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  1. MCInroy was playing out of position but doesn’t look out of place in the Premiership.
  2. It’s an American marching song that Killie fans sang long before the bigots. A bit of research would have saved you making a common error. Hello hello we are the Killie boys.
  3. Whatever you say . You even have a staunch Killie fan running your show.
  4. The problem lies with Ayr being under the shadow of their huge Killie rivals.
  5. 9 points is possible but would need a big goal difference to have a chance. Only 3 second placed teams go through.
  6. I reckon a team to qualify in second place will need at least 9 points. Even that might not be enough.
  7. Top of the class for the season’s silliest comment to date.
  8. Any club that relies on players like Brophy and Kiltie will certainly struggle. Apart from being average, they spend more time on the physio’s table than on the park. We got rid for a reason.
  9. Killie have now passed 4700 tickets as from yesterday. 10% of Kilmarnock’s population.
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