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  1. Is it goating? Caprine. From which we get 'capricious'.
  2. This ,in Wifey Speak, means, "Guess how much I spent".
  3. No probs, dosser. You probably thought you were posting in a Sellick thread...
  4. The H Bomb is dropped by your fellow diddies on a near-daily basis. Granted, it is almost always the scummiest sort who use it but you are well aware that it's the P&B insult of delight. How come it's an issue when sprayed on a motorway sign but perfectly acceptable when used by the didderati?
  5. What a cringe of a thread title. I remember when Motherwell fans used to be decent blokes.
  6. Now that the Ps&Ds gave you pelters for honesty you're now trying to out-diddy the diddies?
  7. I assume that the weeks of Dec 23rd and 30th will be a Megaleague anyway? A meringue? 10 for Tue and 6 for Wed.
  8. Only in part and grammar schools do have a certain honesty over 'selection by house pricing' as we see in lots of areas. So should we have some schools choosing the more academic pupils to hothouse? Yes of course. This is only sensible. As a teacher you'd love this.
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