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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Touchy Thomson on Politics Scotland right now talking about the backstop blah blah... Very obviously a heavy day on the cocaine, yesterday.
  2. Celtic v Aberdeen

    Cutting edge stuff
  3. Celtic v Aberdeen

    Ball'on Dom
  4. Really? I'll hand myself in.
  5. Tbf, that Motherwell lot seem to have a death tribute more regularly than most. Herts should have known.
  6. Part of the Abtrust era, 90-94 IIRC. Found this on google, can make out the track top on the right hand side.
  7. Twitter

    I see *Ratnamara* has signed up...
  8. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    That's an old photo, unfortunately. Think it's when they were trousered by the **** a few years back.
  9. No it wasn't. Maintained, not increased. Also, it was the 'football budget*' as a whole, rather than first team wage bill - loads of wiggle room. *It's a fucking football club.
  10. Hidden news

    Someone was found killed in Dingwall yesterday and as yet nothing has appeared in any media. Good and bad news days, I guess.