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  1. Firstly, hello Gary and welcome to the forum. People have concerns because we rightly have ambitions of being a top tier club next season and beyond and so appointing someone with (as far as I can see) no experience in that role or similar is underwhelming at the very, very best.
  2. WTAF Didn't see this anywhere but can only echo @Mr. Alli's concerns. FTP.
  3. I don't know if this says more about **** or me that I initially thought this was a byname for Parkhead. Also, if nobody wants their Ketamine and Buckfast party pack, I can collect it off them later today, cheers.
  4. *shudders* No idea how long it's been like that as I didn't frequent Stobie growing up, but I've seen some rough shit on that street. Abandoned furniture and burnt-out cars. Closey's that reek of pish, littered with Heroin and Valium paraphernalia. Seen a heroin deal through an open ground floor window and my pal also got stabbed in the head there after being asked to hold a stranger's baby There was also that boy that killed his neighbour with a crossbow a few years ago. Mental to think that this is all with a Polis station at the end of the street as well... ETA: Not to put @Girth off - there are some great areas to live in and I'd second the West End. However, Blackness is the thinking man's West End. Close proximity to all the same things (Balgay Park, Dudhope, Perth Road for cafe's, restaurants and pubs and of course Clarkie's) and a 15 min walk to the town, but probably about half the price. Plus, it's free of any snobbery one might find in West End proper.
  5. Went to a foam party there with the Dundee squad circa 2003.
  6. Just arrived in Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain. Where is everyone?
  7. I'm likely in the minority but I think Scouse is one of the best accents in the UK. Anything that well developed and instantly recognisable gets pass marks from me. Having said that, weegie is my least favourite by a considerable distance.
  8. Mulligan scores for the U21s. Can't find a stream anywhere though. Delighted to see the boy continue to progress, hopefully the international break is good for a return to form for club. That and being played in a midfield three.
  9. This ref ETA: First game I've been able to watch in ages and we are fucking honking.
  10. That old Regal sign Ianetta's? Always knew it as Ken's, who would sell fags to literally anybody of any age. One of the last places I can think of with shelves of sweetie jars like that.
  11. How hard is it to stand and boo for a minute ffs. Nobody's asking you to be Guy Fawkes.
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