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  1. Exactly and well said. Good to catch up with Gingerblastie and a few others for a few post match pints in beith . We need the 90 minute rivalry for sure but after it should be about a few pints together while talking about the match and catching up with other stuff .
  2. Genuine fans 1 neds 0 was the off field result yesterday .
  3. I can only agree mate and that today resembled an old Ayrshire district league match that was the worse of the variety . A neutral must have been shaking his head today in watching that .
  4. My take on the game is Kenny McLean could have converted his early chance to set us on our way but he didn't as the KL goalie blocked it. First half was very even but a very poor and scrappy match for the 45. Second half we never turned up and Adam strain ( our keeper) had a great game for us . Late on and in our only attack of the second half nicky Docherty should have stole if for us but I don't think we deserved the three points on offer at the end of the day as we were very poor.
  5. sorry I always get mcgoldrick and Leishman mixed up Will edit it just now
  6. If someone asked you to pick a best junior 5 aside team that you had to rely upon wiping the floor with anyone at a national level and every penny you owned was at stake for them to beat anyone on a national level then what would your team be ? The criteria is that you can only use one player from each club but you can use anyone from any junior club in Scotland regardless of the level. Here's my effort ; 1- Leishman - Talbot 2-mcabe - Petershill 3- mcguiness - kilbirnie ladeside 4 - Bradley - beith juniors 5 -Keane - hurlford
  7. Talbot have also lost their fair share of top players to the seniors too so its not a case of them escaping it either With doolan and pettigrew probably being the best of late. It probably makes talbot still being at the top that bit more admirable as they clearly have the winning formula at all levels of their club despite losing these guys.
  8. Excellent post. There's no way that the juniors today is anywhere near as good as the 80s/90s and in my opinion anyone who thinks that it is ......... Well I guess that its time for a lobotomy .......... A big part of it for me is that the senior grade has never been worse off monetary wise so they come down to our level and hand pick the best players and get them at a steal and leave the junior teams in the lurch a bit. I will give three examples of teams who could potentialy have went on to win the super premier title if their team at the time weren't ripped apart by the senior teams ; Club 1- Clydebank - They've done great in the last 5 years and if they were allowed to continue with daz McKinnon and the boy McElroy on the wing amongst others then they really could have built an excellent team around them that would have challenged no problem at all at the business end. It was sad to see their demise on Saturday. Club 2- kilbirnie ladeside - Chris erskine , David Anderson and Jamie longworth were all lost to the seniors and again you just have to look at how they've adapted to the senior game to realise that once again with the correct types around them then they could easily have built on the gubbing that they handed out to pollok in the west cup final up at maryhill but instead them three guys going senior ripped the heart out of ladeside and tommy Bryce departed soon after, some players are irreplaceable and these three come into that bracket so the standard of the juniors went downhill again after losing these guys. Club 3- arthurlie - Guys like Craig Malcolm , frank mckeown and lee sharp were lost again to the seniors and these three guys amongst other quality again were more than good enough to be up the business end but once again the senior teams with little cash came calling for relatively cheap but quality players and the junior standard dropped again. Senior clubs picking up junior players has always happened but more so of late as senior crowds have dwindled as has sponsorship hence them coming calling for junior players and they often get them for free. Back in the 80s there was a conveyor belt of talent coming through at all levels so when a junior team came calling for juvenile players then the juveniles had quality replacements coming through much like when senior teams took the best juniors we had replacements coming through. Nowadays the chain doesn't appear to be there maybe through people having other things to do when growing up but the whole of Scottish football has definately seen a drop in standards and I would even say that I've seen a major decline in the last 5 years at our level.
  9. Can only say that the standard of these games seem to be in line with the god awful patter on these threads. From trampoline thieves to all the rest of the massive yawn material its all a massive cringe to be honest and well past its sell by date .......... Just a bit like the fixture.......
  10. how the hell can anyone say that Friday nights are wetter than most ? So if we go for Sunday football then what would happen if sat/ Sundays were very wet? Would we be appealing for Monday football
  11. Really happy to finally beat Clydebank yesterday for the first time ever away from home. Usually when we face the bankies you tend to know their players who can hurt you before you arrive into the ground ( players like joe Andrews , McKinnon , McElroy ( forgive the spelling) Alan jack from a bygone era, stefan gonet shutting you out etc . Yesterday on the bus on the way up I wasn't fearing any names in the bankies lineup for the first time up there and its probably because Clydebank have been a victim of their own success with their very best players being head hunted by the senior teams which has really handicapped them. I felt we were the better team yesterday although Clydebank weren't helped by their goalie who looked suspect for both goals for me . As for the pitch it was in a remarkable condition considering its played on every single week and obviously lots of hard work has went on there, I know its looking increasingly likely but I wouldn't want to see Clydebank go down as I've always felt that they play football the correct way and also they do have a premier league support so they on the whole would be a big loss .
  12. I can 100% say that we weren't mugged that day as it it was a midweek night time game We were the better team by far as loads of neutrals lended their opinions towards , I actually remember 6 of the auchinleck trophy winning legends of that era in the cambuslang shed alongside our fans cupping their ears as the noise was so loud while our fans egged the best team on . However all I've alluded to above my point wasn't relating to ourselves being beaten in this game .
  13. I will take you back to 1991/1992 mate and It was pollok v beith juniors at Somervell park in cambuslang in the west of Scotland cup final and we drew 0-0 after 90 minutes and the game went to extra time and billy Muir ( ex kilbirnie scored via a deflection ) to defeat us 1-0 despite ourselves being the far superior team and all neutrals in attendance couldn't believe just how much we were mugged. But this isn't my grievance ; My grievance is that the west of Scotland cup was sponsored greatly by whyte & McCkay whisky back then and after the game there was a spread at tables that resembled a wedding and every table had bottles of whisky from the sponsors and it was an amazing looking spread.................. Until our legendary manager Dennis gray and our players turned up and were ushered into a tiny wee room and were offered only half a pie each for their efforts whilst the beaks lorded it up in the suite with the first class food and full bottles of whyte and McCkay whisky to entertain their purple noses. Thankfully Dennis gray told them to shove their hospitality and our squad all left in disgust after being treated like second class citizens. I was only a thirteen year old boy back then but I would be astonished if anythings really changed even now.
  14. I keep on being asked who we have in the west of Scotland cup and I can't answer it to the point that I'm getting pissed off with being asked . How fucking hard can it be to make a draw for what's supposed to be the west of Scotland regions second most important cup? ( a whole two minutes of the idiots who are in charge out their lives) ; if I was a sponsor I would have fled ten years ago . Likewise how fucking hard can it be to give teams a game against one another before they play twice and some teams not to have faced one another at all? I'm sorry but these idiots In charge are killing our game when we are craving people to attend. From a very disgruntled beith fan.
  15. Ayrshire leagues only , central leagues only or a combined league the same problem will persist. The people who are in charge of junior football teams are getting old and will die off due to old age or through losing the will to keep continuing . Why should they when new blood/ critics paying £2.50/£5.00 don't help at all despite heartfelt pleas ?
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