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  1. Minter for Ayr time wasting against this Dundee side.
  2. You could swap Rory Loy for Fast Eddie and I'd still take that front four over our current
  3. Feel like pure shit just want him to cut in from the right and stick it in the far corner again
  4. The Nations league theme is a total stomper btw
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again - enforce operation Hulltoon Clock à la Athletic Begbao. First port of call would be bundling Cammy Kerr onto the 73 back to Monifieth. Is anyone else part of #TheRadius ?
  6. 10 minutes ago I was delighted. 10 minutes. I know we're still through but f**k me. How on earth after building momentum, forcing mistakes and getting back level, can we now be 4-1 down? Saft as fucking shite.
  7. Was genuinely thinking this had been one of the best performances from Elliot I'd seen even before the goal. Delighted with that.
  8. Is anyone else getting audio of them reviewing the highlights but only footage of the subs warming up?..
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