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  1. I don't get that train of thought to be honest. Never understood those who said dropping a division would see us win more games and it's been proven thats not really the case. If folk were disappearing when we were competing in the second tier then perhaps fitba's not for them, or a ticket at Ibrox is more suited to you.
  2. McGeever, McLean and Syvertsen out, but Paton is back fit which is good news.
  3. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a calculator.
  4. I don't know anything in great detail about NFTs, but are they easy to reproduce? I thought the whole point of them was that you couldn't do that but if folk are buying pictures that you can freely search for/save on the internet/make yourself then I'll back down from this defence.
  5. Wouldn't bother with Springsteen on Broadway, bored me to death. If you're a super-fan of him then perhaps you'll be able to stick it out, but I got bored very quickly. Watched the first episode of Get Back last night and agree with others that it's great to see them like regular guys jamming away and coming up with the melodies we all know. As someone who plays in a band it's amazing to see them writing songs in much the same way we always have, comforting to know there's not some creative secret that only the ones who make it find out, and it really is just trying stuff out and seeing how it sounds. Laughing at them humming and hawing words over Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Looking forward to the rest.
  6. Why would humans place any value on baseball cards? Some of them have gone for over $3M. They don't have any utility or use, other than showing someone else who is into baseball cards. This is just a digital baseball card, essentially.
  7. You should have more fun in these situations. When she says "what should I do then" just give her a list of pointless things to try, anything that wastes her time. She'll eventually stop coming to you for assistance.
  8. Why is it always people with sleeve tattoos that believe this fucking nonsense?
  9. "Bacon was required to return his Blue Peter badge upon his dismissal". CBBC bosses were not fucking about.
  10. The people who made that list clearly weren't around when the brains were handed out.
  11. What previously banned poster is Meldrew anyway?
  12. Do we need to send the Castle Street Elite round to have a word with him?
  13. Wilsons been off the boil a wee bit in recent weeks and it does look like his confidence has taken a wee bump, but I'm hoping the last couple of results are moving things in the right direction for him. I think Paton will be injured, it'll be Pignatiello paired with one of Geggan or Carswell, with McKee probably playing in front of them.
  14. Kevin Lee punted from UFC. Some folk are surprised but when you get so lazy that you don't bother your arse to apply for an Adderall exemption like you've always done and end up with a 6 month suspension, after losing 5 of your last 7 fights, you're asking for it. I don't think he's a top 5 guy anyway.
  15. I expect a comfortable 2-0 home win. I said that about the Alloa game and ended up with egg on my face so hopefully I'm scraping omelette from my eyes on Saturday night again.
  16. lol It's absolutely oozing out you mate.
  17. Can we stop quoting the wee geek please? Makes it difficult to ignore his weird vandetta against oor Billy.
  18. Yet you still seem jealous/bitter about everything they do.
  19. lol, I don't know why I bother. I'll let you and the others fight this out till the end of time.
  20. It's not about "basing their precautions" on what Boris does. It's about the sacrifices people made. Some folk didn't see their own, elderly parents for almost a year because we were told it would protect the country until we had effective treatments, yet those who are in power just swanned about doing whatever the f**k they liked. Everyone now has some form of protection against this virus, whether that's through infection or vaccines, so the next time Boris tries to tell us we need to sacrifice more of our lives being locked up, you really shouldn't be surprised (or bizarrely have the audacity to call other people idiots) when they inevitably tell Boris where to ram it.
  21. Yeah. I'll bet the folk casting doubts about how other men dress cut about like they're going for a round of golf every single day. Smart polo shirt (tucked in) and some chinos/trousers. NAP.
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