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  1. Wee bit harsh on the dressing room front chief. Assume you're referring to half-time & the late opening which was embarassing to be fair but looks like it was down to a misunderstanging on the Peffermill groundstaff's part. They were ready to open the dressing rooms at the appointed time (locked during play for obvious reasons) but when nobody appeared after circa 10mns or so they assumed, wrongly, that the teams/ref had elected to stay at the pitch & opted for a quick turnaround with it being an evening KO. The reason for the 10 minutes or so "gap" was partly due to the slightly delayed KO (circa 5mns) owing to late arrival of some of the visiting team (understandable with traffic at the bridge & in the city at the best of times - daft to have teams travelling long distance midweek) & partly due to the 5mns delay owing to serious injury to the Leith keeper inside the first minute after being clattered (think it was same player who picked up a yellow in 2nd half for same thing on sub keeper!). Keeper eventually taken to hospital with serious shoulder injury). Stats? Scourge of the modern game - along with likes of term "project" & VAR. Yip, I'm a grumpy auld git & fitba traditionalist. Only one stat that counts - number of baws in the back of the net! That said, fully accept St Andrews played VERY well on the night, put Leith on the backfoot for long spells & will understandably be a wee bit peeved that they didn't get at least a draw on the night. But that's fitba. Leith dug in deep & defended well (aye with the help of the woodwork a couple of times) but went close more than once, woodwork included, to a second goal. Great game to watch. Total commitment from two good sides who both look likely to be in the mix for the key top two spots as a long season progresses. Fully accept it is our responsibility, even as tenants, to ensure that everything is in order (dressing rooms, pitch, etc) on a matchday but sometimes circumstances just go against every effort to get it right (I'd be tearing my hair oot if I had any left!) but I apologised to a Saints official on the night & happy to do so again here.
  2. Fair point re 65 & I'll take your advice on board re clear signage at the gate for next season - in the process of ordering new signs now. Re turnstile opertors at SPFL - trouble in the Premier Division is that most games are tickets in advance (at least that's the case with Hibs aways & suspect it's same for Hearts, Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen too). Obviously not all games "sell out" & there is sometimes cash turnstiles on the day (although not at category A "risk" games). The way Hibs apply it is away tickets are initially only sold to season ticket holders & even when it goes to open sale you must be on database. So if you buy in advance then Hibs will only give you ticket that complies with age data they hold. If you take the chance where there is a cash gate on the day then obviously you can take a chance on getting through the concession gate (and yes, I've done it!). Anyway, genuinely sorry you had the bad experience at a Leith game. If you come back to a Leith game in future make yourself known (I'll be the chap with the fuller figure selling the programmes!) & I'll sort you out with a complimentary programme by way of apology.
  3. Sorry to hear that & a bit surprised. I'm usually at the gate selling the match programme. Normally very flexible on the gate regarding concessions & take peoples' word if there's an age query, especially with youngsters. My experience with SPFL games (watching Hibs) is that cut-off for concessions is 65 not 60. That's certainly the case at Easter Road & vast majority of aways (I think maybe St Johnstone were only one offering 60 as cut-off). I'm 62 myself so can only assume that like me you're a very young looking over-60 .....!!!! Genuinely sorry you had a bad experience at a Leith game. Just as a footnote, as I say I am 62 now but whether I am helping with the gate or just selling the programme etc plus I have one of the club's EoS Officials passes, I still pay my way in at every home game as every penny is a prisoner at this level. And I pay the £5 full rate, not the concesionary amount as I took it to be 65. In fact, thanks to the Tory robbers running this country you could argue it should be 66 as that is when I have to wait until for my pension!
  4. For Leith Athletic's games this season it was £5 & £3 concession (which was basically senior citizens - no official policy on kids but basically if clealy school age let in free).
  5. Leith Athletic produced a programme (mainly 16 pages, couple 20 pages) for every home competitive game last season (albeit one issue was a "double-header" with 2 homes in 3 days). Plans well in hand to issue again this season. I know that Tweedmouth Rangers also intend to issue this season. Think Musselburgh also issued last season - sort of teamsheet that folded into 4 pager I believe. Hopefully do at least the same this season. So, at least 6, maybe 7 out of the 13 clubs.
