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  1. Nope but Companies House isn't on my bookmarks bar for absolutely no reason
  2. Love Hearts to win and really emphatically too but I feel I have to predict, a victory for the scum in blue.
  3. A very happy 'top of the league' day to all the Dons
  4. That's the way I see it too. Yesterday was an important result for us, if we'd lost with Celtic going on to beat Utd, Celtic would be 10pts ahead of us but we can now watch this game knowing a Utd victory will leave us only 4pts off Celtic. I'd rather be thinking of putting in a challenge to Celtic for the title, than hoping they just beat everyone else, so we can finish 2cnd. So, mental as it sounds, today I'll be looking for the result that drops us from 2cnd to third. Short term pain for long term gain
  5. I can think of nobody I would rather slap, than the useless piece of pish that is Jim Murphy. He really does literally make my flesh crawl, every single time he appears on TV The scenario you've outlined in the second part of your post, is worryingly similar to something I said to a mate recently. I fear this will indeed happen.
  6. I predict that The Rangers will win not only The Championship but also, The Scottish Cup. They will then get to at least the last 8 of The Europa League and finish second in their first season in The Premiership, winning it the following season and reaching the group stage of The CL the following season. I'm tired now and must sleep.
  7. The Tonto, whilst not as celebrated as the Chiricahau, are nonetheless Apache and so, if the one you call QC, is indeed Tonto, he will surely be a noble warrior.
  8. Could someone please tell me, whether or not, the fat unionist scumbag is or is not, still manager of the blue filth.
  9. Whenever I see that date, I think of this - ''He who would act against the free existence of his own nation and people, is of no worth.'' Goyathlay (Geronimo) Bedonkohe Apache 1872. A wonderful quotation, which I will soon proudly have as a tattoo. So much more subtle than ''f**k off unionist b*****ds.''
  10. That was awesome and tbh quite unexpectedly so. Much tired now - dodgy dundonian firewater - will sleep and dream soon
  11. f**k the cavalry and the wagon circle tactic was overrated. Anyway, has anyone seen that horse thieving, half-breed Mescalero 'Taza'?
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