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  1. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    I'm told Andy Little was set to play right back on Saturday but arrived at the stadium complaining of an injury. If Little is fit I expect him to play there instead of Perry.
  2. Week 1 - Ross County Week 2 - Peterhead Week 3 - Elgin City
  3. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    I'd like to see: McGowan Little -- Barr -- Dowie -- Dyer Paton -- Thomson -- Carswell -- Forbes Loy -- Russell We will see: Adam Perry -- C. Barr -- Dowie -- Dyer Hutton -- Carswell Forbes -- Paton -- B. Barr Loy
  4. Sons v Loons

    Folk say Forbes was shite on Saturday but look at those highlights and tell me how many of our "highlights" didn't involve him? Everything is going through him, quite rightly, but when he gets the ball what options does he have in front of him (or indeed behind/overlapping him)? None. That means a big whipped ball into the box from deep which defenders deal with. FWIW, Loy should score from Forbes' cross early on, that goes in and Saturday is maybe a different story.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    I'm not a big drinker of fizzy juice, only really have the odd can when I feel like a Bru, so I rarely buy the stuff in bulk. If this is the sort of shit I'll need to deal with on a daily basis now though I will be doing just that.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    The price of a can of juice in our works vending machine is now up to 80p. I would've probably let that slide had the machine also not decided that it needed exact change and thus rendering my £1 coin unusable and leaving my thirst unquenched. I'm am now suitably annoyed that I can enter this in this thread.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    No real surprise at our end, our home crowds have been absolutely woeful for about 2 seasons now and our attendances were saved by travelling supports last year. Remove them and replace them with 80 coming from Forfar instead and you end up with a sub-600 crowd. I'm not even sure we've sold 300 season tickets this season.
  8. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    If any Morton fans are making the trip over our bar in the away end will be open for you pre-match (usually used for hospitality but none on offer tomorrow night, so bar is open).
  9. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    I don't think he's ever looked fit to be honest.
  10. Strikers coming through

    Top banter here, it really is.
  11. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    Boring and predictable so far. We'll only really threaten from set pieces (as I'm sure most of you would expect with Forbes in the team).
  12. Dumbarton -vs- Greenock Morton

    I would've probably been up for this game if we hadn't just been sworded by Forfar. Good prices though and I have very little in the way of a life during the week so I'll no doubt pop along. Thomson should start in midfield, you can drop any of the 4 who started on Saturday (hopefully Kyle Hutton). I would play Loy purely for the fact that he's not fit and the quicker he is the better for all. I would like to see a much more simple 4-4-2 than we've been playing. Play Thomson in the middle with Carswell, any 2 of Paton/Forbes/Barr out wide and Loy with someone else up front (preferably Little).
  13. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    Home end bar will be open and we'll have live music on in there. All welcome.
  14. Sons v Loons

    As I said at half time, Stevie needs to figure this out or he'll be out the door. We can moan that players aren't fit or that their attitude may be poor, but the responsibility for all of that is at Aitkens door. I really am done with Kyle Hutton. You can argue he didn't have his worst game yesterday, but after having watched him point and moan at his team mates for around 40 odd games now, whilst he plays a couple of 40 yard cross field passes to look good, I'm genuinely sick of him. It absolutely baffles me that good midfielders like Aitken and Durrant rate him so highly, he is absolute tripe. Others aren't free from criticism, far from it, Forbes, Paton, Loy and Gallagher should all have the bravery and quality to take games by the baws in this division, too many of them hiding (Gallagher excused there). I heard players were walking around preseason telling folk we're going to win the league, if that yesterday doesn't make them realise that we need to work harder than our opponents then we could be in for a long season.
  15. Sons v Loons

    No complaints from me, we dont look like a team carrying out the managers instructions. We've all been saying Carswell and Hutton don't work in a midfield and Hutton is genuinely running around chasing shadows with Carswell wondering what he's meant to do out left. The club and gaffer have been big in their praise for the squad we have, Aitken needs to work out how to use them because right now we have about 6 or 7 players wandering around seemingly giving not too many fucks. Thomson and Barr on for me, take your pick at who comes off.