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  1. I said it the last time I was on, he's the best football player in the wehld.
  2. Why has no one told Martin Keown to stop inhaling through his teeth yet?
  3. Richarlison is an absolute haddie. Always flatters to deceive.
  4. I'd honestly see St Johnstone so differently had you still played there. What a shame.
  5. I'm usually a large and to be honest, I look hench as f**k in last seasons (L) away top. But that does have a different collar so may have something to do with it. Home one has a mad V-neck.
  6. am no a weirdo a actual post on p&b
  7. Does anyone know where the Dundee V Anderlecht one was taken? Don't recognise it as Dens.
  8. I'm going to take the books advice and not stop until I've read it. Whenever that may be.
  9. Hello darkness, my old friend...
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