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  1. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    In his day (your words) Cammy was one of the best midfield players in the Super First when he won it with Hurlford. He moved to full back early the following season to make way for Paul McKenzie and Danny Mitchell as he was too good to drop. IMO he always looked better in midfield than at full back.
  2. Todays scores 17/11

    Excellent result and performance from Hurlford today. Didn't really know what to expect from Kilbirnie, as their league form has been poor, but they started well last week under the new manager. It's always a bonus when Davie Anderson isn't in the Blasties starting XI, and with a stiff breeze at their backs, the Ford pretty much dominated the midfield and found themselves 3 up after about 25 minutes. That seemed to knock the stuffing out of Ladeside and although they had a short period of pressure late on in the second half, and Scullion scored another fabulous free kick, the result never really looked in doubt. Hurlford scored another three and TBH it could have been more. Don't think I've ever seen big Mick O'Dwyer look so lost and for Hurlford most were good, although both centre backs and both the Caddis boys were first class. As usual, the hospitality was good and it was nice to catch up with the guys we met at the quiz in September. I also have to say I thought the pitch was immaculate. Look forward to the return match.
  3. League Trophys

    Don't go changing the subject to the pyramid on this thread too [emoji476] [emoji476] [emoji476]
  4. League Trophys

    Not IMO. I doubt if that's what happened a few years ago in the seniors, but I don't honestly know.
  5. League Trophys

    Top two divisions have just been increased in size and renamed. No new trophies needed IMO. Don't know what will happen with the bottom two leagues, although it will be a West Region issue and not the SJFA.
  6. West Region Fixture Update

    One really. After you won the first leg, a draw at Glenafton would have done you. However, good luck this time around.
  7. West Region Fixture Update

    You were one win away from the senior Scottish in 2014.
  8. Craig Napier

    Nope. I prefer Neil Alexander [emoji12]
  9. West Region Fixture Update

    I know I'm a square, but you're just being obtuse now.
  10. David Stewart

    Nice tribute. I remember watching Dave in his Somerset days. Thoughts are with family & friends. RIP [emoji885]️
  11. Craig Napier

    Matthew McDermid was in charge of our match at Pollok and Chris Gentles, our home match with Largs. Can't remember either match for the wrong reasons, so that implies their performances were good. Similarly looking back, we have had Chris Graham (twice), Ross Menzies, Graham Grainger and Euan Birch and I can't remember what they look like, so again low key performances. Showers seem to be on very early whenever our paths cross with Calum Scott or Stephen Brown.
  12. Craig Napier

    Best performance I have seen this season so far was GEORGE CALDER, who was in charge of our cup tie with Broughty.
  13. West Region Fixture Update

    I know this is a bit of a tangent, but it's not a pyramid, it's a triangle FFS.
  14. Craig Napier

    Are the posters who criticise the posters who criticise the posters who criticise players and officials also open to criticism?
  15. West Region Fixture Update

    Spoke briefly to Kennie on Saturday and he knows that there will be challenges ahead when the bad weather kicks in. Can I ask posters to remember that when that happens and some fail to see the logic that we take a moment before posting and just remember how bad it was in past seasons.