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  1. A good solid player who will do you a turn at right back or as a defensive mid, but better at right back. Morton is about the level I expected him to go to.
  2. Is a tenner a fair price for a tea and cakes day? Seems pricey to me but I don't attend many tea and cake events. The comments I saw on the facebook were all fairly sensible criticisms of the youth set up with the occassional ramble from someone who didn't make much of a point. The detail given by the club on who was running things was piss poor, so folk were asking who would be in charge before thinking about sending kids along - if your kid has been ditched before you're not going to send them back to the same set up. The fact its basically slapping a Dumbarton badge on a Renton shirt is probably part of the problem too, you can't bullshit parents who are involved in youth football and know where most of the better kids play (and I don't think that's in any regional district league). I hope it's a success but the club need to be very careful in censoring things on social media - if there is no profanity or libelous stuff then people should be free to comment. Another worrying turn from this board tbh.
  3. Just proves how much you need the mentality right to see out a major. Been a great final day though. Hope JT does it, nothing against Zalatoris other than I think his name sounds like a dinosaur but I love JT.
  4. That was a crazy, crazy shot.
  5. I'll be shocked if there's not full time offers for Carlo. Your man Stanger apparently has an offer from the Championship too.
  6. Perhaps I'm being too harsh considering almost everything about the club pisses me off these days, and I understand there must be an element of team building during our preseason, but reading "we're going to take the boys down to England for a piss up and a friendly before the season starts" just exemplifies the Sunday League mentality that is becoming more apparent in our management team by the day. We've just been fucking embarrassingly relegated and we're sending those lads on a piss up. Happy clappers will love it mind you. And just to remind everyone again, we're running a tight budget this year so buy your season tickets...
  7. Probably more likely this defender wasn't a done deal and he is still weighing up his options. There's been an air of desperation around what Faz has said so far (the double figures claim and that this defender was due to sign) and we're only 3 signings in. It's still obviously very early days but I fear we have more work to do with this squad than meets the eye, and if any of the two year deal guys are moving on I'd rather it was done sooner than later.
  8. She's well aware it's a wee cold for most folk though. Thinking this will change anything in her mantra is optimistic.
  9. The above post reminded me of a bully of a PE teacher we had, I actually got on with him really well and he guided me to a Higher A but there was no doubt he bullied others. He once put a partially blind boy (I think he had about 10% of his sight) in goal then smashed a penalty at him, missed his face by about 4 inches and he only reacted when the ball hit the wall behind him. The teacher played Junior at the time too, it was outrageous in every way.
  10. I've had no incidents as scarring as some of the ones mentioned in here but having gone through an apprenticeship I fell victim to two "pranks" which would probably be seen as bullying. I always took a bit of a slagging because of my size, I'm small and skinny so to big burly engineers I probably didn't look the part. I was once thrown into a carton, the lid thrown on with a weight on top then the box was lifted up onto a rack. Left me there for about half an hour before the bosses started asking where I was. Second one was similar, I went into a container to look for parts and they locked the door behind me, I spent the morning in there before someone let me out. Once I finished my apprenticeship I thought being on the tools and working with these guys wasn't for me, moved to an office job. Folk who say you shouldn't grass on these types are part of the problem too, they might not bully folk themselves but enable it to get worse.
  11. You are correct sorry, but still, he was there when the wheels started to come off and I hope we're not just hoping he's the saviour, as much as I like him as a player he needs to be part of a good unit this season if this chat about winning the league is to come true.
  12. Not quite. He played in our 5-0 humping at Peterhead and the following two games which we lost before being injured in our fourth defeat in a row at East Fife (around 70 minutes). Our defensive frailties won't be solved by McGeever simply returning, we need to be far better organised.
  13. I'm sure it is, that doesn't take away from the fact it's a hotspot for gammons especially in the middle of the school holidays.
  14. You could always choose better holiday destinations that every Sun reading, full English breakfast eating c***s aren't going to.
  15. The current nodding dogs on the board are not what we need in respect of our owners. John Steele was far from ideal as chairman but one thing he was good at was fighting Brabco's bullshit. It seems none of the current board are worried about where our owners are taking us, indeed they are actually excited at the plans, we need that to change immediately. Again though, just because there may be no blatantly obvious alternative doesn't mean I should just shut up and pay up.
  16. The price was never a sticking point for me, the board is. They could've sold these for the return of a glass cheque and I still wouldn't have bought one until there are board room changes. Good idea with the young sons though, if I'm being fair.
  17. I think anyone who is aware of Ricos time at Airdrie will be well aware that he's laughing at specific people and not his friends within the team (if he has any). I'll do my best, brah.
  18. Lol, aye it's embarrassing for Rico and not for the club who have now been accused of racially abusing two brothers in one season.
  19. Faz suggesting some of our two year deals may be on the move. I'd take a guess at messrs McKee and Lynch being at the top of that particular list. On the Sparky suggestion, I think it would be pretty mental to move Boyle into a coaching role and replace him with another aging left back who has seen his best days, surely if any lessons were learned last year its that full back was a major issue.
  20. I'll guess at the lad Sonkur who's knocked back Stranraers offer.
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