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  1. Good news we can stop worring about global warming then.
  2. They've worked out how APR on your credit card is calculated.
  3. It's the limit of aliases Tedi gets before is officially classified insane.
  4. A LEGAL battle with disgraced former Rangers owner Craig Whyte remains a key uncertainty hanging over the Ibrox business.Auditors Deloitte have raised concerns over an "uncertain outcome" of potential litigation, although Rangers have consistently said Whyte's claims are of no merit.The "emphasis of matter" note is contained in the first annual report of Rangers International Football Club plc (RIFC), which revealed operating losses of £14 million.RIFC has spent £600,000 contesting the claim by Whyte and associate, Aiden Earley, who have argued that former chief executive Charles Green was working alongside them in Sevco 5088, the company granted permission to buy the oldco assets by administrators Duff & Phelps, and that they, ­consequently, are the rightful owners of the club."The ultimate outcome of this matter cannot presently be determined, and accordingly no adjustments have been made to these financial statements as a result of this matter," Deloitte said.Fans already concerned over the financial viability of the club after it emerged RIFC holds just £11m in cash after raising £35m in finance, are concerned that Craig Whyte remains the "spectre hanging over us".Whyte released documents appearing to bear Mr Green's signature, confirming Whyte and his associate, Adrian Earley, as directors of Sevco 5088
  5. He spent about a week arguing with me that rangers we not loosing a million a month. He also told us the wi fi deal was a 7 figure deal ( but not that it was rangers who were paying it)
  6. George galloways twitter last night... It is NOT Muslims threatening to slash and murder me. It is the dregs of " loyalism" the proto-fascist savages associated with Rangers
  7. Rangers fans now abusing British soldiers on twitter who disagree with them! What a fuked up bunch of retards they are.
  8. Remember rangers fans tell us every year to buy a poppy cos the forces are not political, we'll after watching them dancing about singing No Surrender and fuk Bobby Sands,,,,that argument is dead.
  9. McCoist who's on a £1million a year (if you add his bonus) takes a pay cut...wow what a legend
  10. Cameron shites it from Alex,,, just said it should be a debate for the leader of the yes campaign and the leader of the no campaign....eh the leader of the no campaign ,,,is that not the priminister of the UK?
  11. They have deciphered it,,,it was something selling ppi.
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