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  1. Credit to @MJC. Liam Kelly is a good acquisition for Motherwell.
  2. We're in Uxbridge English Dictionary territory here. 'irony' - a metal implant in one's patella.
  3. One of the likeable things about Willy is that he has no sense of irony.
  4. This phrase is doing the rounds on various 'social media' places. Disappointed to see it on P&B - but seeing as it's you it doesn't come as a surprise. To edit:. I was listening to 'open all mics' earlier and the correspondent at Palmerston today talked about 'an equaliser for The Lichties' but pronounced it as 'Lishties'.. That is how ignorant Sturgeon's Scotland has become.
  5. Not getting the egg hatred. Steak and eggs, salad nicoise and kedgeree are all brilliant dishes.
  6. Careful, though. Hubris like this is unacceptable and Kris Boyd singing 'Buffalo Soldier' to Andy Walker at 3:07 isn't in the least bit funny:
  7. There's a good idea. Anyway, I could be drinking a cocktail of Brasso, Glen's Vodka, toilet duck and methylated spirits and still ken the difference 'its' and 'it's'.
  8. Just you concentrate on at least a draw at the Pasta Bowl on Wednesday. That will confirm your role as Kingmakers...
  9. Given your betting prowess I'm not listening to you. Aye. We well know we can make an arse of ourselves. Three points tomorrow would help, though.
  10. Started with so much promise then fucked up. A'deen's season in one post...
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