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  1. Who's yer, who's yer who's yer fvkkin' daddy! Cabrales from the Picos de Europa in northern Spain is the shit! (it is sometimes known as the 'Devils Shit"). It appears that 'free thinker' Will Self agrees with me! https://www.esquire.com/uk/culture/news/a885/the-long-read-esquire-eats-cheese/ Yours, stinkin' the fridge oot! aDONis
  2. I reckon he's outsmarted all the libtards, he already knows all the questions and the outcome!
  3. viet thanh nguyen (@viet_t_nguyen) Tweeted: “Third World” refugee here. I have a PhD in English and I won a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction. What have you done? @LaurenWitzkeDE Ooft tell!
  4. Give the Mooch his due, this is pretty good. Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) Tweeted: Future @jeopardy question: how many years did @realDonaldTrump serve as President? https://t.co/RHzaab04xX
  5. Word is that the White House's resident racist political aide Stephen Miller has tested positive for Chyna Virus... SAD!
  6. My favourite chiel is well and truly oot! Two back to back bruising 5 setters just too much. That shouldn't take away from what Schwartzman did. He was magnificent and a worthy winner. Now I'm supporting anyone but the big two.
  7. Ro Khanna (@RoKhanna) Tweeted: There are now more recorded cases of COVID-19 in the White House than in New Zealand, Taiwan, and Vietnam combined, and they have 124 million people. Let that sink in. https://twitter.com/RoKhanna/status/1313145421657640962?s=20
  8. I didn't think he looked that good today! I thought he was a bit sluggish and was lucky that Korda was little better than club standard for the first two sets. He's obviously still a huge force, but I thought there were enough chinks in his armour to give the likes of Thiem & Nole hope. Yours, I'd have had him. aDONis
  9. That is a shock of shocks. Much though I'm desperate for Serena to win another GS, I thought Halep was a shoe-in for the French. I genuinely thought she was the class act and only injury or Covid could stop her. Yours, gasted of flabber! aDONis
  10. Oh, that is really rather good. Chapeau to that man.
  11. Shades of Michael Jackson there. In this case the shade is Satsuma Sunrise!
  12. I absolutely love the Williams sisters. They were the reason I started watching womens tennis again. The standard of fitness and athleticism before they arrived was shocking. It took a few years, but womens tennis is now better than it has ever been. I'm gutted that she's had to pull out. Yours, Williams-fanboy aDONis
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