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  1. Finlay Gray does a very different job than Ryan Blair and it was McKee who dropped back to fill in Blairs role - fine when you're playing utter horseshit like East Fife but if we went without Blair every week I'd be confident in a decline in our results. I'd also say the phrase "undroppable" simply refers to their performances for me - if Blair or Wilson were dropped this week due to their performances it would be unfair - it doesn't mean we can't win games without them. Blair has started every game he's been available for, so I think Faz would agree he's pretty essential to the team.
  2. Nobody else in the team can do the job Ryan Blair does.
  3. The world has moved on even if old duffer football fans haven't. If you have a mobile and a bank card you can get an online ticket in two minutes, it's really no more hassle (I'd argue less hassle) than finding a cash machine to lift 20 quid before going to a match. The "some old guy without a phone" line gets trotted out all the time, but realistically how many people are actually in that bracket? It'll be low single figures at every ground in the country. By all means moan about the price because it's a joke at this level, but their actual ticket process seems absolutely fine to me - buy online or at reception on the day if you're a complete diddy who can't conplete an online transaction.
  4. Keep your suspicions and guesses to yourself next time eh.
  5. It was a stain on this forum that he was allowed to post his bigoted shite for so long. He was that much of a c**t I actually felt sorry for Falkirk fans.
  6. Amazingly not the worst relocation plan we've seen. The centre back swap makes sense from our side, we get a fit player with experience of winning this league, and I sort of understand Duffy looking for people he trusts but I suspect it's going to take McGeever at least a couple of months to get up to speed - that's too late for Clyde. Not our worry though, I would've preferred another winger in this month but happy to go with what we have now.
  7. I know Clyde are a shambles and would probably do something stupid like let their on loan captain line up against them in a play off final, but I suspect the Sons staff are a wee bit more switched on than that. Try and not break him any more than he already is, okay?
  8. Awfy nice of you boys to offer to get McGeever up to speed for us. Some bois.
  9. Faz seemed to suggest our market would be a loan player, so tonights deadline doesn't really matter to us.
  10. What's gone on previously is irrelevant here, Stenny will be a different team and whilst I fully expect us to keep things tight I also expect them to trouble us in ways they haven't previously. I don't think Faz is far away from trying big Rusty and Wallace together up top but I'm not sure this is the game for it - midfield will be key and if Joe McKee is anywhere near fitness I'd be starting him in place of Love.
  11. I think there's been some crossed wires somewhere. Duthie and Duffy definitely didn't fall out at Dumbarton but Duthie was known to do extra training on his own, coming back from a 2 year ban he felt he needed to put in extra - I assume he's doing the same coming back from this issue and someone has put 2 and 2 together to make 5. Duthie's attitude is as good as you get, I'd be amazed if Duffy was freezing him out.
  12. I find it mad anyone would use a horn instead of using your phone to let them know. Most definitely auld boomers doing this, coz thats whit we did in ma day.
  13. I may be wrong but I don't recall any falling out when they were at Dumbarton. He played loads under Duffy and was retained by Farrell the following season.
  14. Farrell has failed at League 1 level twice now, no team from higher up will be chasing him even if he does win what is probably the weakest bottom tier in a while. Fully understand it gives players certainty about the club but we won't know budgets until every league is settled, it might let us do some business but I imagine we could do that business without giving the managerial staff extensions. Ryan McGeever afterall was given a 2 year deal before Farrell was even appointed.
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