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  1. Great 3 points for Annan! Tommy Muir still not scored! Well played Annan!
  2. Interesting game up against Davie Irons and Tommy Muir. Hard game to call see how Tommy shapes up against our defence! All the best Annan!
  3. Annan playing well this season, Peter Murphy got a decent squad assembled. Jack Purdue will be missed after a bad tempered game last week! Think Annan will come away with something on Saturday Shame we can't get up to game was always a favourite away game! Come on Annan!!!
  4. Another close game between this pair. Sadly a bad injury to Jack Purdue! But a fantastic goal by Moxie! Couldnt believe only 2.minutes added on time after all Stranraer's time wasting!!!
  5. Another chance for us against Stranraer. Good victory for Annan on Saturday while Elgin were too much for Stranraer! Who will come out victorious? Come on Annan!
  6. Great result from Annan, Peter Murphy assembling a decent team at Galabank!
  7. League game on Saturday good indicator of how Annan are looking this season! Confident that they will get something from game. come on Annan!
  8. Another friendly tonight against Threave Rovers!
  9. Aye would agree Peter assembling a good young side! Going to Palmerston tonight will have a better idea after seeing them in a competitive game. Watch this space!
  10. Yes I have heard that one too but a few days ago!!!
  11. Well well another Annnan player signed for Clyde would you believe it. All the best Tony
  12. Aye and took a good support to Hampden in Scottish Cup Final!!
  13. So bad you quoted it twice petal! To be sure to be sure!
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