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  1. Aye, your record in the wilderness year from when you sacked McBungle is testament to how managers should be dealt with. You went through 9 managers in 9 years - and had 6 years without a trophy - but are here telling us what is, "acceptable for a manager of the Old Firm". At least you can string a sentence together and actually discuss football - which is more than can be said for the other grot* who constantly spam the thread. * @8MileBU
  2. Has Tony the Tiger always been a bluenose? I never knew... Anyway - 7 for Wed 8 for the Sharks in the Tiny Quiz.
  3. I tend to tailor my vocab. to the audience 😎 Oh and thanks fo giving me some hope...but I think this will be a game too far.
  4. Mr Gerrard playing the game well here. "Alfie's our player and will only leave if we get the right offer." Also talks about Roofe and Itten playing together. Maybe a tweak in formation ahead?
  5. Leverkusen could play in galoshes and still beat us. In the unlikely event that we win then, yes, Sunday's game would be postponed.
  6. Cheeky bassa. I was going to give you a wee shot on the triangle, too. You've only fucked that for yourself now...
  7. I didn't - it was a typo. Most normal people would have guessed that. The Golf 1.6 diesel is gutless and I'd never buy another.
  8. You'd think so but she won't. The DPRS won't allow her to be cross-examined.
  9. Is '15 stone' regarded as a pejorative? Aye, maybe in Scotland which has the fattest women in the UK. Not that SPR would ken that... I should 'of' Kent better...
  10. Not seen much evidence of this on here. What sparked your comment?
  11. See a myriad of under-budgeted football managers saying, "You have to cut your cloth" for something comparable.. See the entirety of the Post-war shipbuilding and steelmaking industry in Scotland to understand how delightful this is.
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