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  1. Haud on, are you suggesting we're trying to manufacture a rivalry here? Can we leave the price and stadium facilities aside lads? It's been done to death.
  2. Why is he flying around as if he's trying to beat the 400m Paralympic world record? Looks like some wee boy has smuggled his scooter into the big school and is giving it large before the janny confiscates it.
  3. It's taking that long because they are shiftless b*****ds, Dave, and I won't be convinced otherwise!
  4. From pictures it doesn't look like it's anything special, so I was a bit confused at the £50 for a round. If I can get a deal down to about £30 I might go for it but the times offered at that price don't suit me at the moment.
  5. I didn't realise that the bridge was temporary, sounds like an utterly mental idea tbh. 3 months to build a bridge that's about 10 metres long. Sort of backs up my point here.
  6. Anyone played/a member of Pitlochry? Potentially have an opportunity to play it this weekend if I can wrangle the spare time but the £50 price tag is putting me off a bit.
  7. We're a threat from them, aye. Gregor Buchanan is our top scorer so far this season with McGeever one behind him.
  8. I decided I was just going to deal with him being unhappy but keep playing him every week until he felt happier and hope I could convince him to stay, but Motherwell came in and kept upping their bids. I eventually settled for £100K, 50% of next sale and a loan back for the season. Considering I was going to lose the guy for free next summer I can't help but feel I've mugged them off a bit. If he reaches potential, that 50% is going to be game changing for the part time Sons. I like this game.
  9. Anything that gets them working more than 3 hours a day would be fine. The Japanese can do this in 6 days:
  10. I really think we need some sort of action against road workers. They must be the most shiftless c***s taking home a wage. I'm sure road workers have been asked to identify themselves on here and defend their profession but none have ever been forthcoming, presumably because they know they're shiftless b*****ds and have no argument. There's a bridge in Old Kilpatrick that they built last year, then after a few weeks realised it was fucked, left it open for months and about 4 weeks ago they've shut it again with (as far as I can tell) no completion date mentioned. I drive by it twice every day at peak times and I'm yet to see a worker there. It's not a major problem for me but it does mean I only have 1 road I can drive home and if there's an accident there (as there usually is) then everyone is fucked.
  11. Yes, he plays for French team Orebro, who are second bottom of the Swedish Allsvenskan having conceded 34 goals in 18 games.
  12. Just what I've heard, it's a reliable source but I acknowledge this is lower league football and it could be shite.
  13. Well what you do is give the NHS money and it allows them to hire staff to service the needs of the country. Quite why you think I would have any of the figures you're asking for is anyones guess. It's about priorities, do you want to spend money on weapons to kill people or 98 billion on a train, or do you want to make sure your country has sufficient health care. We're fucked in trillions of debt so don't give me this bankrupt the country pish.
  14. Koepka doesn't like the Ryder Cup because the meetings and photo ops get in the way of his naps. I particularly like his "I done my job, what more do you want from me" line, what a spoiled wee c**t. It really is no wonder the USA struggle so much with a team event when they've got such self centred wee c***s that fill their team (and Tony Finau). https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/58562548
  15. QP revamped their squad with funds made available to them. Clyde signed Goodwillie with funds made available to them. Both of these clubs are seeing the success of their use of these funds to differing degrees. Not sure why you feel the need to differentiate, I'd be delighted if someone was piling in a shitload of wages for us to piss away with no consequence.
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