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  1. hope you're keeping well, little bit unusual that you've not been on in a while to crow about Rangers* first ever top flight title /8 year old patter

    1. AmericanFan


      I think someone needs to do a wellness check here. Says he hasn't been on the board since Feb. 27, which as you mentioned is very odd.

  2. We're playing some lovely European football under Gerrard. Really enjoyable stuff to watch. We'd take 5 off the Manchester team.
  3. That's the thread title locked. The Big Buff MotM by a country mile with as fine a forward display as you'll see in Europe this week. Oh and even Royal Antwerp are in on the act:
  4. In the days of Blackberry when a phone had a proper keyboard I've seen myself typing out screeds of emails and proposals whilst stuck in an airport somewhere. Virtual KB's have no place in the life of a gent of a certain age...
  5. We're all agreeing with you (apart from RG who always follows his own agenda) but moving on from it a wee bit to examine reasons for our success.
  6. That's the basic idea behind the whole 'director of football' model which no team in the UK has managed to get right. It also has importance for us as a club when Gerrard goes. My take is that most of this season is down to 'the staff' rather than 'the gaffer' but I am willing to be convinced otherwise.
  7. You admission of ignorance is to be admired but comes as no surprise. To paraphrase Charles Dickens the whole Salmond farrago is, "The ghost of Scotland to come" wherein the Government, the Party, the Civil Service and the Judiciary all work in concert at the behest of The First Couple. It is utterly rancid.
  8. Two other aspects of 'budget' have to be considered. 1. Buying more players and 2. Paying for coaching/backroom staff. What we've done successfully this season (though it has taken us a couple of years) 1. Having a squad that is interchangeable - apart from Goldson and Tavernier and 2. Having a situation wherein our backroom staff have backroom staff. This, of course, helps with point (1) as we have the luxury of coaching bandwidth which most other teams don't. Obv. Celtic pay much higher wages than we do but I'd be interested to compare our coaching budget vs theirs. I'd reckon ours is much higher.
  9. Eh? Mentally Oor Andy was so strong that there was two of him.
  10. The first Rangers keeper I saw was Billy Ritchie followed by Norrie Martin then Peter McCloy and Gerry Neef. Edited to mention Stewart Kennedy who'd had a brilliant season before THAT England game. Chris Woods' signing was a revelation as he was head and shoulders above what I'd seen before but Goram eclipsed him and was easily the best goalie to play in Scotland in my considerable lifetime. BTW when will you update your user name?
  11. 7 for Tue and 8 for Wed @SlipperyPmy laptop keeps crashing and our local repair shop is closed so if I disappear don't take it personally!
  12. Sorry, M8. Now we know you're celebrating two 55's...
  13. Beating DUFC at Ibrox? Expected. Ross County winning at home? Mildly surprising but not a shock. THAT diddy thread of tears? That just made it a beautiful Sunday.
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