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  1. I highly doubt Chelsea's aim under a transfer embargo was winning the league. To be 4th and have bedded in the younger guys they have I'd say they're having a successful season, yes. I also wasn't predicting anything, just saying I don't see Lampard now forgetting about youth.
  2. Maybe the deaf c**t could drive his car to a non residential area then.
  3. Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. Did nobody visit shops before Irn Bru brought this out?
  4. I don't know or work with Craig Howie but I can tell you Ally Love is back this week having trained all week. That and your lads are off to Dublin right after the game.
  5. One thing I found strange was how long it took for Andy or his team to even discuss the hip replacement. Even months after his first operation, and then after all the pain reducing measures he'd taken, he could still barely walk and there was still nobody saying "I think you need a hip replacement". It seemed to be Andy himself who looked into it and then convinced himself that was what he needed to do. Is that solely because so much could go wrong with a hip replacement that nobody wanted to suggest it? Just feel he could've saved himself a few months of pain at least if he'd perhaps been pushed towards the hip replacement a little earlier.
  6. I get that some shops will ration folk to 2 bottles or whatever, but it makes no sense to me that shops are keeping stock back for the next day, or the day after. Get your whole stock out on the shelf and get it sold, what's the point in selling it 10 bottles a day when you can punt 100 in the one go?
  7. Only a grass would need to ask that question.
  8. Not necessarily. I fully expect them to continue to stockpile younger players as they have been doing for years, but I'm not sure I see Lampard going out and spending hundreds of millions on his first team when he's having great success nurturing the talent he has. I can see Lampard still giving him his chance when he deserves it.
  9. It's a weird season. We were all expecting relegation during the summer as we saw the bodies roll in, but we've done really well considering the overhaul we've had and the reputation of some of the players we brought in. We're scoring enough goals, games have been relatively entertaining, yet absolutely nobody is enthused about attending, despite us being in with a shout of 4th spot. Any other season we've been in this sort of position everyone's been full of excitement and patter. Just feels like we're going through the motions at the moment.
  10. There's a guy who parks on the street outside my house and at least twice a week I hear him get into his car and immediately phone someone on his hands free kit because he's got the volume up at such deafening levels that the entire street can hear his conversation.
  11. Yeah, that'll be why I'm hearing it! I was wondering why it was madainn mhath and feasgar math, thank you, two extremely helpful posts! A couple of short questions here though, the pronunciation of "madainn" on Duolingo sounds like "ma-ding", is that right? Also, earlier Kejan mentioned that you would use Tapadh leat if it was your friend you were speaking with, but Tapadh leibh seems to be used on Duolingo when discussing family/friends sometimes. Cheers to you, IA and Kejan for very helpful postings! EDIT to add - I think my favourite word so far is "oidhche". Somecunts been at the wind up when inventing that, but I absolutely love it.
  12. Really struggling with (and mixing up) brother, sister, father, mother etc. for some annoying reason and I find some of the pronunciation the app gives you can sound slightly different depending on what recording it is (I realise this is probably just the accents of different speakers). For example in some recordings it sounds like brother starts with a "V" and in others it sounds like a "B".
  13. We're going on holiday to New Zealand next week. At the weekend my parents asked me if I had shorts and stuff or was I needing them, I replied of course I've got fucking shorts, I'm a grown adult and capable of buying my own clothes. My girlfriend heard all of this, even sniggered at my half joke, but then two days later sends me a link to some Ebay post asking "do you like these?" and there, on sale, is a pair of the shitest, beige, hipster shorts you'll ever see in your life. I'm looking forward the holiday, 3 weeks we're away for, which gives me ample time to formulate the murder and a plan to get rid of the body.
  14. This. This guy sounds like your classic chancer, and classic chancers are usually good at covering their arses when shit comes around. I'd be clearing it with a boss before handing this slippery wee eel anything.
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