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  1. SPFL respond with 174 pages of Chronicles of Banter years
  2. I'd take qualify by default at this stage
  3. He should 100% be in the squad at the least. Where's the harm in integrating him with the squad and giving him the experience of being in that situation? He's proved he can play and hold his own at the top level. I don't think many folk are saying he'll be starting but being in the squad is a no brainer.
  4. Been a while since we've played as well as that and not got a result. Probably since the 5-3 game at easter road a couple years ago. First half we weren't amazing, dochertys goal was class, almost a carbon copy of the jordan jones one against hibs a couple years ago. Unlucky deflection for second but i'd expect any competent keeper to save that. Despite going behind i felt we were still in the game and Burkeys goal was the least we deserved. Second half was so frustrating, been begging for that kind of delivery all season and we get 10 or so great balls in and noone gambles or throws themselves at it. Boyle on counter always looked dangerous, boy is rapid, Hibs need to keep him fit. Didn't get a clear view of the del fabro penalty shout at the time but the replay shows we were unlucky not to get that. Linesman looking right at it aswell.
  5. Power as said earlier looked like an overweight waster in his first few games then once fit became one of our best midfielders since we came back up to the top league. Can't believe it's the same player. Broadfoot another one who i was raging we signed. Hadn't played in almost a year due to injury was 32/33 and we gave him a 3 year deal. 🙄 After Clarke came in he became solid, won everything in the air and introduced levels of shithousery that wound up opposing players and fans alike. Did have the odd heads gone moment but we'd have been worse off without him. Particularly fond of Clarkes first game getting Ryan Jack sent off at Ibrox before we equalised last min. Delicious.
  6. This, i never rated sullivan, probably basing most of it on that 5-0 france pumpin but never felt like he was a safe pair of hands.
  7. Imagine football fans acting all civilised and queuing to get in....
  8. Naismith playing as a false 9 worked well. Dropping in deeper to let all the other players a chance to overlap and create. Think Griffiths and Christie could maybe play that role aswell if naisy unavailable, would allow Fraser to come back in on a wing aswell. It's a weird one for Greg Taylor as he's played well again, 2 assists in 2 games but will have next to no chance of playing if Robertson and/or Tierney are fit. Palmer was great second half, serious engine, overlapped well and covered when he needed to. SOD can do that aswell but hasn't been the same level this season. Again if Tierney is available i feel he'll play there. I'd bring back Mctominay for Jack in next games. While he improved second half just think Mctominay gives a different dynamic, big athletic guy, wins headers, strong and bit more positive. Jack a good option to have though. Mcginn was exceptional, workrate of the guy is off the charts, he'll be at bigger clubs sooner rather than later.
  9. Always wanted to play at school, but when i got a chance I could never get my foot to work the bass pedal independent from the right hand.
  10. Saw this last night, thought it was a joke. Absolutely brutal
  11. Fully expected that result unfortunately, zero centre halfs and 1 of the deputes making his first appearance in about a year. Dicker slotting in at CB is normally ok if hes got a CB next to him but he looked nowhere. All 3 goals very avoidable, 1st especially doesn't happen with a centre back there.
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