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  1. Ha! They're small horses... Anyway, beer in hand now - proper training can wait until I'm home.
  2. Just did a 5km round Gili Air in Indonesia. Tough going running in the sand but starting to feel unprepared for my 1st marathon on 30th Nov. Work and holidays mean it has been a struggle to get out enough.
  3. My first teacher training was at a school in Cleckheaton, Bradford. A weird, racist, white enclave that was awful.
  4. Adam Buxton is back, which is great news. First one is with Phillip Pullman and is really enjoyable - especially his rants about C.S. Lewis.
  5. Just watch it dubbed. Absolutely do not do this.
  6. I saw him twice I think and while he didn't impress he certainly wasn't helped by Kerr's awful start in the Betfred games. After watching McCann in those games I can't believe it's the same player who, I think, has started the season well in centre mid. I am assuming Vihmann will be comfortable after a couple of months training with the team. We could certainly do with more aerial power dealing with corners as that was a major issue last Saturday.
  7. Saints post a light-hearted video of some of the players playing Saints on Fifa 20. I tentatively open the comments..."they should be out on the training ground, not playing games" Shuts Facebook and learn my lesson - *never read the comments*
  8. Did my longest ever run this morning - 24km. Started at 5am when the temperature was only 26C...finished at 7:30am and it was already 32C. The last 5 km was tough and I am starting to get the fear about my first marathon on 30th November. Not sure I could have gone another 18km after that today - knees starting to hurt, sore toes, etc.
  9. I watched the first 3 episodes last night. The first one in particular is a tough watch - what is expected of a victim from the police seems ridiculous after such a trauma. The two cops work well with each other and I reckon I will blitz through it in the next couple of days.
  10. Do normal vpns still work with Netflix? I thought they tightened up on that I think they have tightened up but Nord usually works. Amazon Prime is the one that is most difficult to get around at the moment. I pay the equivalent of £8/month for Netflix (all the screens, etc) in Indonesia and they have massively upped their content over the past year. It also means when I come back to Scotland in the summer I log on with my Indo details and get full access to the UK Netflix. For some reason on my Apple TV, with my Indonesian subscription, they don't have access to TV series just movies, although the new movies only cost about £6 to buy and £1.50 to rent.
  11. Just finished this and it is just fantastic. One of the rare shows that I was actually thinking about during the day - the characters are great and by the end the tension is unbearable!
  12. It's on my Indonesian Netflix.
  13. Not sure if anybody has mentioned it before but I have just finished ep 5 of Trapped. It's an Icelandic crime drama series, along the same line as the original Danish version of The Killing (Forbrydelson). If you are a fan of the Scandi-noir style, snow, mountains or beards then I think you will really like it.
  14. Been listening to some audio books while out running. Stephen Fry reading Sherlock Holmes is excellent - just finished A Study In Scarlett, have never read any of them but was really well written and Fry is good. Also listening to Calypso by David Sedaris. I heard him on Adam Buxton's podcast and thought he was hilarious, his writing is also very entertaining.
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