  6. Interesting that the 3 "conference" winners will have a "round-robin play-off" to decide overall Champions. From my Leith Athletic records I have details of when there was such a "play-off" to decide the Scottish League, Div 2 Champions at the end of the 1914/15 season. Cowdenbeath, Leith Athletic & St Bernard's all tied on 37 points & the League decided on a 3-way play-off on neutral grounds over 3 Saturdays. 10 April Cowdenbeath beat Leith 2-1 at East End Park; 17 April Leith beat St Bernard's 2-1 at Easter Road; 24 April Cowdenbeath beat St Bernard's 3-1 at Easter Road. So, Cowdenbeath declared Champions. Not sure what would have happened mind if say two clubs tied on points etc in play -off. Guessing something along those lines planned for EoS next season but maybe condensed into 1 week.
  7. Leith Athletic v Stirling University (EoS) QF tie is being played Monday night (14 May) at Peffermill 3G (7.30 KO).
  8. Correct re Penicuik Athletic winning EoS Lge in 31/32 & again in 38/39 but they were not founder members. EoS Lge started 1923/24 with Penicuik Athletic taking part from 30/31 when they finished as runners-up.
  9. Outstanding SF (Leith v Tynie) re-arranged for 24 March. Lothian already through to final. With the fixtures starting to pile up now for a number of clubs it probably makes more sense to push final back to 6th May. Suspect when EoS issued amended fixtures grid today they just forgot to remove original date.
  10. Kelty totally dominated first half but Leith were a different team in the 2nd half as what was basically the club's U21 side last season upped their game. If they'd gotten a goal back as they came close to doing more than once it could have been a very interesting closing few minutes as Kelty tired. Apologies to any Kelty fans who would have bought a match programme today. In anticipation of a decent crowd (which their was) & a decent travelling support (again, there was) the normal printrun of 50 was upped to 150 BUT owing to a logistical mixup the completed issue didn't get printed yesterday. Frustration!!! I'm thinking about getting a few run off anyway as I know there's a few folk (including myself!) that would like one anyway. If there's any Kelty fans fall into that category let me know on here & I'll take it from there & see if it's on.
  11. Can confirm game is definitely at the Peffermill 3G facility. Meadowbank Stadium closed for good yesterday & it's replacement will not be ready until at least 2020. That is why Edinburgh City had to move from the main pitch to share with Spartans at Ainslie Park for at least the next two seasons & Leith Athletic finfd themselves in the same position & the Peffermill 3G facility will be their home ground for the same period at least.
  12. Not sure why Easthouses have a problem with the Leith team selection. What did they expect them to do with a cup final coming up next weekend? Sure if Leith had of still been in the frame to win the League the lads carrying knocks would almost certainly have played but why take a risk when nothing is at stake (other than finishing 2nd rather than 3rd). Lothian came out the traps flying & scored a couple of cracking early goals & had Leith on the backfoot. Leith kept plugging away though, their heads never went down & they created a good few chances later in the game albeit once Lothian were reduced to 10 men. Still puzzled about that sending off - lad had just scored to make it 4-0 so can only assume he either said something or gestured to the referee? Leith are a team who try to bring through their own youngsters & full credit for that. I believe the lad on the left making his debut was only 16 or 17 but he didn't look out of place. At the end of a season League tables don't lie - Lothian won the League because they were the side that showed the most consistency over 9 months of matches, gathered the most points & are worthy Champions. End of.
  13. I thought it was pretty even the first half & if Rovers had of held their lead to halftime coupled with kicking "downhill" second half it might have turned out differently. Rovers keeper took a bad knock at the equalising goal & there was a lengthy stoppage while he got treatment. Having said that, Leith put in a powerful performance in the second half, great passing & movement, and over the piece fully deserved the victory. Disappointed to see that Edinburgh Evening News could only muster up a photo in tonight's edition - no match report despite there being no Hibs or Hearts games to report on. East of Scotland League coverage not been the same since Keith Anderson retired. Poor effort - not surprised the paper is dying on its feet,
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