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  1. Fair appraisal. Darvel keeper had two sensational saves first half; and Broughty keeper IMHO should have kept out the Darvel 2nd direct from a wind assisted corner. Difficult pitch to play football on, however in fairness, both teams tried. Should be an interesting replay on the plastic next Saturday.
  2. Hope you are of the same opinion when it's announced that the game will now be played at a neutral venue behind closed doors.
  3. Hope the boys concerned get well soon and don't get too bored during their fourteen day self-quarintine.
  4. Sounds about right. Absolutely foul weather, but thought the players did well. Felt Neilston had to score first and were maybe a bit shot shy with the wind in the first half.
  5. The dates on the website from the start of the season which were, if my memory serves me correctly, Mar 28 & Apr 4, have been replaced by TO BE CONFRMED. https://www.scottishjuniorfa.com/news/posts/2019/june/scottish-junior-cup-dates/ I believe that the dates I posted above were the mostly recently agreed dates. I don't know if that means that they are confirmed, but given the dates for the Semi-Finals announced in September on the website have been changed, I suspect these dates could change too. Feel sorry for Kennie. Midweek games usually start mid-April, BUT these new dates mean that any teams that reach the semis won't be able to be allocated midweek games without lights until we are almost into May. Can imagine that will cause a bit of chaos, especially if Talbot are one of those teams.
  6. Scottish Junior Cup SemiFinals are now 18th & 25th April. The final is on 31st May, provisionally at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock. Cue meltdown ....
  7. Aye, the system works. Folk reaching 21st birthday that weren't born the national team qualified for a major final. The system works though [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] It should be regionalised from Tier 3 down, but that's another argument.
  8. Heard a rumour to this effect. Have you got a link to the tweet?
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