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  1. This. I'm surprised more hasn't been made on just how much better Doolan looked having Erskine behind him. Although he isn't 2013 Erskine he is still the most dangerous player in our squad and it really annoys me how little game time Caldwell had given him
  2. Came out of Firhill pretty down after that unfortunately Storer's goal was perhaps the best I've ever seen at Firhill but apart from that, and his ludicrous control on the touchline, I thought he gave away possession a lot, let people float by him easily and lunged into some stupid tackles. I thought Slater strolled the first half and looked an improvement on what we had last year but completely fell away in the second. Gordon was practically annonymous. O'Ware was decent but prone to some unnecessary long balls to noone. McGinty however really worried me; looked slow and useless with the ball at the feet Still early days and a win's and win.
  3. Jack Storer, the ex Birmingham striker, is between the two black guys
  4. We are going away in Spring to. Unfortunately one of the party of four is a teacher and so we are limited to the two week Easter holiday and the flight prices that results in We've had a look round and think one of the below would be best. El Classico and Schalke v Dortmund would be the best but I have no idea how eaay/cheap you could get tickets for; anyone gone to either and able to recommend? I'm keen on Rome derby but I was there last year for Roma v Inter. The rest all look good in their own way and would be easy enough to get tickets for Spring Break I (2nd /3rd April) Dortmund v Bremen Juve v Empoli Fiorentina v Sampdoria Lazio v Roma Sevilla v Sociedad Barcelona v Real Madrid PSG v Nice Spring Break II (9th/10th April) Valencia v Sevilla Schalke v Dortmund Hertha Berlin v Augsburg AC Milan v Juventus Marseille v Bordeaux
  5. Week 1 - Celtic (beat Thistle) Week 2 - Rangers Week 3 - Hearts (beat Thistle) Week 4 - Aberdeen (will beat Thistle, I sense a trend developing)
  6. We have been very frustrating against Killie at Firhill since promotion. I think the last minute, rebounded penalty equaliser from Boyd being the particular stand out. Tough one to call this, our defence has been on the whole solid but we've been a bit toothless going forward (although from ICT we created a few good chances). Anyway I predict 1-1 a Doolan opener cancelled out by a late Higgy free kick.
  7. He very possibly is, and I assume that is an Archie quote? To me though you pick on form and right now Hendry and Lindsay are very much in form and I would keep them together for this one.
  8. I don't see any reason to drop Lindsay or Hendry for this one. Lawless was poor on Sunday, and Amoo poor at Hamilton but I would go with the pair of them supporting Pogba at the start, with Doolan coming on when Pogba tires. Not sure about the balance of the midfield 3 so far, none of them have looked threatening so far, although two tricky games to judge that on. Not sure who out of Stevo, Osman, Welsh, Bannigan and Fraser I would play. Hopefully we can get a win but would happily take a win with us being more of a threat going forward.
  9. I see the gossip column has us linked with Anier again. Is he actually all that bad or is it just a case of not settling in Dundee? I get him and Ojamma mixed up at Well but I'm sure I recall him being pretty good at them
  10. Mandron turned us down according to your man Nixon on Twitter.
  11. Pogba signs. One year deal, with an option for another He's number 99 I have a Sunderland supporting friend and he thought Mandron would have been pushing for a place in the first team this year so I guess that's encouraging enough. Would be surprised if we got him though, surely now a creative attacking midfielder is more important?
  12. I'm pretty sure the only time I've seen us take the lead against Celtic was James Grady beating Bobo Balde to head home at Parkhead in the depth of the Collins era. 'Were shite but we're beating you' was fun for the ten minutes or so it took for normality to resume.
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