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  1. Things will pick up once we get Berra in as manager
  2. The "narrative" Sky did their best to force upon the game about TAA was genuinely boke inducing.
  3. Despite the fact I'd be behind a badge change, I'd say changing it at the same time as our spiritual home would be too much. These things don't happen often and should be staggered for continuity's sake IMO.
  4. Looked silly then and was far too big IMHO. Prefer the one on the wall behind.
  5. I strongly dislike the shield and think it's unremarkable and bland. Was it not Gardiner who changed it? The pre-shield DFC was fine, as was the one with the red bar at the top. Personally I'd love to see it redesigned along the lines of Motherwell's which incorporates steel mills and fir trees. Though perhaps adding jute mills to our badge some 50 years after the last mill closed would be weird.
  6. Do you have the results for when I have and have not been wearing my lucky dark blue Calvin Klein's?
  7. Agree with this. Their striker Kalajdžić has 7 in his last 7 for Stuttgart, slight worry. Nevertheless I’m delighted to see McTominay and McGinn in the middle for us and keen to see how it works.
  8. You’re such a dry fart
  9. Ayr barely celebrating that tells you all you need to know. McPake -
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