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  1. Don't be to hard on Tedi liar the BRALT is his life ,he'll be back on it soon enough his inner rage to bore anyone who disagrees with him is too strong... Nearly 5000 posts in a year ?!..does he have a life?
  2. "It is undisputed that various threats of a serious nature have been made, and that the Strathclyde Police have been compelled to offer advice and protection to several individuals involved in RFC’s affairs."
  3. No point in slagging of Bennet,Magoo and the like, they're probably his aliases.
  4. More from that...There was also a long interval between the conclusion of the hearing and the release of the decision, occasioned in part by the complicated nature of the issues and in part by the fact that the tribunal was not unanimousthe panel members spent some time in discussions in the hope of achieving agreement and when it became clear that would not be possible the dissenting member wrote a lengthy decision of her own, necessarily taking time to do so. Those factors led to a suspicion in some quarters that material which could and should have been in the public domain was being concealed for inappropriate reasons. (Meaning they didn't want death threats like the HMRC officers)
  5. I know you're sad, you resigned from the BRALT ,only to carry on dishing out dots on it! Now you're spouting the exact same shit you supposedly ,had enough of, So I will leave you with this ,lifted from the HMRC tax case ..last paragraph . So, Rangers now are the same as Rangers before? It seems not, but then we all knew that. An extract from here http://www.bailii.org/uk/cases/UKUT/TCC/2013/B6.pdf 4.One of the Murray Group companies was Rangers Football Club plc (“RFC”), whose financial stability was known to be threatened by (among other things) tax debts,or at least claimed tax debts. As is well known, RFC collapsed into administration in March 2012, followed by liquidation in October 2012. It has been re-named RFC 2012 plc. The greater part of its business,and with it most of its assets, were purchased from the administrators in June 2012 by Sevco Scotland Ltd, which has since been re-named The Rangers Football Club Ltd. Although the professional football team known as Rangers had played in the Scottish Premier League until 2012, the collapse led to the ejection of the team from that league, and a team known as Rangers now plays in the Scottish Third Division
  6. Have the panel and their families been investigated for any links to Catholosism yet?
  7. Mission? You spent a year n a half as the largest contributor on it!
  8. All paid there debts.check When were rotherham liquidated?
  9. Luton .. Right so not liquidated then ,also the FA made them pay their depts 16p in the pound Rotherham Never liquidated either Middlesbrough Club never liquidated just the CO and paid their debts None of your examples dodged their debt or had to reapply to join their leagues at the bottom Unlike RFC ,,dodged debt ,liquidated , died , new club starts at the bottom.
  10. When were Rotherham liquidated?And Luton got. CVA =paid their debts.
  11. Did they have to apply to join the bottom of the English leagues ?
  12. It makes all the difference , they paid their debts, also the club was never liquidated, unlike Old Rangers FC being a part of the Co under Scots law , so the Middlesbrough comparison is irrelivant. Ps Tedi why don't you go back on to the BRALT rather than boring everyone to death with the same shite you've been spouting for a year on this new one?
  13. Middlesbrough payed their debts that's the difference between them and Sevco. It went to the wire. The council, having initially promised £200,000 towards saving the club, was unable to meet its promise and then, three days before the 1986/87 season was due to start, the Football League adjudged that had to have £350,000 in working capital and show it could pay all creditors in full in order to start compete in Division Three. The day before the start of the season, ICI agreed to a bond which meant that they would underwrite the majority of any subsequent debts incurred by the club, whilst Gibson met racehorse owner Henry Moszkowicz at an airport to collect a suitcase containing £300,000. With the money in place – just about – and ten minutes before the deadline was due to expire (and local television company Tyne Tees Television having already reported the club as dead), Middlesbrough Football & Athletic Company (1986) Ltd was given permission to start the new season.
  14. Great article in the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/sep/10/silent-military-coup-took-over-washington
  15. Where's Tedi ? I owe him a big apology , I argued with him for months that Rangers were loosing £1m a month, and I was wrong...... It's £2 m!!!!! http://forum.followfollow.com/showthread.php?t=974589
  16. Posted about Danny in p364 , amazing how he pops up in so many western news programmes begging for intervention eh?
  17. Me too actually, The US are looking very weak here , can't see how they can possibly sell an attack to anyone.Eta. Russia asks Turkey for info on sarin terrorists printable version 6 June 2013 Russia has called on Turkey to share its findings in the case of Syrian rebels who were seized on the Turkish-Syrian border with a 2kg cylinder full of nerve gas sarin. Russias top foreign official Sergei Lavrov tolday said the Kremlin wanted to get clear on the issue of chemical weapons used in Syria, since the allegation had taken on the role of a trading card in the conflict, becoming a focus of constant provocations
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