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  1. And your Mrs will light her fag from it. Poetic.
  2. Aye, the c**t has taken far more creepy pictures of women on trains than that, one even of a reflection of a red haired girl in the window. Whilst he hasn't exactly broken a law, it would be advisable to confiscate his hard drive in any case. If any of our Kirkcaldy based posters see this c**t standing at the station be sure to give him a kick in the pie on behalf of us all.
  3. Aye, just never appealed to me. Looks like diarrhoea as well.
  4. That Balenciaga bum bag she's wearing retails at over £500 too. Cretin is probably being kind.
  5. You won't hear any complaints from the rest of us here.
  6. Genuinely no idea how or why that would even influence your decision. Yer deid, who cares if you're lying in a pool of putrid water?
  7. Not really true though is it. Plenty of folk use bikes or public transport in Europe because their infrastructure is just as good as the road network, if not better. It would cost me over £5 every day to travel the 10 minute journey to my work on the train, that's just completely pish especially when the services are completely unreliable. To travel between our two main cities on the train (an hours journey) is the guts of £30. I could buy a train ticket online right now that takes me from Amsterdam to Antwerp (an hour and a half journey through two countries) and it would cost me £17. The public transport in this country is treated with the contempt it deserves and until that changes folk will continue to use their cars.
  8. Your HoI obviously thinks this guy is good and wants to keep him sweet. That's seems to be the way to play him though, call his bluff on this shite.
  9. I had the same although there was 20 allowed at the funeral and I didn't go to Tesco on the way home. Sat back in my house after a 20 minute funeral at the grave side just staring at the wall, sipping a whisky by myself and trying to understand what's just happened. I'm not sure I'm over his death even now tbh. I get why people don't want a big send off when they die, I hate folk spending money on me when I'm alive so it would annoy me to know they were spending big in the event of my demise, but I do think funerals are an important step for people grieving. Having that day with everyone who knew the deceased and sharing stories about their life can really help. I've certainly struggled for this past year to accept and acknowledge what had happened and it's only since lockdown lifted and I was able to go and meet my other friends and talk about things that I slowly started to feel better.
  10. Not necessarily, his agent could be good at his job.
  11. It sounds like total arse covering to me. Wilson spent his youth career at full time ICT and whilst he won't have had a full time deal there, he'll be well aware how full time football operates. He then moved to Australia to try and make a football career before returning and playing for Dumbarton - as far as I'm aware football was his primary endeavour and wage during these times. He's not some late bloomer who needs to find his feet in the game. If Holt says they went for 14 strikers and Wilson is the one you ended up with, I'd suggest that he was bottom of the barrel stuff signed to get you through the Betfred Cup matches and him being punted out on loan soon after would confirm that was probably always the plan. Stuff about him coming back a better player is just cliched pish to cover the fact he won't play for Falkirk again and they made a mess of your summer recruitment.
  12. I think that's the most alarming thing I've read yet. What's happened? Have the board been charmed by Henning and Co, or are they punch drunk from battering away so much Brabco shite that they've no fight left in them?
  13. It looked like he'd called from a junkies flat too, lighting that Dracula would be proud of.
  14. I know numerous arseholes like him. I work with many of them. They enter workplaces with an idea of what they want to do in their job and slowly burrow out this wee hole for themselves in which they can only be handed a select number of things to do at any given time, despite knowing their job requires them to do lots of other things. This guy is hoping if he throws enough barriers up about teaching someone else will just feel guilty and cover it for him. If that doesn't happen, he'll leave and find another job that lets him burrow out another wee hole.
  15. -Thinks the punishment for running people over should be relaxed when it involves running over people he doesn't like -Is so gullible he'll believe any old shite as long as it suits his narrative -Reads the Daily Mail OUR SURVEY SAYS:
  16. I read this and thought "bit of a kick in the stones for Detournement's theories" but... The gift that keeps on giving.
  17. Nicola's message is all over the shop. -be wary of variants as they might "break through" vaccines -but please get vaccinated so that you can; -continue to wear masks and distance yourself indoors -and if cases get too high we'll need to think about restrictions again Where in there am I supposed to reach the conclusion that a vaccine is good for me?
  18. It's not being able to afford one that makes you a c**t, it's having that sort of money available to spend on a car and choosing one of the worst off-road vehicles on the market to do the half mile school run for your lazy wean that makes you a c**t.
  19. I genuinely hate British people. The worst people on earth.
  20. I'm okay with electricity because I'm an engineer and generally when there's a fault at home it doesn't vaporise your house, but aye, gas terrifies me.
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