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  1. That's sickening - especially given how well he started the season.
  2. I'd definitely buy a Hamilton. This is an enjoyable 17 minutes:
  3. Two bottles of vodka and shite in the seaweed? Yeah maybe the Lancs are lightweights.
  4. Literally hunners of times from playing the Uni of Lancs at egg-chasing in the 80s to managing a sales team in Warrington in the 90s to taking my son back to Uni last week. I know you had a torrid time. But you're now away from the big bad Lancastrians, Let it go.
  5. Who wouldn't? Manchester and Cheshire are 'hot' with so much new development. Plus the Unis of Lancaster and Manchester are world-class. Just because someone in Lancs slapped you about the coupon with a pease pudding doesn't mean you have to write off the entire region.
  6. Nae luck, Arabs, and what an abject start to the season. Join The Quiz Thread. It's much easier to pick up 3 points than it seems to be playing fitba. @Jacksgranda @SlipperyP
  7. A minute ago I thought it was 'you' but a late Midden goal has changed that:
  8. So if I finish my posts with, "Join the quiz thread. Unlike Dundee United it's easy to get 3 points". Is that the sort of thing you're looking for?
  9. I sometimes browse the 'Infuriating Things Your Partner Does" thread and wonder why so many chaps allow their Mrs to get away with it. Now I know: So whose P&B Mrs is this?
  10. L'pool will hardly be shiting themselves ahead of our tie on Tuesday but that was as comprehensive a gubbing as you'll see at Le Stade de la Confiture.
  11. Behave yourself. There are 'average' posts but that one's just 'mean'. We have strolled this.
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