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  1. I was gonna write pretty much the same thing. Aidan was great yesterday, his pace is unreal he needs to look up a bit when he gets the ball but that'll come. Dan Orsi needs to try & beat a man when he's got the ball. Even Stevenson looked not to bad, fitter, better on the ball. As you say not bad for a team that was just chucked together a couple weeks ago. Especially against a team who have all played together before at Galabank. Oh aye Smart is a w**k.
  2. Aryton Sonkur signs, nae idea who he is. QoS development apparently.
  3. We've had a few decent players on loan from Carlisle. Swingers been decent at defending, maybe just defending mind. Todd & yup Ben McKenna were both good too. I noticed that Murph & Rutkiewicz were at Gretna early doors, maybe they were checking out some of the Carlisle youths to bring to Galabank.
  4. Aye I agree with everything there. I'm hoping Stevenson is just unfit & needs a couple of games.. I know it was only Gretna eh, but we played some nice stuff today. Playing the ball on the deck looks very strange after watching the hoof football under Chapman. Long may it continue.
  5. Either Stevenson is very unfit or he's just a lazy type of player , cause he was poor v Workington. Was quite impressed with Gaffer Murphy in MF. No.14 played well in the 2nd half. Nothing up front whatsoever.
  6. There was no actual slagging Tan off, the only thing I said was Tan doesn't like going to Stirling so the list doesn't go up. Just repeating what was said. Just on the the glory trail haha that's just laughable tbh I've had my name up on lists loads of times only for some of them to be cancelled, been to many an away day (Good & bad) the issue I've got is lists no even going up or going up & going right back down after 1 home game.
  7. It is bad crack ah think a list should at least gan up in the clubhoose a few weeks before the next awa match & if it doesn't get enough names then there's nae bus, simple as. Maybe time for a change
  8. Basically cause Tan doesn't like going to Stirling. Came from the horses mooth last week. poor show
  9. I've no posted on here for ages I know we're on a decent run at the moment but it's not been that long since we threw away awe them points after being 2-0 up about 6 odd times. Ah mean we were utter gutter before Skelton was added & Weatherson & Smart came back. He seems to still have this daft spat with Smart going on where he just won't start him. Stupid f***ing decisions like that that really annoy me about him. I agree with Nostradamus even tho we're pretty much play-off bound I just don't see us pushing on & actually getting promoted. Im not 100% convinced tbh
  10. I don't think it was the fact that he took a defender off, it was the fact that he done the exact same sub against shire & look what happened there, taking our best defender off to bring on a player who should've been starting in these kinda games. That's why the decision got booed. Anyway what's the craic with Lewis Guy no even bothering his arse to turn up on Saturday??? The decision to play Sloany in his place was a belter too 👌ðŸ»
  11. After Annan failing to reach the play-offs I see it as not accomplishing our target for the season. Is it time for Jim to get the punt? This has already been posted on the old faceyB but just wanted some opinions on here too.
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