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  1. 98 was the first World Cup I really remember, Enjoyed the show, nice nostalgia kick. The og looks was even more comical than I remembered though
  2. happy enough with the squad, i'd have had Gauld in for Fleck but it's probably as strong as we could put out. Be interesting to see if any of the young lads will get any game time, i'd expect they get a run out in the warmups.
  3. Amazed we actually got a decent representation this time. Wonder how many will get a test match outside hogg?
  4. If one person is buying the tickets then you need to allocate the tickets to each member account. I forgot one back at Portugal game, emailed ssc at the time but no response, followed it up today seeing as it might be a lot more important than before
  5. You needed to renew before January 2020. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scotland/supporters-tickets/scotland-supporters-club-membership/ssc-loyalty-points/
  6. Guy on tartan army page on facebook seemed to think 6 points for hampden and 4 points for Wembley providing a full capacity. I’ve got 7 so that’d be decent, mrs only has 5 tho 😬 Seen so many folk already booking flights and accommodation for Wembley . I just hope the world is in a position for this to go ahead with fans.
  7. Did you do this through the UEFA site? It's asking for passport id and all sorts, that right enough?
  8. I'd take qualify by default at this stage
  9. He should 100% be in the squad at the least. Where's the harm in integrating him with the squad and giving him the experience of being in that situation? He's proved he can play and hold his own at the top level. I don't think many folk are saying he'll be starting but being in the squad is a no brainer.
  10. Been a while since we've played as well as that and not got a result. Probably since the 5-3 game at easter road a couple years ago. First half we weren't amazing, dochertys goal was class, almost a carbon copy of the jordan jones one against hibs a couple years ago. Unlucky deflection for second but i'd expect any competent keeper to save that. Despite going behind i felt we were still in the game and Burkeys goal was the least we deserved. Second half was so frustrating, been begging for that kind of delivery all season and we get 10 or so great balls in and noone gambles or throws themselves at it. Boyle on counter always looked dangerous, boy is rapid, Hibs need to keep him fit. Didn't get a clear view of the del fabro penalty shout at the time but the replay shows we were unlucky not to get that. Linesman looking right at it aswell.
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