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  1. If its the same thing that's on the OS, and you believe that statement is John warning the fans of existential danger, can I ask why there's a need for diplomacy? If we're about to go out of business get the cards on the table and tell fans the situation. Saying times are hard is stating the obvious, if fans are supposed to read that as an SOS and spring into fundraising action then I'm afraid the wake up call is a poor one.
  2. Any chance you could surmise the email, or post it up if its nothing confidential? I don't seem to have received it but I think the club might not have my email.
  3. I was only a kid at the time of Boghead but I always remember having to get someone to hand me my pie down from that counter. I always thought it was just because I was a kid but it's good to hear adults struggled with it too.
  4. The guys a pathetic cretin but he's displayed numerous traits of a psychopath, mostly on live TV, in the last year.
  5. The precedent set was that the clubs vote on a solution. In any case, last years vote was taken after about 27 games, Clyde haven't even played every team yet this season, so I'm not sure how these two situations can be viewed in the same way. It would be unfair if the decision was taken away from the clubs. I'm not sure why Falkirk fans have convinced themselves that "Self-interest" will ensure a null and void, when apparently it was that same self-interest that voted to call the leagues as they were last year. If clubs are faced with losing prize money from this season then I can see them voting for a solution that gives them that. Null and void is not an option there.
  6. The two situations aren't the same even if they are similar. All clubs had the chance to push for the rules to be altered, I don't remember anyone shouting about it. With no rules in place the only way to settle it fairly is to vote. FWIW, I reckon clubs will vote the same way as last year for much the same reasons - prize money & no hassle with extending contracts. All I'm pointing out is that when the vote went against Falkirk it was a "ridiculous decision" but now that same ridiculous decision will favour you it would be a "ridiculous decision" if it went against you. You keep saying rules. There are no rules on this. Which is why we vote. That is consistent even if you don't like the outcome. The self interest line is funny. How did Falkirk vote last year? How do you think Falkirk would vote this year?
  7. Except no such rule exists. We had the chance to write something into the rules to avoid another debacle and nobody cared. That means any shut down this time will again go to a vote. Falkirk fans are of course disgusted at the way Raith were promoted last year, so it's surprising to see you calling for promotion in even more dubious circumstances.
  8. c***s. Their depot is 5 minutes from my house if you want me to torch it.
  9. So when you said the government could've locked down earlier, you realised how much of a stupid move that would've been, but you still want to argue that it was possible?
  10. This isn't true, but even if it were the case - are you suggesting the Scottish Government could/should have locked down earlier and caused a raft of redundancies without a support system in place?
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