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  1. The East Fife Thread

    We are too late ! Donald Trump has bought them instead of building a wall on the Mexican border - problem solved !!
  2. The East Fife Thread

    If we are weighing up our options and increasing the size of our squad, then pound for pound, Steven Tarditi and Jordyn Sheerin would get tons of goals in an attack which could certainly not be called lightweight !
  3. Fife vs Mo - 4th Place Fracas

    So disappointed but not surprised we lost this one. Thought Montrose were more up for it and coped with the conditions better than we did. They pressed quite high to force us to play it long which saw us launch the ball forward and out of play numerous times in the first half. We looked like a team with little confidence and to be honest never really looked like scoring again. How we are missing the impact that Rory Currie gave us from the bench ! We started poorly with defenders missing headers, players swinging a leg at the ball and making poor connections in our own box. Too often we launched the ball forward or played crosses from deep which went out for goal kicks. Yes the conditions were not great to allow good football but it was the same for both teams and Montrose coped with it and used the wind to their advantage better than we did. We have only scored 7 goals since 26th Feb which makes it difficult for us to win games, especially when we’ve been forced into making changes at the back due to injury and suspension. I hope I’m wrong but I have always said that if we fell out the play off spot we won’t get back into it. Today hasn’t done anything to change my mind. Other teams seem to break on us much quicker than we do on them. We always seem to hold the ball up giving opponents time to get behind the ball and organised making it difficult to break them down. A lack of confidence probably contributes to this with players not wanting to take responsibility and looking to ‘pass the buck’ With three games to go it is now out of our own hands and with our current form, I can’t see where things are going to change to get us back into the play offs. I live in hope that we can finally come off the Dumbarton mantelpiece and Airdrie find some form to beat Montrose next week. Well done to Montrose today who coped better with the conditions and deserved to win. Also congratulations to all at Arbroath FC who deservedly won the League 1 title today. I’m sure even they have been surprised that they have won it with 3 games to play despite having been on a poor run by their standards in recent weeks. It shows what can be done even by part time outfits.
  4. The East Fife Thread

    Hopefully the end of our midweek games can see us get a settled side again and hopefully injuries clear especially Craig Watson who has to be subbed today. We are relying too much on Anton getting goals and Court, while he works hard, just doesn’t look like scoring. If Rory Currie is not going to be fit soon, would it be worth trying to get Jamie Insall in till the end of the season ? He might just help get the goals to secure the play offs. The players at the Club have done brilliantly to get us into this position but anything that can be done to get us over the line should be investigated.
  5. Arbroath vs East Fife

    A 5-0 win for the away team would be great !!! [emoji6][emoji23]
  6. Fair play to Forfar, they were miles ahead of us today and wanted it more. I don’t buy into this Tuesday, Saturday causing tiredness - we’ve only had it once - we’ve another two weeks of this. We are now on a bad run of results with only the draw (which should have been a win) against Arbroath. We are really missing the creativity of Scott Agnew and it looks as though Murdoch May be missing for a few games. Hopefully Brett Long is a quick healer as his back up looked a bag of nerves and it was obvious that our defence didn’t have much confidence in him during the second half. 3 massive games coming up which will have a huge baring on whether we push for the play offs or allow others to put pressure on us and possibly catch us. We must take at least 7 points from the next three games but after today’s performance it looks unlikely. Forfar are the form team in the league and they all looked comfortable today in terms of knowing their roles in attack and defence. Have to say, I always used to enjoy a visit to Station Park but the atmosphere on the terracing the last few visits has been poisonous and quite aggressive. There is nothing better than having a bit of banter with opposing fans but today was anything but. Maybe Forfar need to look at segregating fans as I’m sure an incident is not far away. Before Forfar fans start taking the hump at this statement, I would add that some East Fife fans added fuel to the fire with some of their comments and reactions.
  7. East Fife v Arbroath

