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  1. Bit of a minter building anything to commemorate 'royalty' gracing our city with a visit. Much like Park Avenue having the fronts of the houses done up before the queen passed through. Glad it's gone. ETA: Park Avenue, not Baxter Park Terrace.
  2. That's the absolute snidiest thing I've read so far.
  3. Killie players celebrating in the background of Gerrard's interview
  4. That is fucking excellent. He's making the run before it even reaches Kabamba's head. Then fucking pings it in the corner. Then the close ups of rattled ****. Just so good.
  5. Why is this being played behind closed doors?
  6. Weird to watch this unfolding the way it is as I saw Milan live last year and they were really poor, whereas I've watched Inter on the telly plenty of times and they've always been impressive. Saying that, that was before Milan brought Ibra in and before Inter started playing Ashley Young...
  7. Can anyone else hear Darrell Currie rambling away whilst eating a pie or am I tripping?
  8. Rankin is a wee fucking potato these days man
  9. Only caught the second half and assumed I'd missed the best of it... Some game.
  10. If it means less random stoaters from Arbroath are swanning up to Dens then it can't be all bad.
  11. I find him guilty of being a massive fucking numpty. Sack now and let's move on.
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