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  1. I wouldn't say I'd prefer it every week but the odd Friday game is a nice change for me - lets you watch football and still have your full weekend for other things.
  2. I'm sure this will have been mentioned in here before but I've just seen an advert for a barber shop called BRBR and it set a fire within me. Who started this braindead notion of removing vowels from a standard word for a "cool" business name? Not only do I hope these businesses fail but if there is anything I can do to accelerate that process I will now be actioning it. I believe this barber shop is in Inverclyde so I call on the P&B masses to bully them out of existence.
  3. It's just so great to watch a team of technically good, hard working players. For years I'd be confused as to how lesser nations would rock up and knock the ball around in tight spaces against us and be organised like an army but now we've got a team of guys who can do it in their sleep. Such a shame June didn't go our way as we'd be absolutely flying going to Qatar now, but it's important we just build on what we've got now.
  4. There is no conundrum. End of thread.
  5. Anyone thinking we're about to leave the back 5 formation behind needs their head checked. I'm glad Clarke changed to a back 4 last night as Ukraine had done their homework on our system in June and nullified it. They weren't expecting a high press and it worked perfectly. I did think it left us quite open though, often it was just one pass that broke our midfield and if they had someone better than that big dumplin Dovbyk up front they may have had success. The challenge for Clarke now is to know when to change it up - some games will suit the back 5 and others won't. Delighted with the win though. Get the Irish dicked on Saturday now.
  6. A poor way to lose but I'm not too disheartened. On the face of it, it was perhaps a poor decision to play the game last night with a key player out but I understand Faz looking to get it out the way with no game this weekend. For me though, no chance our team of last season pulls that game back to 2-2, so I'm pleased that we didn't capitulate like Peterhead last season but Faz talks about how good teams see games out and we really shouldn't be losing to 10 men with a few minutes left. I'd actually prefer we were right back at it this weekend, but hopefully the players use the break well and we come back with a full squad to get back on the winning trail.
  7. Nobody has won at Stranraer yet and 2 of our last 3 visits there have been 0-0. It's not an easy place to go and if I'm honest I'll be happy with a point on a Tuesday night.
  8. I'd read he changed to cavity back irons this week too, away from the ridiculous blades he was using.
  9. I'd be beelin' if my club had double the budget of the side top of the league yet their key summer signings were a nearly retired striker and a boy who was pish at Stenny, whilst continuing to field a Lewis Capaldi lookalike up front.
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