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  1. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    If the final is likely to have a crowd of around 2000, why don’t the SPFL try to help East Fife recoup some of the money wasted on the trip to Dublin by playing the game at Bayview ? By offering hospitality packages and bar takings, I’m sure they could recover some of the costs of travelling to Dublin for the game that was never going to go ahead. Neil Doncaster was recently quoted as being willing to enter into discussions about compensating East Fife fans who went to Dublin. Not an easy thing to do, so why don’t they just send a cheque for £25000 - £30000 to the Club (an average of around £50 per person who travelled) I’m pretty sure most fans would accept that and would feel that as long as the money is going to help the club, they’d be happy to forego personal compensation. Come on SPFL, do the right thing for a change !!
  2. The East Fife Thread

    Would definitely welcome Jamie back to Bayview even on a short term contract till the end of the season. He’d give us something different up front in terms of a penalty box striker who anticipates where the ball will drop. Johnny Court works hard but he is very much reactive rather than being proactive and anticipating where he needs to be and as a result scores very few goals and rarely creates chances for himself. I’m sure Jamie would get a few goals for us and help fire us to the play offs. Just my opinion.
  3. East Fife Vs Partick Thistle - Scottish Cup

    When will fans realise that throwing flairs onto a plastic pitch does damage ? Were the fans searched at the away end as well as the home end ?? Hope the person who threw it is identified and charged the same as the guys that did it at the Rovers v Dunfermline. They should be made to pay for repairs. Tight game settled by a back post header from a corner. All the best to Thistle in the next round
  4. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    I am not suggesting this as my solution but don’t be surprised if the SPFL see it as a way of maintaining the present format and Eire ‘invitees’ - not sure if inverted commas are allowed on this forum ! [emoji6][emoji23]
  5. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    My take on it is that if the SPFL had told Bohemians to play the game at Bayview or another Scottish ground, they wouldn’t have have been too keen due to the costs and organising at short notice. Let’s be honest would they have been particularly happy to go to Dingwall on a Friday night ? I really think it would have been a logistic and expensive nightmare for them. Easier for them to withdraw, keep the considerable sum they made in their bar at Saturdays non-game and save face for the SPFL. No doubt next season the competition dates will be adjusted so that quarter finals are played before the end of the Irish season and the semi finals after the Irish season restarts. Any chance of the SPFL giving East Fife some substantial compensation or putting on free transport and complimentary tickets for the game at Dingwall - no thought not !
  6. The East Fife Thread

    I have made one statement which alleges that they only opened the ground to fill the bar. The rest are series of questions which you really have not addressed. What steps did Bohemians take to ensure this game would go ahead given the fact they knew their opponents and their fans had spent a fortune getting to the game ?
  7. The East Fife Thread

    You are spot on - we are not the first and won’t be the last to travel to a postponed game. However I think the circumstances are a bit different to a normal league fixture. fans had spent a hell of a lot of money, time and effort to get to Dublin so I think they are entitled to be unhappy about the lack of effort on behalf of your club to get the game on. Why did Bohemians take no precautions to ensure the game would be played ? Covers or alternative venue ? Why when the groundsman marking the pitch at 10.30 am who spoke with an East Fife fan and told him the pitch was solid in front of the stand, not alert the club to ask for an early inspection and give time to find an alternative venue for a 3.00 pm kick off ? Why did the club deny the game was in doubt when we were waiting to enter the stadium about 2.00pm ? The Referee was not for the game going ahead at 1.30 when he arrived but agreed to give them time. What steps did Bohemians take at that time to try to get the game on ? Letting players warm up in the area ? Bohemians knew the game was not going to go ahead and allowed fans into the ground for only one reason - to fill their bars so they could make money ! Between fans and partners, family who were not at the ground, the trip will have cost well over 100k between them. And don’t give me the fact that ‘oh well, they’ll have had a good time in Dublin’ Virtually none if any of the Fife fans would have been in Dublin this weekend if it hadn’t‘ been for the fact that our team were playing or due to play Bohemians. East Fife and their fans are the only ones who have lost out through this game. Bohemians have made money from it and that should be all they get from this competition.
  8. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    So the guy marking the lines at 10.30 knew parts of the pitch were frozen and highly unlikely to thaw. Why was no pitch inspection called for at that point and alternative venues sought ? Bohemians are being made to look even more incompetent !
  9. Bohemians v East Fife - Diddy Cup 1/4 Final

