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  1. New deal for O'Ware? I now McCall rates him and Archie signed him so it wouldn't surprise me. Not sure I can handle them both getting new deals mind you!
  2. It was similar to the home game against Dundee. Played well for 30 minutes without taking our chances, lose a soft goal and then completely fall out the game. Difference being this time United have far better players and one great player who took us a part. As good as Shankland is our defending is laughable. O’Ware and Saunders are hopeless, I’d be happy if they both got punted at the end of the year. Our midfield is way too soft, United just ran through the middle time after time. Fox was poor as well for a couple of the goals, no excuse for not coming for a cross a yard from his line. Outwith Shankland I was impressed with Glass, Smith and Appere for United. Funny to see Powers get a lot of praise, I thought he looked slow and ponderous when the game was tight at 0-0. Easy to look good when coasting at 4-0 and you’ve got the freedom of Firhill. Not sure he’ll be the level United require for the premier. It was his debut though, perhaps being a bit harsh. Miller can go anytime, a legacy from Caldwell that sums up the state he left us in. McCall has a big job on his hands, some big games coming up.
  3. Fraser signalled to the bench to be subbed, he was knackered. Considering the amount of time he's been out it wasn't surprising. He was excellent though.
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