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  1. Naw, just obligated to desist with your honking patter.
  2. The only ineptitude here is your reading comprehension.
  3. Unless you know something I don't, I'm not sure what else the club is supposed to do in regards to today.
  4. Hope the club clarify that the players will be at training during the week too. We can't just assume they'll do their job and prepare for the match next week.
  5. You're making a huge assumption that we haven't bothered to try and get the game on based on a tweet not explicitly stating that our staff have been doing their jobs. You're an absolute numpty.
  6. What ye wanting the groundsmans timesheet posted?
  7. Look boys we're all disappointed we don't have our teams to watch but there doesn't always need to be someone to blame. Shit happens sometimes.
  8. Based on one guy out walking his dog at half 10? Come on boys, this is getting silly.
  9. Where have Clyde fans got this "Dumbarton have players out" nonsense from? Stef McCluskey is the only one injured. Anyone who thinks this was deliberate could probably have helped get todays game on, the puddle drinking fuds.
  10. I hear the UN are calling an emergency meeting to discuss a resolution to this crisis.
  11. Reilly confirmed. He showed flashes last week but did seem quite nervous. Lets hope he's one who kicks on under Duffy but still feel we need a bit of quality from somewhere.
  12. "What Duffy does well is make very precise signings" I'm not sure you'll get many agreeing with that on here
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