    After we scored early, Arbroath looked very quick and mobile and it was no surprise when they equalised. Was delighted to get to half time all square. We came out like a totally different team in the second half and were unlucky not to go ahead when we hit the inside of the post. Arbroath seemed to get a lift after the apology of a penalty from Docherty. Donnelly should have scored with a free header 6 yards out. All in all a really good entertaining game and it shows how far we have come that the players and fans are gutted that we haven’t inflicted the runaway leaders first defeat on their travels. Dick Campbell is not everyone’s cup of tea but the guy is a character that the game needs more of. He enjoys the banter with o-posing fans and can give it as well as take it. I have no problem with that. Fair play to Arbroath, the league table doesn’t lie and they are obviously the most consistent team in the league and will deservedly win the title. Thought Stewart Murdoch was excellent tonight and was great in the air considering he’s not the tallest. Think he may move into midfield if Ross Dunlop returns on Sat. Broque Watson did really well tonight and looks as though he’ll be a good addition for the remainder of the season. Hopefully we can get at least a point on Sat and then go on a wee winning streak to cement our play off spot. Well done to Darren Young tonight who despite having made a number of changes, managed to get an excellent response from the players at half time.
  8. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    If the final is likely to have a crowd of around 2000, why don’t the SPFL try to help East Fife recoup some of the money wasted on the trip to Dublin by playing the game at Bayview ? By offering hospitality packages and bar takings, I’m sure they could recover some of the costs of travelling to Dublin for the game that was never going to go ahead. Neil Doncaster was recently quoted as being willing to enter into discussions about compensating East Fife fans who went to Dublin. Not an easy thing to do, so why don’t they just send a cheque for £25000 - £30000 to the Club (an average of around £50 per person who travelled) I’m pretty sure most fans would accept that and would feel that as long as the money is going to help the club, they’d be happy to forego personal compensation. Come on SPFL, do the right thing for a change !!
  9. The East Fife Thread

    Would definitely welcome Jamie back to Bayview even on a short term contract till the end of the season. He’d give us something different up front in terms of a penalty box striker who anticipates where the ball will drop. Johnny Court works hard but he is very much reactive rather than being proactive and anticipating where he needs to be and as a result scores very few goals and rarely creates chances for himself. I’m sure Jamie would get a few goals for us and help fire us to the play offs. Just my opinion.
  10. East Fife Vs Partick Thistle - Scottish Cup

    When will fans realise that throwing flairs onto a plastic pitch does damage ? Were the fans searched at the away end as well as the home end ?? Hope the person who threw it is identified and charged the same as the guys that did it at the Rovers v Dunfermline. They should be made to pay for repairs. Tight game settled by a back post header from a corner. All the best to Thistle in the next round
  11. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    I am not suggesting this as my solution but don’t be surprised if the SPFL see it as a way of maintaining the present format and Eire ‘invitees’ - not sure if inverted commas are allowed on this forum ! [emoji6][emoji23]
  12. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    My take on it is that if the SPFL had told Bohemians to play the game at Bayview or another Scottish ground, they wouldn’t have have been too keen due to the costs and organising at short notice. Let’s be honest would they have been particularly happy to go to Dingwall on a Friday night ? I really think it would have been a logistic and expensive nightmare for them. Easier for them to withdraw, keep the considerable sum they made in their bar at Saturdays non-game and save face for the SPFL. No doubt next season the competition dates will be adjusted so that quarter finals are played before the end of the Irish season and the semi finals after the Irish season restarts. Any chance of the SPFL giving East Fife some substantial compensation or putting on free transport and complimentary tickets for the game at Dingwall - no thought not !
  13. The East Fife Thread

    I have made one statement which alleges that they only opened the ground to fill the bar. The rest are series of questions which you really have not addressed. What steps did Bohemians take to ensure this game would go ahead given the fact they knew their opponents and their fans had spent a fortune getting to the game ?
  14. The East Fife Thread

    You are spot on - we are not the first and won’t be the last to travel to a postponed game. However I think the circumstances are a bit different to a normal league fixture. fans had spent a hell of a lot of money, time and effort to get to Dublin so I think they are entitled to be unhappy about the lack of effort on behalf of your club to get the game on. Why did Bohemians take no precautions to ensure the game would be played ? Covers or alternative venue ? Why when the groundsman marking the pitch at 10.30 am who spoke with an East Fife fan and told him the pitch was solid in front of the stand, not alert the club to ask for an early inspection and give time to find an alternative venue for a 3.00 pm kick off ? Why did the club deny the game was in doubt when we were waiting to enter the stadium about 2.00pm ? The Referee was not for the game going ahead at 1.30 when he arrived but agreed to give them time. What steps did Bohemians take at that time to try to get the game on ? Letting players warm up in the area ? Bohemians knew the game was not going to go ahead and allowed fans into the ground for only one reason - to fill their bars so they could make money ! Between fans and partners, family who were not at the ground, the trip will have cost well over 100k between them. And don’t give me the fact that ‘oh well, they’ll have had a good time in Dublin’ Virtually none if any of the Fife fans would have been in Dublin this weekend if it hadn’t‘ been for the fact that our team were playing or due to play Bohemians. East Fife and their fans are the only ones who have lost out through this game. Bohemians have made money from it and that should be all they get from this competition.
  15. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    So the guy marking the lines at 10.30 knew parts of the pitch were frozen and highly unlikely to thaw. Why was no pitch inspection called for at that point and alternative venues sought ? Bohemians are being made to look even more incompetent !