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  1. I choked up at this on the BBC. M83's - Outro Loved the song ever since! Also, still my best day as an Aberdeen fan, and I was a regular through the Fergie years! I genuinely had to wipe away a few years as I took my seat that day! Yours aDONis the big Jessie.
  2. Barcelona doing a Hearts with players taking a 70% reduction. I don't understand why they didn't simply have squillions or at least a years worth of cash in reserve, to see them through the year! It's simple Mr MacGyver economics after all! Mr MacGyver preparing for his economics and political economy class at Harvard-Yale where he qualified top of his class and got an 'A'. Yours, an oddball removed from reality. aDONis
  3. This is exactly how he washed his hands of his b*****d children.
  4. It's an anti-vaxxer, wilfully misinterpreting statistics and showing a chronic misunderstanding of the nature of how this virus spreads in order to push his own agenda. His argument seems to be that if you look at historical data, Covid-19 has had little or no impact over what we would expect. Now this is true, but only if you ignore the fact that we've taken measures to control/slow the spread of the virus, and you also ignore the circa 4.5% mortality rate we currently have for those that get it, and if you ignore the fact that it is highly contageous and people spread it without even knowing they are contageous, and if you ignore the data sources own disclaimer explaining why Covid-19 is not yet statisticaly significant, if you look at populations as a whole. Of course this appeals to the dumb and the ignorant so I'm assuming the link was posted in an ironic fashion rather than as a real comment. Yours aDONis
  5. Much though, I'd laugh my tits off at Hearts being relegated. As others have said this is just the tip of the ice-berg. All sorts of shyt are about to hit the fan at many, many clubs (I expect Aberdeen to be doing something similar as we speak). This season is a bogey and re-scheduling is a nice idea but when and with who (many players contracts run until the summer, who in their current climate is going to open negotiations for re-signing Carlos Kickaball, when there is no plan for when they might even play. Best of luck to all clubs out there* Yours aDONis *includes those utter knvts Hearts, but not Whore & NewBun FCs, they can get fvvked!
  6. I thought Aberdeen were chronic! Absolutely abysmal to watch (especially since it was what we set out to do) I don't mind being a bit stuffy, but Jesus H Christ that was eye-bleeding stuff! (Apart from the offside goal that was a worldie)! Still... You've gotta larf and Hampden here we come! Yours aDONis
  7. I hope it's not quite that bad. I've just spent 5.39 DeadRangers FCs on it!
  8. It's not necessary, but I suppose there could be confusion about what has and hasn't changed. I suspect it will become the norm after 31st Dec 2020.
  9. I know he's obviously as thick in the heed as shyte in the neck of a bottle, but has this got anything to do with Brexit?
  10. I really wanted to like him, but he just wasn't good enough. He'll always been fondly remembered by me for hitting a shot at Rugby Park (cup game AFC won on pens) that bent so much that even Roberto Carlos would have said 'fvck me"! It didn't go in... obviously, but it was some strike. Yours aDONis
  11. I was working with a Swindon Town fan and he raved about their no nonsense centre half, who was the de facto real captain in their team. We signed him and I had genuine hope. That hope came in the shape of 'Jerel Ifil' 🤢 SWEET BABY JESUS, and 44 (FORTY FOUR) appearances for us! 🤢 Yours, sobbing in the corner. aDONis
  12. This 😳 Ding-dong the wicked witch aka Dirty Dingus was dead. It only took several humiliations and six defeats on the trot that left us second bottom on goal difference (having played a game MORE than the hapless Accies). The twa Neils (Simmie and 'not Tattie' Cooper) were to swoop in and save us (at least in the interim). It was a match made in heaven. SIMMIE WAS GOING TO joint-MANAGE THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY DONS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS MIN! Him and Cooper had done a fine job with the youth teams and were primed to give us a feel good bounce! There was no doubt in my mind, since God (aka Willie Miller aka The Greatest Penalty Box Defender In The History Of The World Evah!) had ordained it. 'So sayeth the shepherd, so sayeth the sheep... amen! The planets were aligned and Capricorn was probably fucking Pisces or something. I don't know why, but I really thought BELIEVED the twa Neils would turn us around and we would rise majestically from our shit-infested torpor and wreak havoc and revenge on all who had tormented and laughed at us (so pretty much everyone, but especially fuckin Hearts). Then the whistle blew for kick-off! 🥵 Yours, it still hurts to this day! aDONis http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/9274624.stm
  13. I think we can safely say we've been robbed by the ref. There is absolutely no doubt that with Cosgrove on the pitch, we might have, possibly, maybe had a second shot, probably somewhere near the Whore FC goal. Yours, it's a masonic conspiracy orchestrated by Peter Liewall I tell you, and some fvkkers stolen my tin-foil hat! aDONis
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