then I predict a quiet match thread.
  9. That's not really what happened though. You played very well for 20-25 mins (though didn't create much) and pressed us very high and were looking for another chance rather than sitting back. The penalty was daft to give away as Hagi was running across the box - and that turned the half rather than St M sitting back.
  10. Deserved the win but we did it the hard way!
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