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  1. How's the grounds looking?

    Surely Kennie needs to come on and explain why junior games have to wait until a saturday morning to be called off yet senior games are currently being called off. This does not help players who may want to take an extra shift or fans who want to organise things for the weekend. Common sense should prevail.

    The wishaw manager got sent off that's why he walked round the park
  3. Betting Odds Saturday 11th August

    On shotts? Haha
  4. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Who was it cambuslang tried to snatch from ek for pennies then?
  5. John brogan

    Is that even National minimum wage for the hours the players are working or are they all amatuers?
  6. Kilsyth Rangers

    Back to wishaw?
  7. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Goes down far too easily for me...usual Gribben
  8. It's a Knockout!

    Possibly its in the hands of the authorities so he cant comment.
  9. Bonnyrigg Rose should they stay or should they go...

    I think whats clear from this is a revamp is needed within the juniors, hopefully towards a pyramid as it would at least keep the big clubs involved in the meantime.
  10. It's a Knockout!

    Surely someone from Fauldhouse needs to come and explain the situation. 2 sides to every story, i have also seen the picture.
  11. Bankies nxt season

    We are talking about the 3rd best league in Scotland two teams fighting for promotion, no other games on in Scotland and they could only attract. 330. If the bankies played pollok midweek i can assure you there would be more than 330 fans there.
  12. Bankies nxt season

    Alloa vs Arbroath 3rd and 4th in league one last night. Attendance-334. Says it all.
  13. friendlies tonight

    ideal thanks for the reply
  14. friendlies tonight

    any friendlies tonight in West? was looking to get to a game
  15. Finlay Frye transfer listed

    rednblack stop talking nonsense. have you spoke to Finlay?