    On our way to the ground about 1.45 I took a phone call from an EF director to say the game was in serious doubt due to the part of the pitch shaded by the stand was frozen. When we arrived at the ground the stewards told us what gates to enter. I asked if the game was definitely on and he said why wouldn’t it be. I told him about the phone call and he said he hadn’t heard. An official of Bohemians came out a door behind the steward so he asked if the game was on. The official said it was definitely going ahead but when I mentioned the phone call he started to backtrack saying they were giving it every chance of going ahead. Whilst I realise the the Referee had the final call even though he hadn’t arrived till 1.30 when he wanted the game off, I feel Bohemians knew the game was not going ahead but wanted fans in the ground so that they could make money on food and drink in their bars. They took €15 off fans knowing the game was not going ahead, then ran out of tickets meaning those fans couldn’t be refunded. They have made a killing from a game that was never going to happen !! Why had they not taken precautions in terms of protecting the pitch in view of the temperatures last week ? Why did they not have a back up plan of an AstroTurf pitch if their pitch failed an 11.00 inspection ? Why was the game not officially called off until 2.57 when it was blatantly obvious from watching players basically stopping their warm up about 2.30 ? Why was their no representative from the SPFL at the game ? I reckon there were 350-400 East Fife fans in the ground and adding wives and family who had travelled to Dublin but didn’t go to the game that their would have been between 500-600 who had made the trip. Say on average each person that travelled spent £200-£300 (some spent a lot more !) As a group, those that travelled have spent between £100k - £180k for a game that never took place due to incompetence on the part of SPFL Bohemians FC. I realise there is absolutely no chance of fans being compensated but I’m sure they would be at least in some way placated if the Club was given financial compensation instead. I believe the Club were given £10000 to cover the expenses for the game but it will have cost them much more. Here do we go from here ? What are the options ? Will the SPFL throw Bohemians out and EastFife progress to the semi-final ? Highly unlikely as they don’t have the balls to take that stance. Will the game be rescheduled to try again in Dublin. Would surprise me if SPFL took this option. If this happens, East Fife should refuse to play and seek support from all the other SPFL clubs. Move the game to be played at Bayview - if it’s a Saturday it will men more disruption to our league programme. To play it midweek, Bohemians would need time to organise travel etc and I think the costs etc would see them withdraw which is why I don’t think the SPFL will do that. SPFL stands for Scottish PROFESSIONAL Football League and they have been anything but professional in terms of how they have run this competition. When will this body start to look after their member clubs rather than their own self interest. They have bowed to an Irish Club in terms of rearranging the game to suit them because they had not been planned for the scenario of Bohemians reaching the quarter final. The only way the SPFL will gain any small crumb of respect would be to throw Bohemians out of the competition with East Fife progressing and by making a significant payment (40k-50k) to the club as a form of compensation for the huge amount of money spent by fans to follow there team. SPFL and Mr Doncaster - over to you - have you got the bottle to do the right thing by your member club and the SCOTTISH company that sponsor the tournament ? Or will you yet again bend over for our Irish counterparts who in all honesty have taken the piss ? We await your decision and explanation with baited breath !
  10. Cowdenbeath at home in the next round, then Stenny at home in the quarters before meeting Auchinleck Talbot in the semis !
  11. Montrose V East Fife

