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  1. The game was easy to watch for free. I doubt many paid to watch it.
  2. The games are easy to get for free. Ross County for example we’re charging £15. Too much for a TV game so most folk found a free link.
  3. Killie should do better once the new players bed in. Disappointed at dropping 2 points today .
  4. Is it not about time we had another statement from Sevco? They are usually great for a laugh.
  5. I’d never be back if this went ahead. The league would be devalued into a bigoted roadshow.
  6. No cheating was done in this 9 in a row. To be honest though it does not do Rangers any favours wheeling out old players and managers to comment on it. Bad losers that will need to get used to losing if they survive this pandemic.
  7. I can’t see it having any chance of happening. If it did though,as it would be a new set up would Celtic need to start at zero again with their title run?
  8. Sevco have swapped ambitions of trophies 🏆 for meaningless statements. It seems to sort of appease their fans and bores the rest of us.
  9. The 10 ream top league was too boring hence why it was ditched.
  10. Are the bookies giving odds on reconstruction? I’d say the status quo would be 1-50.
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