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  1. Aye well fair enough. I look forward to The Seven Year Itch - Hamilton Accies Season 2020/21
  2. Quick question to @Im_Rodger Why start a new thread? Why not edit last season's excellent thread title and make it Grand Theft Premiership VI- (Hamilton Academical 2019/2020 thread.)? You'd not want to lose some of the little gems from last season such as these two from Well fans from a year ago: You can edit the thread title yourself and then ask one of the Mods to merge posts from this new thread in to the retitled one.
  3. Eurovision

    Shite winning song. Not a patch on this gem when The Netherlands last won it
  4. World Cup Sweepstake

    I've sent my fiver. I'll have USA, please Adam's pals.
  5. Rugby - Union And League

    One reason I take some interest in rugby is to get away from this pish. f**k it. I hope both the Scottish teams win on Saturday
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    Leo Cullen calls on Celtic supporters to turn back on Glasgow Warriors " “Everyone in Glasgow should be supporting us,” said Cullen. “Thousands of Irish fans go over to watch Celtic play pretty much every weekend, hopefully we will have a few of those supporting us. “Glasgow rugby players all support Rangers I’ve been told,” Cullen told the post-match press conference. “Glasgow (Warriors) are probably more Rangers supporters than Celtic ones.”
  7. Things you want to share with P&B

    Anything I know about Aussie politics comes from The Juice Media. Looks like they got this one wrong too:
  8. Congrats Accies. Another year of causing seethe ahead.
  9. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    Why? The Caledonian Canal is absolutely beautiful.
  10. Posting your score but not posting the quiz, mate. It's like licking your knife when eating dinner.
  11. Pfft. dock him a point, Cardi. Here's the Fri quiz http://quizoftheday.co.uk/881
  12. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    That, tragically, is always the answer.
  13. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    I am and I am. No issue there BUT I am far too sober to ever consider voting for one of the cessationist arse cheeks. I'll leave that to the small-minded folk both north and south of the border.
  14. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    You are almost certainly right - they won't win a seat. However I'll vote for them. I despise cessationists be they Brexiteers or Snippers. They are two cheeks of the same vile arse.