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  1. In all seriousness, he might do better playing with a partner of Goodwillie's quality but I'm astonished another club in this division has taken him. He's done nothing at 3 clubs in this division now.
  2. Aye, he'll probably go on to be a prime Berbatov now but f**k me I can't believe he got another club in this division.
  3. Shree year deals! Hartley absolutely chucking them around. Two great signings for League 1 though, going to be an interesting battle at the top this year.
  4. Any of the trialists in the second half look worth another look, Jan?
  5. Looking forward to @Jan Vojáček's comments from tonights game. Anything to take my mind off that horror show I watched. Back to the reality of League 1 for us now!
  6. Do Thistle not rent their stadium out to colt sides on the regular too? Wind yer neck in. Also, it wasn't 1 weird guy getting a flag made, your fucking chairwomen helped them make it, following a hilarious national court case from which your club walked away from with a well skelped arse.
  7. If anyone kens a riddy it's Partick Thistle FC.
  8. I see fans can attend tomorrow night. Not that I would given the Scotland game but EK voted for colts eh? They can away f**k themselves.
  9. That list posted earlier is going to become some sort of accummulator of death isn't it.
  10. Don't think anyone deserves dropped from the England game. Need to be clinical, taking an early chance would settle everyone but I fear there's a bit of lack of confidence in front of goal from both strikers, they've snatched at their chances so far.
  11. We got horsed 2-0 at home by the lowest ranked team in the group, other than ourselves. We have fucked it for ourselves.
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