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  1. Oof, big loss! Not just for his drive, but also because he was the the fans, most trusted name on the board. Dave Cormack, to have higher profile? I've met him once and he was very down to earth/brutally honest, but that was nearly 20 years ago. I trust him, but he's been in America in the intervening period, so I'm not sure how much of what his reputation in the NE is like. As for Dod? I wish him all the best. Yours aDONis
  2. I bare O'Connor no ill will, but also, I never really warmed to O'Connor (apart for his charge down to the AFC fans in the cup quarter final... RESPECT! But it think that is largely Deek's fault. I could never understand why he was drafted into midfield. This seemed particularly barmy when he came on for McGinn in the cup final! He simply wasn't a quick enough player, nor a tough enough tackler nor a skillful enough ball player to do a job there. Still as I said, I have no qualms with him and hope he has a successful career at Bradford. Yours aDONis
  3. Mind folks, tonight is a celebration of the great 'Tattie' Cooper's life at Pittodrie. Also to be streamed on Reeed TV for us expats. 7pm for 7.30 start. Be there, or be an affa orra chiel! Ahm gettin' emotional just typing this. RIP Tattie. Yours aDONis
  4. No one likes us... but by fvk they care! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44247661 Yours aDONis P.S. it's only slander if it isn't true!
  5. As an accountancy w**k, I just want to make clear that AFC along with all other companies pay tax on taxable profits. It matters almost not a fvk where the income was derived. Yours aDONis
  6. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    I see Banana Chukker FC's racist apologist is back.
  7. I happened to be working with some Swindon fans when the Jerel Awful transfer came about. They thought he was great, and that he'd pyss Scottish football He was fans player of the year one year, and almost Swindon's captain. He was also their longest serving player just before he left, making over 200 appearances for them! He is my top pick for worst footballer to play a reasonable amount of games for Aberdeen. Genuinely the only professional football player, I can recall that didn't know how to kick a football. Way worse than the likes of McQuilken, or Ritchie 'Roberto Carlos's Byrne, Leon Mike or Dave Bus. JESUS FVKKIN H CHRIST HE WAS BAD. We signed him for two years on the basis of one friendly appearance I think. WTF! Yours, getting angry at the thought of him. aDONis Did I mention how FVKKIN SHIT he was. Davros from Dr Who had better ball skills. Davros Ifil
  8. Buying that. I don't suppose anyone knows about sizing yet?
  9. I think he's suffered slightly from high expectations. On the whole, I still think he is a terrific player, but not helped by the Pittodrie midden/pitch. He's not the only one that I think has suffered. We have the following attacking options... May, Rooney, McGinn, GMS, Christie, McLean, Stewart, backed up by Shinnie, Cosgrove, Ball, Maynard etc. An absolute abundance of talent, but none have quite played to their potential IMHO (Shinnie is the exception). I'm convinced that our pitch helps make our team look pedestrian at times. Christie's commanding performance against St Johnstone is one that I'll savour for a long time. His pass for May's goal was simply astounding on a sticky surface, just perfect. I'd love to keep him. Yours aDONis P.S. With both McLean and Christie (probably) going, and if I had the chance of picking anyone from another team, I'd pick Mulumbu from Killie. He is a talent and my player of the year! Wishful thinking though.
  10. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    For all my hatred and loathing for Celtic. Had I been there, I might have stayed for the presentation. At the end of the day Celtic are champions this season. I am one of those that think that opposing teams should have a guard of honour for the champions. Players know how difficult a season is, so I think it's right that they show respect to the winners. Congratulations to Celtic. Yours aDONis P.S. I hope you all drown in a bucket of your own shyte.
  11. 9 points flatters us. Celtic have scored a barrowload more goals than us and conceded a load less, and even yesterday, we had to give up a huge amount of possession and rode our luck at times. New Rangers are also a formidable side going forward, but need to learn how to defend. Tavernier goes AWOL far too often and he was captain yesterday. McLean will be a big miss and I don't think we'll be able to replace him with an alternative, rather we'll need to work out a new gameplan to compensate. That said, and if I'm being honest, there were times at the start of the season where I was getting frustrated with him, and his insistance at trying to ping 40 yard wonder-balls. Stewart is certainly fitter now than when he arrived, maybe we can do a deal to keep him longer. All in all, I'm amazed that we finished second, I don't think we've played that well, so what do I know. Yours, pleased as fvk. aDONis
  12. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    What a froth Banana chukker FCs players and fans got themselves into on "Trophy Day" Racists gotta racist I suppose! Meanwhile, in other news!
  13. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    He clapped and cupped his ears at us! HE CLAPPED AND CUPPED HIS EARS!
  14. Trophy day. Celtic v Aberdeen

    It was Tonev, and Celtic's management and team, made several statements supporting their racist colleague. What they should have done is kept their mouths shut.