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  1. The Gogic booking was only the precursor for what was to follow. Never a booking.
  2. Was passing the ground today, barriers up around the access point to the pitch at the firth end. A few vans from Nigg around. Could be problems with the undersoil heating. Not sure why else they would be there.
  3. No snow or ice in Dingwall just now, plenty on higher ground but that doesn’t include the stadium so don’t think there will be a problem. Of course this is Scotland in February so...
  4. A long way to go, but as the saying for the year goes, a light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Best post on this thread, well done that man, I’m with you all the way...
  6. This looks like we’re signing squad players, the sort you would sign if you had a temporary shortage. What we really need is a couple of players that would improve the quality rather than the numbers. I think Naismith is in that category but I don’t see these three are. Of course I could be wrong. I hope I am.
  7. You arguably win the game if you score more goals than the opposition, ones from open play would be good, even Coll Donaldson doesn’t give away enough penalties.
  8. I detect some nerves in our friends from the green wellie city.
  9. The real answer to this is get rid of the lot. Ok maybe a couple of exceptions for some younger players that might come good. But, in general, they are all players that would struggle to make the first team of any of our competitors, so singling out individuals is meaningless. The selection will probably be driven by how quickly and cheaply we can move them on. In reality, we might get a couple of players in, but this squad is the one that will decide our future this season. If we get organised, stop shootings ourselves in the foot and have a bit of luck, we could pip Hamilton and maybe even survive the play offs. So all is not lost yet but whatever happens a clear out at the end of the year is needed. The big question is will the Board do it.
  10. Vigurs has one problem, he isn’t as good as he thinks he is.
  11. I must admit iv not really been paying attention to what's been happening with you. Do you have a decent enough squad to do it? A complete mixture of abilities and ages, not always in a good way.
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