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  1. Thanks SD... I'll take from the length of your two replies there is a need for some more clarity 😉 And as far as I'm concerned, Ayr haven't confirmed non child season ticket holders will get free access to home streams.
  2. This is partly an issue of lack of communication from my club, but, for a start, I don't know what the rules are, so clarity on them. And clarity on whether I'll be able to watch away games; away fans, I presume, will be the last the be allowed back into grounds, so that seems pretty important to me. I also don't know for certain as a season ticket whether I'll be entitled to stream home games as part of that season ticket if games are behind closed doors. It seems obvious that will be the case, but it hasn't been explicitly stated by the club. Then what happens when some fans are allowed? Say 500. Then 1000. These are scenarios that some planning could be undertaken and communicated to supporters. And I know it is absolutely pie in the sky to think the Championship clubs might come together and learn from the fragmented mess of the Premiership and offer something better to Championship (away) fans - single platform, consistent pricing structure etc. but I can but hope.
  3. Seems a bit early for folk to be at the beating-your-fists-on-the-ground-and-crying-let-me-in stage, but there you go. However, it would be good to have a bit more clarity - from all Championship clubs (preferably a unified approach) - around streaming of games etc. if fans aren't allowed into grounds by the time the season starts, which looks increasing likely.
  4. Here's my hot take: the JRG (SFA & SPFL) are desperate - for financial reasons - for the Premiership to continue to protect the bumper new Sky TV deal (which has already been diminished by the curtailment of last season and seen x3 live games postponed this) and for the upcoming Scotland Euro 2020 qualifier to take place. The Scottish Cup semis are also important, but they are still 70+ days away. Effectively halting all other football is their concession to the Scottish Government - a sacrificial lamb if you were - to protect that.
  5. They've got a young striker called James Graham who a lot of clubs have been linked with this summer.
  6. Hard to imagine - watching the Terrace TV and AU Media 'behind the scenes' videos - that Mark Kerr and Mick McArdle could ever be accused of being 'asleep at the wheel'.
  7. Wasn't me... I don't even think they're real tweets as there is nothing on Twitter.
  8. SSorry lads... Second imminent was a result of a technical error. Don't expect any further signings.
  9. Craig McGuffie will 100% not sign for Ian McCall. BTW, I f*cking love Mick McArdle's laptop and any reference I make to it should not be construed as a dig.
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