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  1. I think the party line is this..if they are cleared there will celebrations from the orcs . If found guilty its clearly a Lawwell backed conspiracy along with HM and the SPL to discredit Rangers which will result in court actions ,marches and threats.
  2. Another good example is rangers hero chrisgraham76 on twitter last night caught spreading lies about celtic fans singing about gazza #MadeUpByChrisGraham
  3. Yes on his last on at the behest of rangers fans , unfortunately for them he basically told them they were deluded morons if they think there is a conflict of interest here.
  4. Says the guy who was quoting Alex Thomsons tweets the other day because it suited him.
  5. Wednesday, July 14, 1999 Published at 17:40 GMT 18:40 UK UKScotland coach starts legal action Craig Brown: "I am not and never have been a bigot" Lawyers acting for Scotland football coach Craig Brown have served a writ for £500,000 damages against the News of the World newspaper.Mr Brown has demanded the retraction of allegations that he sang anti-Catholic songs onto a then girlfriend's telephone answering machine.Solicitors for Craig Brown have issued a writThe News of the World has promised to "vigorously" defend the court action.The Scottish Football Association is taking no action against Brown.Solicitor Rod McKenzie, of law firm Harper Macleod, said that unless the newspaper offered a full apology and retraction, defamation proceedings would be launched seeking "substantial" damages."The writ is seeking damages for £500,000 for defamation in relation to the allegations that Craig Brown is a religious bigot," he said. Hmm is that rod mckenzie the celtic bigot whos out to nail rangers?
  6. This HM paranoi has to be the most pathetic part of sevco history so far and thats saing something, one of the countries leading law firms who have clients like the spl the 6 nations the rugby league are not to be trusted because they have a celtic supporter working for them.
  7. seems thomo thinks youre all morons... from thomo yesterday... "In sum: 1. there is no conflict of interest for Harper Macleod 2. the SPL position on this does appear to need clarification and I hope to bring it to you next week 3. Rangers fans do their club no service by stirring all this up with internet fiction"
  8. Well actually you can see the future , rangers will either be found guilty or not guilty , so are rangers fans going to rip their tights and greet about conspiracies if found guilty ? And if found innocent it's well done o great commission told you so?
  9. Its a simple question do you or any other rangers fans feel the spl panel is unfit and if found guilty will you be asking for a retrial?
  10. i take it rangers fans wont accept the decision if it goes against them citing conflict of interest and an unfit panel etc?
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