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  1. I'd be much more comfortable losing McGrath than losing McCarthy.
  2. Did Livi not just sign Sean Kelly? Relegation bound IMO.
  3. I watched this and felt it was trying to lead you one way (rather than focus on how incompetent the police were). I then watched the Jim Sheridan documentary on it (Murder at the Cottage), which was much more comprehensive and balanced. Reading about it Ian Bailey never actually agreed to be part of the Netflix documentary, he just said he'd participate in a trailer. He's obviously a strange guy and an arsehole to boot, but the documentary leaves out a lot of important details.
  4. I'm pretty sure that the Venn diagram of people who use scissors to cut their pizza and people who stand up to wipe their arse is a perfect circle.
  5. That's quite pessimistic from Collins. The winner of the Scottish cup goes into the playoff round for the Europa League. Win that and they're in the Europa League group stage. Lose that and they're in the new Europa Conference league group stage (what I assume he means by mini Champions League). The prize money hasn't been released for the conference league yet, but it's speculated to be North of £3M when you take everything into account. As you say, it'll be well worth it to whoever wins the Cup, not to mention the trophy and whatever prize money the winner gets from that.
  6. I was genuinely unaware it was out, I knew they were making one but had no idea when it was due. This is great news! I thought they were just referencing Open World games in general rather than Oddworld...
  7. I thought there was a new Abe's Oddysee game for a minute there...
  8. But we weren't relegated in 90-91 - there was league reconstruction so there was no relegation. We were relegated the following season after finishing 11th.
  9. Just defeated the boss (I won't name them in case it spoils anything) in Chapter 5 after far too many attempts. I was tempted to reduce the difficulty level, but I knew I'd never forgive myself. The elation when it was finally over was palpable!
  10. I think it'll be more this season because of the new TV deal, obviously having no crowds will have impacted us, but the new deal in addition to the higher finish should soften the financial blow somewhat.
  11. Park in the multi storey nearby, you'll be directed to what level you've to park on (level 2 is probably the easiest as that's where the walkway is). There's no charge at the minute, all the barriers are permanently raised. There was plenty of space when I was there earlier this month.
  12. I've never played any of the Bioshock games or even really heard much about them, but I'm going to go and buy the collection after reading your reviews. I enjoy games with an engaging narrative and this seems right up my street.
  13. Did they not kind of try a similar thing with The Evil Within 2? It was a lot more OW than the first one and you're in a city infested with zombies and other creatures for a fair chunk of the game. Obviously ammo is at a premium so you don't want to explore too much and are directed to certain points in the map to continue the story, but it's the closest I can think of an OW resident evil style game. Shinji Mikami is involved in both too.
  14. That's all very well, but why was the keyboard player dressed as Austin Powers?
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