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  1. Looking back there were crowds last season way over 6000.
  2. I think that’s more to do with the poor standard this season.
  3. Now the season is well underway, does anyone think that the standard of the division is not as high as last season?
  4. Meanwhile Killie win again and big Laff’s ban is now down to nine.
  5. For a wee town Killie do have a great following. Thanks for your comment.
  6. Keep him away from Killie. Probably one of the most overrated players Killie have had in recent years. The club wasn’t good enough for him when he left for Saints. Not missed.
  7. Killie’s under 18’s went away and beat Livingstone under 18’s 9-1. The colts have already beaten Cowdenbeath 3-0 and East Stirlingshire 5-2 in the challenge cup. The club have unearthed a few gems so hopefully the first team will benefit soon.
  8. Considering that Killie were in the championship last season , I can honestly say that Motherwell would not look out of place there. Killie should have won that game more easily but next time they will do.
  9. MCInroy was playing out of position but doesn’t look out of place in the Premiership.
  10. It’s an American marching song that Killie fans sang long before the bigots. A bit of research would have saved you making a common error. Hello hello we are the Killie boys.
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