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  1. Killie would have sold many more tickets if they had been available. For a small town they have a fantastic following.
  2. There is no battle for supremacy. One off games do not alter the history of both clubs. Only one of these clubs have ever achieved supremacy. There is no contest when it comes to the history of both clubs.
  3. Plenty of parking at Tesco’s and the retail park opposite. A 5 minute walk from the ground.
  4. Killie have been sluggish so far this season. I keep thinking ,hoping that the wheels of fortune will turn in our favour.
  5. A fair number of Killie fans that live in Glasgow bought home end tickets for their recent match with Thistle. Not having a pay gate on the day must be costing clubs money.
  6. One for Colin, never will. As for the soap, I’ll refer you back to the discussion on here regarding toilet facilities and hot water. Oh the irony.
  7. There are no half and half Killie/Rangers scarves in circulation. That was the Ayrshire **** from Ayr and the Glasgow ones that had those made.
  8. Killie have sold over 600 tickets for the match. Would have been more than twice that if the circumstances regarding tickets, Fri night, live on Tv etc. Killie still missing their captain and wee Burke. Hard game but if Killie play at their best they should win.
  9. They do the same with the Killie pitch. Ajax, Barcelona etc train on the surface that Killie put down at a considerable cost two seasons ago.
  10. Dunfermline 1-1 Inverness. Hamilton 1-0 Ayr. Morton 2- 1 Raith. Partick 0- 3 Killie. QOTS- 1 - 0 Arbroath.
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