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  1. Cotter

    Good to see Cotter back in the game ....disappointed with the way things turned out at start of the season,but we move on and wish him all the best.. A great bit of business by Thorniewood to get him on board.....
  2. Junior Club allegiances (Or lack of)

    Allegiances. ....I ain't got a lack of them Pollok was my intro to the juniors in the early 80s,my Grandad who was involved at the club in the 70s continued to follow them and so did his 8 grandchildren.. It was always a fight to carry the half-time board.... Seen them win the scottish cup in the mid 80s.....and was hooked on junior football Enjoyed my time watching them but as the years went by being from the east end I found myself more interested in Shettleston after seeing a game against Bailleston were my friends dad was playing. Was also fortunate enough to see some of Maryhills success(cousin played there) in the mid/late 90s .....had a great team and a joy to watch at times....the best Ive seen at junior level, But still watching The Town for my sins.........
  3. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Very impressed by Craig Today. .....a neat an tidy player....performance capped of with a wonderful strike......
  4. Games put off today by Brian

    Cambuslang Rangers v Shettleston off
  5. Rob Roy New Stadium Planning Permission Granted

    I may have joked about Rob Roy being homeless ...all a bit of banter.....but great to see the plans,looks the business Took in my 1st visit to Rockburn Park Bellshill on wednesday. ..a club looking to be benefiting from being back in their home Town.....must be a struggle all those years away in another Town.... Rob Roy have done well the last few seasons and being back in Kirky will only make them better imo
  6. Player available

    When Hugh Kelly started the kids academy at Shettleston afew years back he asked the players at the time if anyone was up for coaching and offering their time to help out the kids....Parker was 1st to offer his time and ended up helping myself with our 2004s.......most of the snide comments probably from people who dont know him..ffs...give the guy a break....
  7. Cotter shettleston

    Personally a handful of amatuer players for this league is not the answer........ Why bring Bernie in to it.. Has not been involved with the club since Hugh Kelly and himself stepped down for Peter and Ryan. ...
  8. Think its unfair to ask Shettleston to travel so early in the season for a midweek game for starters.....6:30 kick off with no chance of a decent warm up /preparation for the match..
  9. Medda / Town now changed to Monday 28th August ....dont see it being played on this date....
  10. Nickname Conundrum

    Ye got me stumped with the Holy....
  11. Nickname Conundrum

    The Big Easy-Peasy
  12. Pre season friendly's

    Shettleston friendlies 19th July Away to Arthurlie 22nd July Away to Kilbirnie 26th July Away to Talbot 29th July Home to Beith
  13. Cotter and Keith Docherty at Shettleston

    A parting of the ways after the final league match at Clydebank,....was always going to be tough after the mid season departures.....John Jnr,Snr,Davie and Hutchy done well getting a squad together but maybe 2 or 3 players short to have had anychance of promotion.....
  14. Benburb v The Gow

    Usually pretty decent....was he not the man in the middle for one of the Celtic/Rangers youth cup Final recently? ....
  15. Fixtures