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  1. Aye would agree Peter assembling a good young side! Going to Palmerston tonight will have a better idea after seeing them in a competitive game. Watch this space!
  2. Yes I have heard that one too but a few days ago!!!
  3. Well well another Annnan player signed for Clyde would you believe it. All the best Tony
  4. Aye and took a good support to Hampden in Scottish Cup Final!!
  5. So bad you quoted it twice petal! To be sure to be sure!
  6. Take your point but..... the feeling at Annan is to keep the momentum going! see you Saturday!!!
  7. Would like to point out in defence of the team who's main attribute seems to be physique that Annan are actually the top scorers in division. Write us off at your peril!!!! your peril
  8. Admire you guys optimism about Goodwillie getting a couple of goals. But we all know how much he relishes playing against Annan centre halfs. He does not fancy it at all!!!!!
  9. Would think Qos manager would be more interested in some of the Annan players than Blair Henderson!
  10. Aye you Edinburgh boys have turned Blair into a real girn.!
  11. Not a mistake this one pal! Think about it our stadium announcer is a bit of a comedian!
  12. Not worth getting excited about as we beat Celtic colts last season as well! Just quiet confidence coming out of Annan at moment!
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