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  1. If they win it opens the floodgates so the stakes are higher than just deadco fc,,,,contrary to Orc belief it's not just about rangers.
  2. Regardless of any CVA outcome , there was and still is nothing stopping rangers from paying their debts or even a % of it !!but then that would require dignity.
  3. From business insider.... Correction Creditsafe stated in their press release Rangers were “relegated” into the “third tier” of Scottish football.Rangers are in fact playing in the fourth tier of Scottish football, which is the IRN-BRU Third Division.The statement Rangers were relegated is also incorrect. A new company was set up after Rangers Football Club Plc was placed into liquidation in October 2012. The 'newco', trading as The Rangers Football Club Ltd, thereafter listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), trading under the name Rangers International Football Club Plc.The liquidated club, formed in 1872, was placed in administration in February 2012 over non-payment of tax estimated at around £14 million.HM Revenue and Customs then blocked a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) which would have allowed the oldco Rangers to continue trading.Oldco Rangers' administrator Duff & Phelps thereafter sold the assets to a consortium led by Charles Green, then trading under the name Sevco Scotland Ltd, and shareholders in the oldco gave their approval thereafter to change its name to The Rangers Football Club Ltd and the 'oldco' assumed the name RFC 2012.This 'newco' was granted a licence by the Scottish football authorities to re-enter competitive football in Scotland in the third division after the Scottish Premier League clubs voted overwhelmingly against allowing the newco to re-enter top flight Scottish football.
  4. What's happened to the BRALT? Can't get on it ,,, is it true Tedi deleted all his aliases on it and there's nothing left?
  5. Is this the Armageddon where Celtic win everything?
  6. Hope that wasn't a dry run for the Barca game!
  7. We'll done Morton great result no excuses we'll deserved.
  8. Goal!!!!!!!!!!!........line clearance.
  9. I'm actually feeling for Morton fans listening to this pish from chick.
  10. Is van dyke the only guy playing for Celtic.
  11. Chick young commentating on a match ,,,Jesus, a mumbling fuk.. Say it now before it ends ,,,well don the Ton fantastic result no excuses.
  12. Vdara The head straight to gillies bar for....
  13. Great pic from lard arse ,, the caption should read ,...I beat a decent team!!!!!
  14. 9.30 on a Friday night Tedi (multiple aliases ) is on stand by to green dot (multiple alias ) bennet .
  15. Again there's no Evidence Stein knew anything , even Alan Brazil said there's no way he knew anything, as I've said already there were never any allegations made about torbet whiles he was at the boys club , just roumors about his sexuality . This idea that he was a known paedo and allegations were ignored its complete rangers fantasay, none of these allegations were ever proven in court , only the thing proven was that he was a child abuser, everything else about it is pathetic rangers fans . If you read McCluskys story he told tommy burns (who was there at that time) he told him to tell Fergus straight away who instantly reported it to the police. Doesn't sound like a club desperate to cover up child abuse does it. It seems some rangers fans are interested in sick point scoring ,but as mention previously when it comes to the rumours about Chalmers chilly abuse at Ibrox it's instantly dismissed as sick rumour.
  16. And Syria saying it could take at least a year to bin the chemical weapons,, great red line. I heard the Russians saying that the weapons inspectors are picking and choosing their chemical weapons attacked sites , and some that point clearly to the rebels are being ignored. Also posted a while back about the rebels being caught with sarin gas on the Turkish border a few month back, this story was widely covered in the Turkish media(you can still google it) but when the Russians asked them for the report and the evidence to be given to the UN , Turkey denied it happened.
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