    Tbh I travelled up to the game hoping for the best and fearing the worst ! Had been really impressed by Montrose when they won at Bayview and after our disappointing performance against Airdrie last week, how would we react. With Currie and Aggy missing, it was a chance for Linton and Watt to show what they could do and stake a claim for a starting position for next weeks cup tie. In the first half the game was end to end with The Mo being quite direct. Two great finishes by Liam Watt put us two nil up after Anton Dowds was unlucky when he pounced on a Dillon mistake but unfortunately the ball went the wrong side of the post. Second half, Montrose came at us and at times we struggled to get a foot on the ball and make passes, although Anton scored with a header before being flagged offside. I feared that we may have been overrun when we went two up front with Smith and Court coming on but we defended well, throwing bodies in front of the ball and making lots of last ditch tackles. But the change also put the Montrose defence under more pressure and we went on to create more chances. A great 3 points especially after the disappointment of last week. Excellent team performance and Darren Young got his tactics spot on. Solid team performance but for me Ross Dunlop was outstanding throughout. Montrose will cause teams lots of problems with their style of play and their ability to switch play but they need a goal scorer. I know Mark McGuigan has been mentioned and he would certainly help. They have done well after coming up from League 2. Hopefully, we can produce another good Cup performance next week and get to Round 5. A draw against one of the big guns would be great to bring in some funds to allow the manager to bring in a couple of quality additions to the squad to allow us to cement a play off place. Mon the Fife !
  12. Why is it always when the Rovers lose it is because they were really poor that day ? How about looking at games more objectively ? Why were they poor ? Could it maybe have something to do with the opposition getting their game plan, tactics and formation spot on which prevents the Rovers from dictating the game and playing to their strengths ? The three derbies this season, Darren Young has got his team selection and game plans spot on and as a result we have taken 7 points from 9. Dunlop and Meggatt were excellent today and limited Buchanan and Nisbett chances.
  13. What starting 11 will Darren Young go with tomorrow ? Will he stick with the 4-1-4-1 from last week or will he be more adventurous and play 2 up front ? Personally think big Anton deserves a start as he proved what a handful he can be, when he came on against Stenny last week. Also looks as though Darryl Meggatt will be available after his suspension. Team I’d like to see Long Watson. Dunlop. Meggatt. Slattery Davidson Dunsmore. Bell. Agnew Dowds. Smith But I think it will more likely be Long Watson. Dunlop. Meggatt. Docherty Davidson Dunsmore. Bell. Agnew. McBride Smith Anyone know when Rory Curries loan spell finishes ? Can’t see Hearts being too keen to extend it when he is getting very limited game time. Think we could do with getting a couple out in January and a couple of players in to add a bit more quality. Fingers crossed 🤞
  14. Stenhousemuir v East Fife

    Firstly it was a great 3 points in horrendous conditions and the players deserve great credit for digging in, especially in the second half and bringing out the result. Yes some players played better than others and that can be said after every game. That’s how there are Man of the Match awards ! I’m not one for shouting individual criticism at players as I agree that can have a negative effect on the players performance. Fans will always like players who can do something special after having done nothing for 20 minutes or players who show a real commitment to the cause even if their ability is limited. I’m sure we can all name a number of such players who have played in the black and gold over the years. Some fans are having a go at Scott McBride as they see him as being neither of these type of players. Having watched the highlights there are a number of occasions where he is not tracking the runner and even in the commentary Angus states that McBride needs to be stronger in the challenge ! Sometimes the black and gold tinted spectacles need to be taken off so that an objective view can be seen clearly. Fans will make their opinions known in different ways and I’m sure most of the older players will be able to shrug it off and some will use it as motivation. The game is all about opinions and I don’t think calling those vociferous fans as ‘so-called supporters’ is particularly helpful just as shouting personal abuse isn’t. We all want the same thing - a successful East Fife team on the park and we will all have our views of the best 11 we can put on the park. No doubt we will all have differing opinions about substitutions the Manager makes and the team he picks. Most fans want a combination of the aforementioned types of players - anything less will lead to criticism.
  15. Stenhousemuir v East Fife

    Looked very comfortable in the first half and Stenny allowed us to pass the ball out from the back with little pressure on our defenders. Kev did brilliantly to get in front of the defender to divert the ball past the Keeper into the bottom corner. Second half we were well disciplined and kept our shape but for me we sat too deep and invited Stenny to come at us and get the ball wide. They did create chances and Brettt Long made a couple of good stops and they hit the bar. The substitution of Dowds for Smith proved vital. Anton missed a rare chance for us from about 8 yards but made up for it when he controlled a hopefully punt up the park on the left about 30 yards out. He drove forward and shrugged off the defenders challenge before stroking the ball under Graeme Smith to make it 2-0. He had a similar chance a few minutes later but this time Smith made the save. Brutal weather conditions, but a massive 3 points. A number of positives. Brett Long comes back in and keeps a clean sheet. Sparky and Ross Dunlop coped very well with McGuiggan. Kev gets on the score sheet and big Toni’s came on and showed what a threat he is and what we’ve missed recently. Hopefully we can get another 3 points for Xmas next week against Forfar, but would like to see Smith and Dowds starting together.