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  1. *shakes head* Ken your ned culture, boys. Ken your ned culture.
  2. I didn't know there were boys still jumping about in Aquascutum. Glasgow's fucking mental, man.
  3. Good IMO. We look stinking in red*, the one we wore against Man City was minging. Happy for it to be a trim colour though, it's definitely our third colour, if you like. *This kit aside Also whilst searching for that image I found this
  4. Me checking my phone upon awakening today
  5. Is it not that the vertical lines are distorted by the gut and as such draw attention to the size of it? Whereas with horizontal, you can't tell.
  6. He has one of the oddest accents I've heard.
  7. Copy and paste for those of us that refuse to click on a Sun link please, Ludo.
  8. We are the boys from the Denmark choir...
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