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  1. He's made 5 posts since the summer and 4 of them have been about how shite we are. Here was me thinking it was supposed to be Sons fans with the chip on their shoulder about the cup tie years ago but it seems the Posey's are seething for some reason.
  2. Having watched the goalcam it's quite obvious Boomtown Bonnyrigg Rosey Posey have cheated their way to a point yesterday. Sad that they're reduced to diving to try and win games but I suppose when you've taken 6 points from the last 10 games and are staring relegation in the face you'll try anything.
  3. Do NZ. A wonderful place that me and my partner were seriously considering moving to pre-covid. We've still not ruled it out but our wee one now makes it a bit more difficult. My brother has been there for over 10 years, has an amazing family and life there, I'd recommend it to anyone.
  4. I always thought elf on a shelf was a weird thing to entertain kids, telling them there's a wee creepy doll who's going to do things when they sleep doesn't scream Christmas fun to me but it seems to work.
  5. You've seen/heard the interview where he literally describes a ponzi scheme when discussing his own product, yes?
  6. f**k Darvel. Spend thousands buying players from Forfar and having some nice changing rooms to pat themselves on the back on social media but do f**k all for their midden of a ground being able to host a simple cup tie. Everything from their w****r owner to their deluded manager annoys me and I hope they get dicked 23-0. Shite draw for Sons tbh but at least it's an away day somewhere a bit different from usual.
  7. Meh, I've got a bit of respect for a lad with the baws to GIRUY from 2 feet away as opposed to standing giving it the big one from opposite ends of the stand. He might get a slap one day and he couldn't complain if he did, but fair fucks to the boy enjoying himself.
  8. I mean he uses his arse well to hold guys off but Wallaces strengths are his technical ability and his brain, which he used to far greater affect last night than his physicality. I suppose it's not a criticism but I do think it does our performance a bit of a disservice. We played some terrific football last night and that's what I take away from it over any sort of "battle" won.
  9. I only voted after the game for a laugh, but thanks.
  10. Not sure where this idea that we're a big physical team comes from (the commentator kept mentioning it too) - Buchanan and McNiff are the only 2 I'd consider as big guys and Lynas and Carswell can handle themselves but Blair, McKee and Wilson aren't big physical guys, they are ball players. Nor is Wylde, Orsi or the tiny Ryan Wallace considered physical. We outplayed Clyde in that first half, we didn't out-battle them.
  11. I thought he was an absolute crackpot tbh.
  12. A victory for football. Get it round ye Duffy.
  13. An absolutely superb half of football from the mighty Sons of the Rock. The best I've seen us play in a long time. Could be 4 or 5 and Clyde couldn't complain. Topped off with a chorus of raging boos from the Clyde faithful. Game far from over though, need to keep it tight in the second half.
  14. Anyone any idea what that was chopped off for? Looked a perfectly fine goal to me but not easy to see everything.
  15. He does this with every game, he was getting a raging hard on at how poor Portugal were the other night, all of his patter is thinly veiled "England can beat this mob" comments, or just blatant "England can beat this mob" comments.
  16. For apparent sexually explicit remarks during breaks in filming...in 2020.
  17. Farrell's "defend yer own half and hope we take a chance" vs Duffyball. It could be a dark day in the history of football but hopefully we make it through.
  18. I'd like just one captain to say "f**k this, book me/suspend me" and wear whichever armband they want in support of causes they normally support. I find it a bit weak that folk like Kane and Hazard say they support inclusivity but all it takes to stop them promoting it is the threat of a yellow card. Obviously FIFA can go f**k themselves with their attitudes there but I'd like one player at least to stand up for it.
  19. Can your favourite twitter moment be a twitter moment that didn't happen?
  20. I'm just over 5 months deep with our wee yin and I would say to prepare yourself for the first 3 months being utterly shite, you being constantly tired and probably countless times you'll question if you're capable of doing it. Things get immeasurably better after that though (or has done for me). Their bodies work a bit better, they start seeing properly and reacting to things and wee tiny things will bring you so much joy. As for what you should know, nurses and health visitors will tell you the really important stuff but you'll realise very quickly that everyone is just fucking winging it and you'll find what works for you and your wee yin. Get into a routine that suits you all as quickly as you can and you'll be fine. All the best.
  21. Would that be the same British people who protested against these blood soaked invasions? You can hate Qatars human rights record and British foreign policy at the same time and not be a hypocrite.
  22. See also; dizgusting. Unsure if this is a west of Scotland thing though.
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