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  1. Nicky Devlin and Robbie Crawford will definately be in his ear to sign for Livi and Gary Holt seems quite keen.
  2. I'm highly skeptical about this given Ecrepont is contracted to us until the end of next season...
  3. Yeah. 75% of the time it's down to some breakdown in communication somewhere along the line meaning the announcement gets unexpectedly delayed, 25% if time it's just me revelling in folk losing their shit.
  4. As the 'guy who runs the Twitter' I was told at the time Houston's loan deal was for 12 months. I sought to confirm this before tweeting the story after seeing Rangers saying it was until January and the message back was: 'Gaffer [McCall] tells me it’s defo end of season with clauses for both clubs to end it in January' - which I think is standard for all loans. Hope this wee peak behind the curtain of how these things work in practice helps. While I can't claim to have never made a mistake or two since taking over the Twitter account, I can only tweet the information I'm told.
  5. The players [at least two senior players, when asked] literally told Lachlan Cameron they wanted Kerr to be manager.
  6. 2-0 Ayr, Shankland to be sent to Thistle for some more coaching...
  7. Notwithstanding the fact it was Lachlan Cameron signing the pay checks, surely Craig Moore's loyalty is to Ian McCall rather than Ayr United? Given they way McCall stood by Moore through 2 or 3 serious injuries - when most would not have handed him a new contract - you couldn't begrudge Moorey for wanting to repay that faith by signing for Thistle in January. It looks like the only hope for Thistle is to completely gut Caldwell's squad and bring in 5, 6 or more new players. That is not going to be easy in January. Moore is an obvious target because he is available - and I imagine McCall will be going all out to get him -but there aren't going to be too many others.
  8. Is it good news that Jim Kirkwood - a property developer whose only involvement with the club AFAIK has been to solve a significant cash flow issue in 2013 by buying the car park - is now 'fully on board'?
  9. That's only going to happen if we put posters up around town, Angus.
  10. Already looking forward to McCall twirling his Caledonian Vehicle Solutions bunnet in the direction of the travelling supporters at full time.
  11. It was interesting that we seemed to deliberately target Morton's right-back area with the majority of Doohan's goal kicks and clearances in the first-half sent in Welsh's direction. I don't think it was a particularly successful tactic and probably contributed to a hugely underwhelming first 45 mins. We looked better when we matched Morton and went to 4231, ultimately getting the winner. Kerr hasn't been afraid adjust and tinker his tactics during games and that's encouraging. Special mention for Robbie Muirhead who I thought was absolutely abysmal.
  12. I can imagine Lee Miller might find his way to Somerset Park in January, especially if we allow a striker or two to leave...
  13. Easy option? Nope... we've just had a robust four week recruitment process in which 40+ applicants were whittled down to a shortlist of 6 interviewees. It was no easier to appoint Mark Kerr than any other candidate. Cheap option? Maybe, but then when did money equal success? I very much doubt Kerr's wage was the determining factor in him getting the job. Gamble? Of course it is but what managerial appointment isn't? Falkirk thought Paul Hartley would lead them back to the Premiership after Peter Houston fell just short and look at them now, plus any other number of examples. Another Mark Roberts? Nonsense. Mark Kerr's career - which includes six years as a first team regular in the SPL - far exceeds Roberts' plus the club is in much better position (full time for one). The appointment provides the continuity that many supporters were looking for and, with an experienced assistant beside him, there is no reason why Kerr can't be as successful as any other manager could have been.
  14. Quite impressive, really, that none of the names on the shortlist have been leaked. [and that we're all scrambling around in the dark]
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