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  1. Yeah and you're one of them. I'm more forgiving.
  2. You're determined to make the reaction to this all about the Unionists but you need to calm doon a wee bit. Not all calling for Calderwood's head are Yoons, even on this thread. You are behaving as badly as those you condemn. It's dead simple: She fucked up, had her wrist smacked and accepted her error. We all move on and are wiser for it. That should be the end of the story.
  3. Nah. Poor show from the fanny doctor but not sackable IMO and responses to it say more about our desire for everything to be black and white. A slap on the wrist was fine.
  4. I was looking at it, mostly, from a football POV but you're beginning to sell me on the idea...
  5. Absolutely no way would Ibrox sell out for a Colts vs Cove League 2 match though it may do for a game vs 'them' at the start of the season or if we were close to a title clincher so the idea that it's for financial reasons is nonsense. I can see Craig Mullholand's intent - he wants to 'blood' players earlier than we do now and get them stepped up more quickly. Let's face it, the 3rd and 4th tier is likely where most of our colts will end up anyway given how few move up to the first team. OTOH 3rd and 4th tier football in Scotland is fucking brutal and most players think they'll be penalised if they kick the ball less than 30 yards. Add in the neanderthal attitude of players and the mediaeval mindset of many diddy fans wherein, "half the wee 'h' b*****d, Tam', is likely to be a common cry, then I can't see this ending well. On balance, it's a no from me.
  6. We all know that you like nothing more at the Ewe Camp than a good sugar-daddying and a sook at the Celtic boaby. This week you've been bunged another £2M AND had your chairman encouraging the SPFL to hand the Provos the title so you can jointly celebrate 9IAR. I can see why you like Supermack so much
  7. Appropriate size for the supporters (before any of the wags get in)
  8. If it was quince jelly I admire your weans' sophisticated tastes.
  9. You do know that, had you put the cushions back the same way, she would still have had an issue as she wanted them swapped round so that the wear evenly? WW3 was coming anyway and the cushions were merely a handy excuse.
  10. Of course I do - which is the whole point of the thread. In fact, I said nothing that is in the least bit questionable. Scientific predictions are to be taken with a pinch of salt and history proves that. Best we park it here while we're in clashing agreement.
  11. And I have no answer to that - and if I had I'd be PM. The Swedes are following their epidemiologists' advice and we're following ours and both countries are taking very different courses of action. The conclusion is that one set of scientists must be wrong but I have no competence to say which. My gut feeling is that the Swedes are righter than we are.
  12. That is crap, Welshy, even by your low standards... BTW I am not knocking science per se. I am knocking blind faith in scientific predictions and I have right on my side - as usual.
  13. That's the key. No reproducibility means that predictions have to be treated with caution. I'm not saying ignore the scientists but we have to acknowledge that they got it dramatically wrong with bird flu, swine flu, SARS and BSE. They were also wildly wrong in the 1970s when they predicted a mini ice age. So politicians should listen to what they say and also be a bit sceptical because their track record is shite.
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