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  1. If it's Bradley Halsman, I'm pretty sure he's a striker. EDIT - Nup, a quick Wiki search would tell you he's a midfielder. Ah well, must be someone else I'm thinking of.
  2. Remember though that Linton signed for us knowing fine well that Scott Smith was here and he would need to challenge him for a place at left back. If he's not in the team it's because he's not impressed enough but I think we'll see a lot of Linton this year. I sincerely hope that Halsman isn't playing with a view to signing. We have 4 strikers (5 if you count McKerracher) so signing him when it's glaringly obvious we need to strengthen other areas would be a baffling move.
  3. The Moonster

    The Wire

    I've watched it fully 3 times now and you pick up wee things that you completely missed the first time round. It truly is the greatest thing ever made.
  4. But you're basing that on what? Two/three pre-season games? It remains to be seen if Linton is a better option at left back than Smith.
  5. Cheers! I'm like an unfit, less ginger Owen Ronald, can I play? Having seen that you haven't witnessed our only competitive game so far (I also missed the game) I think it's a bit harsh to be criticising him at this point. I'd argue that it's our holding midfield player that has to cover full-backs should they get caught out up the pitch. Can't say I've witnessed a lack of effort from him either. Naw am urnae.
  6. Glad we're giving Linton plenty of time to settle in. FWIW, he's ten times the player McNiff is. Linton will be a good player for us, there is absolutely no chance he will be loaned out (that's just slightly less ridiculous than the suggestion last year that we should play Lithgow up front). We need more defenders, not to be getting shot of them. Anyway, Clydebank tonight could be in jeopardy for me with work causing slight issues . Any idea what team we're sending?
  7. I would agree that Jack is maybe the type of guy better suited to being a number 2. He did register our first win last year but that was against a Cowden team who were on an awful run. Also, if Murray leaves, who's to say he doesn't take Jack with him?
  8. Thanks for confirming the idiot accusation. Absolutely tragic patter.
  9. This Berwick fans a bit of an idiot eh? Anyway, anyone think Muzz has spanked the budget hence the lack of central defender? Its worrying that the worst part of our team hasn't been addressed at all.
  10. Travelling people, Pete. You politically incorrect c**t.
  11. FT Fenlon. I see the club have now installed collapsible bollards at the entrance, can we assume that we have moved on the travelling people before putting these up?
  12. On a slightly unrelated note, does it scare anyone that Pat Fenlon is a useless c**t?
  13. That's nice to know, might be better telling the Stranraer fans though.
  14. Played a couple of trial games and we haven't heard anything so can only assume no.
  15. Linton and S. Smith have got left back fairly well covered so no need for a Paddy return. Twaddle it seems played 17 games for Ayr last year, given the terrible season they had I don't know if he'll be what we're looking for.
  16. Seems we have a few new Sons fans through the P&B door! Welcome! I'd like to think we'll be looking for a centre half and cover for midfield (possibly in the shape of Nicky Phinn) but I think that's pretty much it.
  17. Honestly thought Ronald was awful last year and found it very strange that Murray signed him and found it even stranger that he loaned him out immediately. I really don't see him running riot when he comes back, if he'll even get a game. but it seems this Berwick fan knows we've fucked it all up after seeing him play in 2 pre-season games.
  18. Aye? I was sure it was K. Smith and McKerracher up front in the second half.
  19. We played well first half with Fleming and Prunty causing problems. Those two and Linton went off and it was all young guys apart from Gils, Scott and Kevin Smith and Falkirk were the better team and probably should have scored more. McKerracher has talent and if he keeps progressing and learning from the players around him I've no doubt he'll move on to bigger things. Fleming looked really sharp but Kevin Smith looked a bit tired/unfit and also took a knock towards the end. It was a good game with plenty excitement. Ref had no choice with the red card as the boy wrestled Gils to the ground after misjudging it. We took our goals well especially Pruntys which was a well hit volley. The pitch is so dry though, pretty much all brown at the moment and we'll be hoping for some rain to sort that out in the next couple of weeks.
  20. Smith is most certainly a left back. But he filled in when needed last year and did well. We do need a centre half, preferably before this match.
  21. Family members can be like that. There was a Celtic fan on our thread a while back greeting about how our youth system's a joke and the coaches don't know what they're doing, nobody cares about the players blah blah blah and it turned out he was the grandad of a player recently released. I wouldn't worry about someone who's judgement is clearly clouded by emotion and if you look at it sensibly it's easy to spot the holes in these types of stories.
  22. Forgot Borris played for them. Snudge, you'll need a new dress!
  23. Fairly gutted to be missing this one. Murray has already said he wants us to do well in the cups this year so I would hope we'll have too much for Stranraer on the day but our cup record really isn't anything to shout about. Haven't seen Stranraer's team this year but I assume you guys have replaced Malcolm with someone?
  24. Haven't heard anything about Ross Smith. I do agree though, Turner and Graham are the only two which have any real physical presence but I don't see it being a massive issue. Smith's hold up play has been pretty good so far and he'll hold his own up front. No team in this league is filled with particularly huge, hammer throwing monsters and I don't think we're completely different from anyone else in that department. Yes, some teams will have big defenders which could leave us vulnerable at corners kicks/set pieces but it's probably more a sign of how Murray wants to set the team up this year - playing football on the deck and being a well organised unit defensively.
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