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  1. As said above, Pod papugami will probably show the game, it's just off the main square. English football club (a pub also close to the main square) will also show it if you ask the barman.
  2. I thought that they dropped down into the EL playoff? That's what happened to Celtic last season when they went out in CL Q3. Or does this just apply to non-champions?
  3. I'm sure that deep down all players harbour ambitions of playing in 2 qualifying rounds of the Europa League.
  4. I've also just noticed the collar on the home kit - shite. The away kit is fine.
  5. I like the black and white badge on the home strip...that's about it. How difficult is it to do black and white stripes?
  6. Conceding 4 penalties at Ibrox had me wondering what the point was.
  7. Mordecai

    Game of Thrones

    I assumed that Cersei had sex with Euron so that there was a cover story for when she has her baby. I wasn't all that impressed with it tbh. I'm hoping that it was just setting the stage for things to come, but parts of it felt like it was written by the same people as Downton Abbey. There were also far too many attempts to shoehorn humour in unnecessarily.
  8. I'm really enjoying it so far. My only criticism is that theyve started doing close ups of Craig Telfer's face after introducing Borthwick. It was better when his face of despair was in the background, much more subtle.
  9. I don't even think that Dallas was particularly biased yesterday, I just think he's incompetent.
  10. Is that what happens when you don't win any cups, you just make your own?
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