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  1. I've done the overnight bus plenty of times, I'm not saying its good but train isnt much better and much higher cost
  2. The best ones I have tried have been Balvennie Doublewood, Laphroig, Glenfiddich and the cheaper Johnie Walkers I also often drink cheap whisky like Teachers, Whyte and Mackay and Sainsburies own
  3. I would use megabus, train is probably worse with all the drunks and nutters taht travel about on it Megabus at least folk keep to themselves from my experience
  4. two films recently, both downloaded one was need for speed with Aaron Paul from Breaking bad which surprised me with how good it was - 7.5/10 other was Aladdin the disney classic. 9/10
  5. I'm a cyclist and I am anti cyclist cyclists don't do themselves any favours
  6. For last nights dream I was in my apartment on the 9th floor and I wondered where my pet cat that has been living in the apartment had been going to the toilet since it wasnt allowed out. Said pet cat then went into the bathroom and pissed all over the floor and wallbefore running back into the bedroom to try and jump on my bed. I also have a weird recurring dream about having killed somebody by accident or otherwise and having to think of somewhere to dispose the body.
  7. too many lunatic cyclists cutting about I consider myself a cyclist myself btw
  8. I was going to put on Partick and Elgin City this weekend but forgot, got away with it hahaha
  9. been listening to the best of Whitesnake recently - decent stuff
  10. 1. Walter 2. Saul 3. Saul 4. Jesse 5. Gus
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