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  1. I CBA reading back what's getting made up?
  2. Worst- A birthday party in the pub in wester hailes. Hardly anyone turned up the drink was expensive and the buffet was shit. What made it the worst weekend for me was after my gf bought a new outfit got her hair done hotel etc it cost £700.
  3. Was the sleeping pod warmer than your flat?
  4. I fucked my back falling down a flight of stairs
  5. Was it not the start of this year?
  6. Keep them and tell the shop that the delivery company put them in the bin because you were out and the bin was emptied.
  7. Are you gonna be on the telly? Get a dug and call it bullet then get a no bad looking junkie burd and just scum up for the cameras. The public would love you.
  8. Templehall I'm just up the road from there and it's reekin where I am I dunno how you can't smell it.
  9. Anyone else in Kirkcaldy smell the foul odour? What's the source? It's horrendous outside.
  10. Tell the truth it was lee and billy you had a threesome with.
  11. If you want. Take enough drugs anything can happen.
  12. You can go out on the job centres night out.
  13. Bet you look just like Russell Crowe only a little more ripped.
  14. They are all beasts. Imagine making a kid to P.E in pants and vest.
  15. The last 3times it's snowed in Sydney, Hearts have won the scottish cup.
  16. I have mine on Black Friday. I'm gonna make a excuse up and have a night of Fifa instead and maybe push the boat out and get a Indian . I can't be arsed sitting in a busy pub now.
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