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  1. Av no idea as haven't seen any games except last night against Dundee. It was generally accepted by the pundits that neither were strong penalty shouts
  2. 12 penalties in 16 games [emoji15][emoji15][emoji15] That's got to be some kind of record
  3. I'll be looking to get a bet on burgh for the league... Some smashing football and played at a good tempo....
  4. Think making Kelty the champions was the only decision the league could make. Congratulations to the players and coaching team. Also players coaches of bonnyrigg and BSC. Brilliant football and consistency by all 3.
  5. He resigned... you really are “in the know” eh? Making an absolute [email protected] o yersel
  6. The last Kelty manager was a Celtic supporter.... keep howling at the moon though
  7. Bonnyrigg still struggling for a team?[emoji15]
  8. Just in from a cracking display against Berwick. 4-0 win and through to the next round. Can somebody explain why folk keep replying to this cum pail and giving him the time of day. He’s obviously upset because Austin decided to come back south and he’s feeling all rejected. Ignore him and he can go back to watching love actually wi a tub of Ben and Jerry’s
  9. A great credit to EK Playing with 10 men. Really good game to watch
  10. Great result today, hard earned 3 points... respect for EK players for battling 90mims despite being down to 10 men. Trying to keep this brief and simple for Tarmo kink...
  11. Unfortunately some folk are too embittered to forget he was a rangers player. Amazing how supporters from loads of clubs can’t forgive him for “bombing at Clyde”
  12. Shameful decision. Bonnyrigg shafted by the sfa licence then whitehill shafted to try and rectify it?
  13. Maybe not the correct forum for all the league set up stuff. However, we were spanked again by an excellent team.all the best in the playoffs, hopefully EK go an and get a well deserved promotion
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