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  1. You've been a member here for 14 years and still don't know how the forum works?
  2. At risk of stoking the fires of this particular debate, how on earth could anyone think Aberdeen was in the Highlands? Other than lazily saying anything north of X is Highland The first two are objectively correct, however.
  3. Whoever it is, it's certainly not Kenny fucking Miller.
  4. Nothing makes me turn a video off quicker than some garbage music having been dubbed over the top. I could mute it, but it's a point of principle.
  5. Why is a BT employee being interviewed about BT in front of Dens, holding a football?
  6. Aye I clocked them, I really didn't think anyone would take my comment seriously Ross is out, that's defo Maloney posing for either tomorrow or this evenings press release.
  7. Still a chance we get Ross in IMO. I think that's a child in school uniform.
  8. Agree with both of you. If we had to end up with an inexperienced manager then I'd rather one whose main experience was working with the world ranked no.1 side. Not Kelty fucking Hearts But that's by the by. Sir Jack of Ross-shire, arise!
  9. Not at the time we appointed him, in fairness. FWIW I really don't want Thomson. I think if he'd spent his career at, say, Partick, then there'd be no way he'd be getting touted for jobs the way he is now. Just reeks of OF-led media promoting him because he's wan o' thaim. I really thought Ross was a tap-in just waiting to be appointed. If it does turn out that appointing Strachan in his new role has been what's put him off and we end up with someone like Thomson, I'll be fucking fuming.
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