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  1. You were paying for Grant and McStays accommodation so I'm sure you'll have saved a few bob now.
  2. 3 that aren't Bobby Allain. Does the guy even have an interest in playing for Scotland?
  3. That's not remotely true but don't let it get in the way of a good old negative rant. Thereisonlyfuckingdarkness. Fucking hell.
  4. No, written off because his CV stinks the place out. A mistake in a pressurised game is simply further evidence that the guy isn't up to standard.
  5. Again, I cannot fathom this is the same Scott Brown.
  6. They were both at Celtic at the same time so it's likely they know each other. As Sarti has pointed out though, we'd need Crossan to change wings and that's not happening with Forbes playing on the right. I do think Forbes and Wardrop will work well down that side though.
  7. Does she make you wear a t-shirt with her face on it when you go out with your mates so that other lassies know that you are her property? I mean no disrespect, but I'd be running a mile from any lassie who stopped me watching things because she didn't want me looking at other women.
  8. I think you've just dismantled your own point there. We have no idea why these walls are concave, we don't know if they were even visible from above when it was built, so I don't know how it can be too much of a coincidence that we only see them at certain times of the year. I totally agree with you that it is an amazing feat of engineering and construction, but I struggle to get on board with the notion that something more intelligent than humans built it for reasons humans won't properly understand.
  9. You're missing my point. How do you know the purpose of the concave bits were purely aesthetic? Maybe it was designed that way for another reason, as you admit yourself naecunt can see it from above so it seems illogical to me that the reason the walls are concave so folk could look at it. Perhaps they thought concave walls would give the structure more strength?
  10. You're working on the assumption that they made the concave bits precisely so you could see it from above. How do you know that's why they built it?
  11. Can we only build tricky things when we have a view from above? You're all over the shop here.
  12. I'm genuinely amazed that Scott Brown is generating this sort of interest. A complete empty jersey for us and I really didn't think he'd still be playing senior.
  13. Didn't Hearts say in one of their many statements that they would look to stop the league going ahead if they didn't get what they wanted? Bankrupting smaller clubs came in the form of their ridiculous £8M compensation claim.
  14. £25k seemed reasonable to me, they tried to stop the fucking league going ahead and bankrupt smaller clubs, £2.5k is f**k all to either club.
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