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  1. None of it makes sense though. If Hearts are the worst team in the league they go down. Making your leagues bigger to increase the chances of big clubs staying higher up the pyramid is a farce. Falkirk are "stuck" in League 1 because of their own mismanagement, on the other side Alloa and Arbroath are in the second tier on merit and fully deserve their shot. Saying things like "do I think it makes sense for a club of Falkirks size to be in League 1? no" makes absolutely no sense in itself.
  2. You've done very well to decipher that. He's not hiding his big team very well. I don't doubt that some part time clubs do value the social or community aspect more than success on the field but the two aren't mutually exclusive. Quite why this means clubs like Hearts or Dundee United should be shielded from relegation.
  3. How many times has the lad been emptied and returned? He knows we know his MO and this is him throwing curveballs.
  4. Probably doesn't want his own club fucking around in the bottom tier. Again.
  5. Jim McIntyre has just taken the Scotland job from Ian McCall in my current save. The year is 2036.
  6. Always thought Baptiste was the Perthshire lad. HalfCutNinja definitely Pep, Harry Souttar always outs him.
  7. I took those dates as an outline based on where they expect the data to be at that time, but if the data is good they can open up faster, as has happened this week. I would agree that I'd like to see it a bit more accelerated though, I reckon in 3-4 weeks we'll have about as close to elimination of the virus as you can get.
  8. Whoever wins this could/should have the upper hand going into the split games and could know that they only need a couple of draws and a win to stay safe. From a Sons point of view, if we lose this we need to make up 4 points on Clyde with only 5 games to do it. Of course this is a huge game.
  9. Yeah, got to agree, a win is huge psychologically on Thursday. A draw is just kicking the can down the road. We need to be a lot braver on the ball on Thursday.
  10. If that were roman bairns true concerns I would fully agree, but he actively wants some random independent panel running the game and votes taken away from clubs altogether. It's as tiring as the colt team pish tbh.
  11. Another colt proposal followed by more mewling fae the roman one about democracy. Can we rename this thread Groundhog Day?
  12. I have an excellent image of Bairnardo climbing up the Kelpies with a neon sign saying "SMELL YER MAW" and waving it at space.
  13. How much time do you save per text message? That's exactly what the auto-correct gods want you to think, that you're saving so much time for more important things but really it's just making you look like a fanny in front of your friends when it changes "f**k" to "duck".
  14. Why don't Rangers and Celtic stop signing up young guys they have no intention of ever playing then? Let the kids go out and find their level and if they become good enough for Rangers or Celtic they can pay money for them. You can't hoard 300 players and then moan that you've got nowhere to play them or the resources to develop them. It's the Old Firm who want their cake to eat here. Fairly robust defence of Rangers from the Airdrie man here though...
  15. I would hope it's just the stadium sponsor C&G are stepping back from rather than altogether. If memory serves me right, C&G stepped in to sponsor the stadium after the last deal fell through, so it may just be that they committed for a short time in order to give the club some more time to find another sponsor. They've been absolutely terrific for us.
  16. Never understood why literate adults use autocorrect tbh.
  17. Those robots cost $75K a pop. And folk wonder why they want the police defunded.
  18. Can you explain this? I've no idea what it means or how it is relevant to the shite you posted.
  19. This is actually one of your better posts and it's still a hilarious failure.
  20. C & G withdrawing support would be the cherry on top of this shitcake of a season.
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