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  1. Well we made it! Great performance at Clyde. Let’s enjoy division 1.
  2. The answer is still yes. We can certainly play a lot better than last night! Still only half time but we can do it. Clyde will have to come for us but Peter Murphy will have Annan more than ready. Onwards and upwards!
  3. Yes is the answer. Playing very well and have a good team and set up. Absolutely hammered Dumbarton at Annan and went through the motions yesterday! Roll on Clyde!
  4. Hester going through the motions and didn’t seem interested! Goal he scored just landed at his feet from a free kick couldn’t really miss! Elgin well beaten in end up!
  5. Aye a decent game and sometimes you have to say a cracking goal beat us. Which it did!
  6. Aye well done to Stirling scored two great goals when game was all but over! Thought Annan were home and hosed but not to be! Good to see Dumbarton took advantage …..Not!
  7. Oops read it wrong. We’ll see what we can do for you!
  8. Jan Vojacek too clever for me! See you tomorrow!
  9. Interesting game tomorrow Annan been on a good run until last week! Think we were a wee bit unlucky but that’s the way it goes. Got a decent record against Stirling so hopefully that carries on tomorrow! Come on Annan!,
  10. Annan a very different team from earlier in the season. Vastly improved and capable of getting a result here on Saturday!
  11. Great result for Annan. Totally agree with earlier comments that prices are daft! More power to Annans elbow!
  12. Great result Annan ! Well played onwards and upwards!
  13. Didn’t think much between teams! You guys took advantage of our midfielder switching off to score with a decent header. Annan certainly missed chances first half and hit the bat twice!
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