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  1. It's a long bus journey back to Glasgow after a defeat like that.
  2. Fair enough @Kyle Reese. I haven't read the books and it looks like it shall remain that way and I'll preserve my misty eyed memories. I have actually read a fair bit about Kipling being a bit dodgy in line with what you're saying tbf.
  3. Mowgli was based on a real case in India where a 6yo boy was found in an Indian jungle in 1867, about 26 years before The Jungle Book was first published. I don't doubt the reference in the article is dodgy, but this was my favourite film as a child so plz don't ruin it for me. Thank you. ETA: Forgot the link - https://allthatsinteresting.com/dina-sanichar
  4. Reckon you're spot on there, that's much more of a match. Could also be the same tune as this:
  5. May have just stumbled across the If I had the wings of an eagle and I had the arse of a crow... tune.
  6. Simply excellent stramash for this goal for Torino last night -
  7. I'd be absolutely mortified if someone spent £800 on shoes for me that looked like that.
  8. Personally I hope we have a designated Main Stand which has two tiers. The thing that I hate most about grounds like The Tony Macaroni Arena is that both ends of the ground look the same. Totally loses character. Tynecastle for example I like a lot, lot less since their new stand was built. I think grounds develop character over time when things are built in different eras and gain affection over time etc so it's a shame we won't have that. Something like a smaller Elland Rd however, would be class. We should build several pillars in the corner designated as the away end and make the seats face the wrong way.
  9. His handle has reminded me what a great tune that is.
  10. Maybe he appeared on Jeremy Kyle whilst he was out. 'I think my new neighbour might be a nonce'
  11. Don't forget fans assaulting and injuring rival players at nightclubs.
  12. Walked it back with the "Having viewed the footage and spoken to the player, he is totally behind Funso over this atrocious incident." line IMO. Also chuckled at the hamming it up - "Funso, who remains shaken by the entire incident."
  13. Can I just say how much it excites me, personally. It's like something we're all choking to do but too honest to admit to. Like a pokey-bum-w**k. So with my pooey fingers, let me add @Day of the Lords
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