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  1. Just my tuppence worth. What you are getting, and it's from personal experience, is and for me unrivalled in scottish football, outstanding man manager and motivator. He really is that good. He was the glue at Dundee, QoS, Ross county. He has, by his own admission, vast experience as a number 2 and coach but not as a number 1. I suspect but don't know for sure he hasn't been in a position to sign his own players before but will have had an input. For those that see that as a negative it may be as him being a head coach he will be given the players to work with but knowing him he will be his own man and will have input if not final say on who he keeps and gets in. I get he won't appeal to all, but if you met him he is one if those people who it is impossible to dislike, imho. He's not boastful, just a very confident person who meets issues head on and won't shy from confrontation or making hard decisions. He's an open and honest guy and will work as hard as anyone now he's been given what he sees as his chance. And he won't be one of those Jonny come lately s that uses ICT as a stepping stone given he is making a life for himself up there. That said sportsound will miss his, or at least I will miss, "that's for sure" "listen" "get in" "by the way" "let me tell you" and his constant use of "Rich" etc etc
  2. I agree but have to offer that desperate times = desperate measures. I do however think that there must have been a better solution and had Thistle not been promoted I'd probably be seething so success can blind opinion. I know little to nothing about the internal workings and rules of association laws/regulations and those of UEFA and fifa so I have no doubt these laws prevented a common sense solution, but, I would have thought that when L1 and 2 was temporarily suspended in January why we didn't move to playing the remainder if the season through summer, even into June? I understand that has impact on clubs for play offs and retaining players and budgets for next season not knowing what league they would be in but am left wondering that in such desperate times extending the season into June to accommodate the shortened season wouldnt have been too difficult. just seem very unfair on players especially the clyde team. Done now I guess and the solution was agreed by all the L 1 and 2 clubs so you would hope the club chairs consulted the managers and players.
  3. I remember listening to sportsound one evening walking my dog. They were discussing the imminent implementation of the premier and lower play offs, and I remember being astounded at such stupidity. Bar some other footballing backwater that had a play off, but was a bold move but many on the show thought it was bonkers and would bring ridicule to the Scottish game. Most agreed it was simply a tactic to appease the lower league cos they were losing an automatic play off. Principally the old div 1 and I remember Alan Preston in particular being very vocal that it was far too weighted towards the 2nd bottom of the then spl. Of course little was discussed about impact on L1 and 2. What a [email protected] am I, the play offs have become more and more exciting over the years. Perhaps it's because of covid and our being denied normal football but the airdrie v Morton final is the pick of them all, including the probable Dundee v killie. I usually root for the underdog, and despite many "scraps" with section b in the 70's and 80's and a historical rivalry between the B and the shed, I'm right behind airdrie.
  4. Shocking, disgraceful, predictable. f**k the old firm, greedy contemptible arse cheeks. Being a cynic is it at all possible the chair and board of the LL are really celtic or rangers fans?
  5. Had to go back and find this post this morning. Called it dead right. Sounds [email protected] but football won in this tie. Some skill but loads of heart and fight and unequalled excitement. Shame there had to be a loser, 12 quid well spent. Hoping airdrie win through against the Morton.
  6. This is the pick of the two ties, for me anyway. I think both will have a right go, especially last 30 if it's still a draw. Really looking forward to watching this. Play offs are a great addition to keep the summer boredom at bay.
  7. Superb result, stick it to Morton, they are there for the beating. Will be great to see any of the 3 L1 clubs go up if for no other reason to piss of the petulant child that is @virginton . Though I shouldn't give him oxygen I look forward to his hysteria and bleatings.
  8. Really interesting to read views on their potential in the championship. I'm not sure how current as the quality in the championship and premier changes season to season, but I think you are doing yourselves/your teams a disservice. Most seasons it5about strengthening the depth of the squad cos, just my opinion, there is not much between the lower teams in the championship and the top 6 to 7 in L1 which is why I support increasing the championship and reducing the number of games with a premier type split. I'd be confident you would hold your own with the players you have, add a few for depth and will challenge comfortably. Neither airdrie, cove nor Montrose for that matter, as they showed yesterday, need fear Morton or the championship when you get there. As a neutral I'm looking forward to the 2nd legs.
