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  1. Fair enough, it's not an attitude that I agree with personally, but at least you're consistent.
  2. Out of interest, do you have the same attitude towards Martindale?
  3. It's not him singing it, it does sound like him though. It's some guy called the Rockin' Jock.
  4. It's not a Billy Connolly song.
  5. How many league Saturday 3pm kick offs have we had in front of fans since then? Is it 5 this season?
  6. Yeah, you definitely can. I used card to pay on Wednesday.
  7. I liked the idea of Dennis, but he never really showed that he was up to it to be honest. I always felt as though he had the potential to offer more, but it never happened.
  8. First ever 2 today, pure luck too. Wordle 224 2/6 [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834]
  9. Wordle 204 4/6 [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] I'm very glad this game is only once a day.
  10. Irrelevant to them signing him that season though, seeing as they immediately loaned him back. He wouldn't have been part of their named squad.
  11. Yeah, noticed the dead pixels on the screen the last few games. Is it laid flat or something because I definitely can't see it? I'll definitely take that at half time, was a bit of an onslaught for the first 25 mins. Shaughnessy was unlucky not to score mind you.
  12. Just noticed the big screen is gone, when did that happen?
  13. Football is fine and all, but that steak and black pudding pie was fantastic yesterday.
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