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  1. Why are they having another sportscene tomorrow? Are they just going to do the same game analysis with different pundits? It's not as if there are any games on tomorrow.
  2. I plan to get it in the near future. I worked my way through the remastered games recently which was great fun. Although Slippery Climb and Stormy Ascent will haunt my nightmares for years to come.
  3. I'm sure Deus Ex is great, but it completely broke my PC after installation (probably 19 years ago) and I've never wanted to risk installing it again. I think I got to play the first minute or so of it, does it start off on top of a car park?
  4. There would be absolutely no debate about this if the referee gave the foul and the red card, rather than it being called back by Collum.
  5. He got the ball, but he was high and reckless, he caught Stewart just below the knee. If it was anyone else it'd probably be halfway up their thigh!
  6. It came off a little harsher than I intended, apologies. The view is a little simplistic though, the relative TV deals obviously play a huge part in finances. Many of the clubs mentioned also regularly challenge for/win their respective leagues, potentially gaining access to the champions league. Maribor for example are probably the Slovenian equivalent to rangers or celtic rather than Aberdeen.
  7. It seems a strange hill to die on. There's only a handful of those teams who couldn't outspend Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts, not the other way around.
  8. I was wondering how they were going to sort out the points this season for the 1 legged ties. This seems the fairest solution as it would've been unfair for the lower ranked countries in the qualifiers to lose out on half the available points. I don't know if it makes much sense to have the new system in place beyond the qualifiers though, unless the group stages were to be 3 games instead of 6. It makes more sense to me to revert back to 2 points for a win from the group stage onwards if it's no longer single legged ties.
  9. 0.375 points, there's only 4 teams in Europe this season. It's next season it increases to 5 teams.
  10. It's working perfectly for me using Chrome. I think I noticed numbered links at the bottom, have you tried any of them?
  11. I'm only going from the club website which has a full kit pre-order for kids. It's black shorts and black socks with a white trim. https://www.stmirren.com/estore#!/2020-2021-Joma-Home-Baby-Kit-PRE-ORDER/p/205529036/category=29400344
  12. Looks like it's black shorts, which I always prefer. Ideally it's a striped back too.
  13. Surely it's worse with a bare foot? My mate went into his kitchen one night and slipped on a slug that had found its way inside and landed on his arse. I'm not sure if my foot would ever feel clean again after something like that.
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