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  1. I'm only going from the club website which has a full kit pre-order for kids. It's black shorts and black socks with a white trim. https://www.stmirren.com/estore#!/2020-2021-Joma-Home-Baby-Kit-PRE-ORDER/p/205529036/category=29400344
  2. Looks like it's black shorts, which I always prefer. Ideally it's a striped back too.
  3. Surely it's worse with a bare foot? My mate went into his kitchen one night and slipped on a slug that had found its way inside and landed on his arse. I'm not sure if my foot would ever feel clean again after something like that.
  4. BAWA is pretty much unreadable with the same petty, personal arguments brought up in every single thread.
  5. Was talking to my mate who's a Grimsby fan and he said they tended to play him at left back when he was on loan there. He could potentially cover that position for us, but I think his natural position is in the centre of defence.
  6. Done exactly this. In Velen currently. I've stuck it on the highest difficulty setting and been killed by gangs of dogs more times than is acceptable.
  7. The top seeds are currently reserved for the champions of the top 6 leagues and the 2 European trophy holders. Dundee United would almost certainly be in pot 2 though.
  8. Where are you seeing that? BT Sport 1's coverage starts at 2pm and finishes at 5.30pm.
  9. I'm going to be optimistic and say it could be a good thing that we've been drawn away. If we manage to stifle the game for a while then the home crowd might get on their backs making for a nervy atmosphere.
  10. Have you tried resetting the wireless on the xbox itself? It's a button on the left hand side, then hold in the wireless button on the back of the controller until it flashes quickly. Then leave it until it connects properly.
  11. Would it not be North/South akin to what they do in the early rounds of the qualifiers?
  12. I think we can all agree that the highlight of the game was Morais' acrobatic method of getting off the ground.
  13. At the beginning of the season I didn't think we really had a chance of getting above 19th place. However at this stage, 5 of the countries ahead of us only have 1 team, some of which are definitely within touching distance. I still think 15th would be a stretch for this season (not outwith the realms of possibility though), but is definitely a realistic aim for next season.
  14. As said above, Pod papugami will probably show the game, it's just off the main square. English football club (a pub also close to the main square) will also show it if you ask the barman.
  15. I thought that they dropped down into the EL playoff? That's what happened to Celtic last season when they went out in CL Q3. Or does this just apply to non-champions?
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