  9. Having seen all 3 L1 clubs I'd have cove as favourites. Solid through the middle and creative up front with a proper finisher in megginson. He would fit in premiers lower sides. He doesn't need a few chances to get his eye in so needs robustly marked. Thereafter there is not much between Montrose and airdrie. Both keep opposition chances to a minimum and when airdrie click up front they are a threat. I was impressed with Montrose all three games, and by way of creating chances have a slight edge on airdrie. I've not seen ton this season but have 2 mates who are ST holders and have been watching religiously, McGinty can be a complete catastrofuck just as he was at Thistle, and am told they are quite stuttering in games. You'd think Morton should be strong enough defensively and creatively at this level to take this chance to save themselves by I can't see past cove. They play with a hunger and desire that usually sees teams through these play offs. They remind me of Livingstone when they put us down from the premier. I think they will be the main threat to Morton. Disappointed that both games are on at the same time so can't watch both.
  10. Agree with all of this. Huge disappointment not to get to cove this season so hoping for a trip up next season if you make it through and supporters are allowed. Airdrie are tough opposition but as you say, megginson will be the difference.
  11. Yep, spot on. @virginton is a particularly sad individual who has f**k all of worth to say on anything football. His mantra is a pretty simple one of trolling on other teams sites, with the single aim of winding people up. A sad existence of a man who no doubt lives in a one bed flat overlooking a primary school in the Port, can't leave his flat due to fear of the world outside clocking him for the arse that he is. I feel sorry for him, thats a pretty sad existence, not a fulfilling lifeb at all. Then again, he might actually be George Clooney, never been to the Port, with gallons of personality and a string of loveliest on his arm???? But......
  12. You need to get back on your meds. Shithole of a town, stadium, people and anyone who has "the port" in their area doesn't deserve to slag off anyone else. A deluded wee man, who's team are on a downward spiral.
  13. Fair point. I liked him as a player. Certainly gave everything every time he played and yes, as with the examples you give he could cause havoc but he was also a liability at the back. First part of the season he was part of a wobbly defence then last game against you apart, he was behind a centre half getting his slot. Could never question his commitment, good honest guy but will possibly cost you a goal or two, but spot on, you should be far more attack minded that recent times and he's idea for that, especially overlapping the midfield. He had a good performance relationship with cardle.
  14. That was confusing me when I hear Williamson was moving to Falkirk. What if the new manager doesn't rate him? More wasted capital. As for Ryan, dafc fans told us he was ok going forward and getting balls into the box but lacking defensively and that still stands. He's kinda meh, won't give you the fear when on the team sheet.
  15. You said it kid. Fairly well accepted by you doesn't necessarily extend to the whole of football chatter. As, and thanks to, @Ranaldo Bairn said, stop getting hung up on what he means/she means.
  16. I've no idea what this "honou" that you speak of is. I've no idea what your point is either. Do you? Or are you bored again today and engaging in a spot of
  17. In your opinion and so eloquently put. Scottish education at its finest. I'm right, you're wrong, in my opinion. I think they are a sleeping giant. Not in the way of a Sunderland but comparative to the small country that we are. A club falkirks size and potential should be spending most of their time in the top division. They are not well run so aren't, but the fact remains they should be. Falkirk are a bigger club in terms if resourcesand fan base than st johnstone, st Mirren, Hamilton, but are not as well run and so are where they are. Clearly my sleeping giant isn't yours, that doesn't mean I'm "talking shite" just because I'm not getting on board with your shitfest.
  18. In your opinion. Respectfully, you're wrong. You made a supposition of what I meant. Seems to be one of your character traits, re assemble someone's sentences to make random meanings which are opposed to the posters original position. Clever you.
  19. Fair point. I was just making the point that this shows that Falkirk fans still have an interest in their club and when a club has a large fan base, both attending and lapsed it seems easier to recover when that club falls from grace. Unlike @TheScarf who seems to have higher powers to interpret thoughts, I'm not saying clubs with larger fan bases deserve success more than poorer supported clubs, just that when a club is in the gutter, having a larger fan base can assist in making recovery easier, that's what I think anyway.
  20. Thank you kind sir. It seems for some folk on this forum that to show any sympathy or empathy for other clubs is a sign of weakness.
  21. Using your universally acknowledged powers of mind reading and jumping to conclusions. Didn't say that.
  22. Would it be too much to suggest taking a small positive from all of this? Iver 120,000 posts from Falkirk fans on one thread. Surely the biggest sleeping giant in Scottish football. There are a huge number of clubs can only dream of Falkirk fanbase. I'd hope your owner can see that's an indication that if he gets it right he will get a return, although I suspect that's not what he is at the club for. I see why everyone is so despondent, it's been a complete clusterfuck of a few seasons, but as much as it all looks unfixable, all it takes is getting the right manager in. It really is that simple. I know many will think that is way too simplistic but the right manager brings the right coaching staff and players in. It all starts and ends with having the right person in charge of the team. Owners, bod's are an aside (of course they all have to get on ad a management team), having the right guy for the right club is the main ingredient. Dont lose hope, you've had the right guy many times before.
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