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  1. Just opened this thread again and cant believe what I'm reading. Glad I'm Back firstly ive never had a go at George if youse would all read the post properly. George has had in my opinion success with teams that nobody else would have. When we got together at the beginning of last season to tie up the youth there was no doubt in my mind that George was the right man to take Muirkirk forward and I was one of the first to text him when he left and the first to text him when I heard he was back. Dont twist my words, George Grierson has done more in football than I have as my time has been spent in youth football. I understand he has a new backroom team all of whom I know well and perhaps that's the reason for returning. My comments were for any potential new manager at that time it was muted that Fraser Stewart was the interim manager a player I know well. George has his way of running a team and playing and I learned a lot from him and i will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave the boys so dont be jumping on the bandwagon. Kilwinning 1899 what you think is irrelevant to me tbh! 2 assistants? you must have only watched the first season mate as it was only me and Bevy Second season and we only trained at pennyburn the first season but you must be in the know eh! won the treble though!. And to be honest Bevy was better suited to the coaching side and I took control of the managing side, getting players in etc but at no point was it anything other than a 2 man team effort and myself and Bevy spent years together in youth with success. Both of us were a perfect partnership and as I have commented on many occasion his input was crucial to our success. As is his input at Muirkirk.
  2. It was a hard fought battle full of controversy that could have continued after the game. Credit to both teams that this did not happen. As far as the result and performance goes it really was a game of 2 halves. Although we could have went 2 up rather than Dalry the game was played at a frantic pace. We are starting to find a little momentum in the league and hopefully we will finish in a respectable position. I am finally getting to put my mark on the team and even though we have some way to go we hope to cause a few upsets along the way. The 3rd Division although small is a very competitive league and our young players are now starting to get the hang of it. I wouldn't like to call it as its going to be tight, we have drawn with 1st and 2nd place recently and beaten by Waverly twice earlier in the season although a bit of luck and both those results could have went the other way. We are building for next season already as its going to be a short season. Most teams will struggle to get players to games and training basically I've got rid of a few in the last few weeks due to attitude and commitment and brought in players that I know will be committed. Amateur is a tough game nowadays very different from when I played but you still get loads of entertainment. All the best to every team for the remainder of the season.
  3. I would just like to comment and this will be the only comment, ALLEGED, we as a club wont tolerate racist abuse but the ALLEGED incident was a flashpoint and 2 sides to every story. We as a club will let the authorities deal with it whether we agree with the outcome of that or not remains to be seen.
  4. Finish your Jnr career on a high son then on to Uncle Boab's revolution
  5. Not been on here for a while, due to a restructure at the club I took on the management role about 5 weeks ago. Aside from the Clark Drive result we have performed well and more as a unit. The return of players from suspension and injury and the signing of a new player has resulted in myself having a full squad of 18 to choose from on Saturday for the game against Dalry. Dalry have been installed as favourites and you would have to be an idiot to disagree going by their results. We will go in and give our all and hopefully put in the required performance. No matter what putting some pride back into the team is the main factor for me.
  6. It was the committee and there decisions that caused it, forcing NCA up a league because one of the teams from the 2nd Folded left us with 8 teams. NCA might have been able to keep going in a league where they could have been more competitive.
  7. Hahaha nah your alright lol! I'm in the middle of an amateur project at the moment and Junior requires a certain type of manager.
  8. It was a sad day when I was told of George and the boys departure. I believe something special could have been built there as most of youse know the majority of the team were my u19's. However, things change in football all the time and George will have his reasons and they should be respected. Football is a results game yes but you've got to feel apathy with your surroundings as well. Being a manager for the normal person is difficult enough but George was beyond normal in regards to his preparation and dedication. All managers have a way of playing and a system that is tried and tested in their time as a manager. In my opinion the club need to ensure the incoming manager buys into the youth and perhaps let them express themselves for the rest of the season. These boys are winners its all they've ever known growing up so it was a culture shock for them stepping up to the Junior ranks. Make no mistake George and his team made that transition a little bit smoother by treating the boys like men. Open up, let the boys play the way they are used to which is on the deck and from he back, adapt to a 4-2-3-1 and see how that goes. What have the club got to lose? there bottom just now so why not. I understand that John McCaig and Fraser Stewart are the interim management team well if your reading this think about what i said from a guy that managed 80% of your current squad. I wish George and the lads all the best no matter where they end up if indeed they stay in the game. Boab
  9. Hard fought game on Saturday v Coylton however 3-3 IMO was a fair result.
  10. I'm not involved with Muirkirk now, I haven't seen them play this year although I would possibly disagree with your comment that they aren't any better than last year. They took a few doings at the beginning of the season last year. They lost by a goal to Maybole who have just been relegated and beaten 4-0 by a very strong Dalry. Only time will tell but I'm sure George, Bevy and the lads will turn it around.
  11. Well Well! was it not you and your club that slated a game being postponed last year because the opposing team (Muirkirk) YOUTH players had a final???? and yet here we are couple months down the line you are relieved that you have these YOUTH players to fall back on. Told you then and I will tell you again if Junior teams in the lower leagues dont start embracing youth teams youse are all buggered in the next few seasons.
  12. Saturday will be our 8th League game and were just into September. I believe we now have 21 league games as Moorpark folded so we will be more than a third through our fixtures in the first month. Ironically 3 home and 5 away so got a few home games to catch up on and considering we play mostly on astro our games are unlikely to be called off. I guess what I'm trying to say is seems stupid all those midweek fixtures for the 3rd division which only had 9 teams in it at start. Good chance we will have played 15/16 league games before Christmas. 4 cups so min 4 games. Looks like we could be finished by March. Hopefully the league reviews the whole thing and does away with the 3rd division and make it 3 bigger leagues. We had 12 teams for Christ sake then because one folded in league above they automatically promoted NCA who are struggling. 3rd division is nothing to them IMO. 3 bigger leagues less cups be better for everyone.
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