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  1. I don't see how king or Murray can pass a fit n proper test by the SFA , I think I'm right in saying King was on the board during the use of the EBTs , on the board while SDM ran up a mountain of debt, and still on the board while Whyte was asset stripping everything and not paying tax, he was also recently convicted on 41 counts of felonious activity in SA, and the judge referred to him as "A glib and shameless liar"! And if King didn't have £40 million to pay his debt ,at his disposal he would be sitting in a prison cell right now serving 80years Not to mention this £20m King ploughed into rangers ,,,he got £18m back He makes Whyte look like an amature.
  2. Be interesting to see who the orcs vote for the Sleazdales or the convicted criminal , King
  3. It means the police don't believe them, and are trying to catch them out.
  4. Yeah he was just a figure head chairmen and the £8m spent under his watch to win D3 was nothing to do with him ,he's not a business man! Although he did get a £1m for his trouble....sounds like a very shrewd businessman to me!
  5. Where are all the joyfull bears of yesterday? Is it something to do with the saviours total f**k up?
  6. Not like rangers to make a c**t of it... http://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/rangers-forced-to-confirm-dave-king-is-not-returning-now-as-plc-chairman/
  7. Heres the RM take on it (prepare yourself) OlegKuznetsovToday, 01:01 AM Cultural ethnic cleansing motivated by sectarian bigotry. That's what it is, plain and simple.
  8. hows the rangers petition for an HMRC investigation going?reached 50,000 yet?
  9. George Galloway today submitted the following motions which should appear on the order paper tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.British soldiers and sectarianism That this House condemns the reprehensible and ill-disciplined behaviour of members of the Armed Forces including some Royal Marine soldiers at Ibrox Park, the home of Glasgow Rangers, on Saturday 28th September 2013 on what was dubbed an “armed forces' day”; notes the sickening scenes as they chanted songs attacking Catholics, embraced braying fans and held up sectarian banners; questions the role of the senior officers who apparently sanctioned the event and appeared to take no action to halt the behaviour; and demands that those marines who joined in this hatefest are severely disciplined.
  10. Sounds like the life of your average rangers fan.
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