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  1. The away choices are all the home top options in different colours. I get there's reasons for it but I really do hate these off the shelf designs we plump for.
  2. I think you can. They need to be certain and I don't see how he or the linesman can be certain it crossed the line, neither have a clear view of it.
  3. Not a fan of any of those strips tbh. 3 the only one that doesn't make me dizzy.
  4. Bunting might be a popular celebration decoration in Fife but the rest of the country moved on from the 80s.
  5. Think it was Duthie which is why he cut back onto his right foot, I reckon if it was Frizzell he might have scored with his left, hitting the shot on the run rather than cutting back. Still, one chance in the last 5 minutes isn't good enough. Was impressed with Yule today and thought McAllister looked sharper and hungrier than I've seen him in a while. Big lad at centre half absolutely strolled it as well, he looks like he could step up a level no problem.
  6. We now have fairly adequate rest for the next game, so Duffy needs to get his team right and beat Clyde. Anything other than a win on Thursday and we're down. Another embarrassing day in front of goal and Duffy didn't make a change until the 70th minute. Cove were the better side and deserved their win but they were there to be got at and we didn't trouble them until the 85th minute. Just not good enough, being a bit braver and going for 3 points could've taken us into Thursday ahead of Clyde. We're supposed to be fighting for our life in the division and we put one shot on goal?
  7. Honestly, the number of times we hoof it forward and we don't even have a striker playing on either centre half is fucking ludicrous. I cannot fathom the way we play football at all, it's genuinely horrendous.
  8. If that comes to be the case then fair enough. I haven't seen anything that suggests Robson will be removed.
  9. Barry Robson has an excellent full time coaching job and folk think he'll give it up for a part time League 1 job?
  10. Will this wind up gimps like Dylan Easton and Barry Ferguson? I'm not against it.
  11. If Omar doesn't start there should be riots. I hope if Layne is fit then there's no room for Wilson or Jones but if Layne isn't fit I'd expect Jones to start - he's amazingly in better form than Wilson just now.
  12. "It was oor second team". We had our captain and top scorer on the bench.
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