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  1. Looking at the thread title it was doomed from the start, considering the game is on the 25th February.
  2. Did they not say Dunfermline was included in their definition of the central belt?
  3. Good post, but if we call the Motherwell - St Mirren game a draw to even the amount of games up then Hibs would replace St Mirren in the bottom 6.
  4. I didn't see the game, so I was expecting some borderline decision. Having seen it back from various angles it's as obvious a penalty as you're likely to see. He actually outstretches his arm to catch it then quickly brings his arm in. This video shows it more clearly: https://twitter.com/scottmillar1/status/1614015849672724494/video/2
  5. The only person to blame for Fraser's challenge is Fraser.
  6. If we're using money that we currently have in the bank (allegedly) is that not what we're essentially doing just now?
  7. I think it's only the clubs he's been at in the last two years.
  8. I saw this advertised and just assumed it was the web shorts had migrated to All 4. I was delighted when I found out it was all new material. I watched the first 2 last night, looking forward to getting through the rest over the weekend. It'll take a few watches to see what the overarching theme is, but the beauty of it is that you notice something new every time you rewatch.
  9. I don't doubt they would do that in this case. I was more thinking of other songs that might happen throughout the game.
  10. I'd be pretty surprised if they played GSTK at any Scottish football ground (with one obvious exception). I imagine there'll be a minute's silence at most grounds. I was wondering if the green brigade would have a display aimed at us for only getting one stand...but no chance now. SPFL and Sky officials will be shitting themselves. Is it possible that they'll mute the crowd for a live game?
  11. Did we not win 3 league games in a row last season?
  12. I don't think it helped that we were playing so narrow at times, forcing Main to come out wide to chase/cover - particularly on the left side.
  13. When fit it should always be Brophy plus another. That might be Ayunga, he's looking decent, but I'm hoping he'll adjust to the pace shortly as he always has to take more touches than is necessary before he makes his decision - by that point the chance is usually gone. Early season rustiness may also be adding to this.
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