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  1. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Mr pessimistic, do you ever say anything positive. Scully will have a blinder today
  2. There's an old saying "you can't educate pork "
  3. I can hardly make sense of that sentence, let alone any point you're trying to make. Yes doesn't read very well I meant isn't it awful when people don't understand the point you're making. To clarify part time is ok for some ,if you are a superstar concessions can be arranged but no for most
  4. Please don't compare yourself to Stephen Dobbie, Robbo. You're miles apart in terms of quality. Isn't it awfully when you at something and people don't understand the point your trying to make . To explain part time is ok for some but it depends who you are
  5. I think it's worth invaluable when you have players in space hence he tries to release the ball early , but as you've seen he has trouble with the opposition stopping him from doing that Plus I'm not to sure the players are up to it certainly doesn't look like anyone wants the ball at all
  6. It's funny that as it worked absolutely fine the end of last season and doesn't seem to effect Stephen Dobbies game. There's a boat load of professional footballers who don't train everyday because they can't due to age, ongoing injuries and to look after them . Crawford is using this as a reason which he doesn't have to do as it's his preference.
  7. So how does it make it more competitive if Robinson isn't on the bench or maybe not at the club. What a load of baelarics If that's the case let's do away with part time employment for every job. The gaffer using it as an excuse , it's always considered a sign weakness having to explain your activities ,time will tell
  8. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Armani suits by the way ,no Primark , looks like he thinks he's made it
  9. Maybe so but they could have had twice as much money at there disposal
  10. Sorry for the late response couldn't get my gloves off after training. I'm going no where Durrrrrrrrh
  11. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Yep, has been known to
  12. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Personally from his pep guardiola attire for the first game it looks like he's an "all the gear but no idea"
  13. Of courses he's arsed ,you're playing for your own pride. It's pathetic to think that a footballer wouldnt care