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  1. This is probably pretty true. When I was about 7 I went on holiday to Gran Canaria and in a McDonalds saw a lassie who I knew from my Gran's bit in Monifieth. But like you say, minks of a feather holiday together.
  2. Very true. There's also maybe the possibility that he's best as a no.10 but in our predicament last season that was a luxury we couldn't afford and so opted for more defensive options.
  3. You sound like a fat, smelly Celtic fan who has already pre ordered that top to arrive the day before you head to Gran Canaria.
  4. I was about to say that's quite nice but then I saw the Motherwell version and thought oh no, that's actually much nicer. Leading me to think that it's simply impossible to have a nice St Johnstone top. But then @Bonksy+HisChristianParade came along Definitely the nicest St J kit I've seen. Would you guys say that was the right blue?
  5. Well, people can come up with images to prove anything. Forfty percent of all people know that.
  6. The cynic in me suggests he would have already if he was good enough.
  7. Just in case anyone wasn't sure, it is indeed this Philippines we're talking about And for further clarity, it is indeed this Greenock
  8. I can’t really explain it, but Gowzer looks like Minnie Mouse.
  9. We have very different types. I keep thinking about how you think that boy at Hibs is good looking. Also utterly honking.
  10. Who books a flight and doesn't take it? Highly suspicious IMO.
  11. Just had mine cut so not any more but it's essential for most sport activities and looks sexy if you can pull it off. Just make sure your hair's actually long/thin enough or you risk looking like Grealish.
  12. 1 Dundee 2 Morton 3 Arbroath 4 Partick 5 Raith 6 Queens Park 7 Ayr 8 Caley 9 Cove 10 Hamilton
  13. See that's Duncan Ferguson left Everton in the hopes of becoming a manager somewhere. Can't see him getting a gig at EPL level but it'll be interesting to see if he can go on and become a good manager, was well thought of by players/staff at Everton by all accounts.
  14. The ears are identical in the photos you shared, that's all I'm sure of.
  15. They've actually printed and charged money for it
  16. The song Amazing Grace is not very good and should not be as popular as it is. See also; Tomato Ketchup.
  17. 120k a week he's allegedly been offered England, man. What are the blue bits on the back of the socks meant to be?
  18. For a second earlier I thought you were suggesting he was retiring to join the police - PHEW!
  19. #Explordle 79 3/7 ️️️️ explordle.com/daily
  20. I got a dinghy for Christmas just passed (It's an Explorer Pro 200, top of the range*) and I would like to be first to reserve a time slot whereby I can tow a submarine out the Gare Loch and down to Portsmouth. *the range of dinghy's on Amazon priced exactly £26.95
  21. Even as a neutral, I couldn't agree more. What would possibly make you name your son after yourself when your name's Owen?
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