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  1. Sorry I do not possess a crystal ball all I can say is clubs accepted these rules for decades, btw is it the situation in the East of Scotland that in cup tie games the home team retains the gate money and the away team receives nothing but has to pay half the referee,s fee.?This could cost some of the clubs who carry a big away support and who are unlucky enough to be drawn away in several cup ties in a season a fair bit of money
  2. I think you should keep your comments to the end of the season and note that Armadale. defeated Bo’ness on Tuesday night and are leading Edinburgh College today 4-0 after 27 minutes. Syngenta are a good side and seem to have good sponsorship good luck to them but we will continue to challenge them still a lot of football to be played.
  3. Rules which include travel costs, share of gate receipts are already in place for the Scottish Junior Cup. There are 106 clubs participating in this years competition which is sponsored by Macron I would expect invited clubs to be made aware of the rules. The decision to participate is then up to each invited club
  4. I believe that clubs who became members of the East of Scotland league this year are not allowed a vote at next year’s AGM. The SJFA are to invite all clubs above tier 5 (tier 6 upwards) to enter the Scottish Junior Cup next year providing a national cup competition for pyramid clubs hopefully better liaison can be achieved by the various associations
  5. Bo’ness do not compile the fixture lists,the East of Scotland are culpable as they issued.the fixtures in the knowledge that Scottish Junior cup ties were due on the 21st of August and 25th September and would result in clubs being asked to play 2 important matches less than 24 hours apart
  6. The original East of Scotland fixtures were Syyngenta v Stoneyburn on Friday 20th August 2021 and Livingston v Fauldhouse on 21 August 2021 both these fixtures have been postponed to allow these clubs participate in the Scottish Junior Cup. Why has the East of Scotland failed to alter fixtures to accommodate other member clubs? Why are they adopting a policy of Double Standards?
  7. Scandalous the East of Scotland knew the dates yet went ahead and issued these fixtures God help Scottish football when these idiots are running the game. Both clubs have been denied access to a qualifying competition for the Scottish Cup as they have been excluded from the Arthur Jack Cup which should be re scheduled to include these clubs because of the East Of Scotland blunder
  8. Clubs are required to have an official on duty at the closed gate to open the gate and allow people to leave the ground.
  9. Armadale,Whitburn,Bathgate, Fauldhouse are situated in Central Scotland 2 to 5 miles from Harthill
  10. I agree that response should be challenged where is the SFA and SJFA on this they should be acting in the interest of their members
  11. Clubs who operate PAYE could apply to the Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme for 80% of their wage bill
  12. Same situation at Armadale in the last year a new roof on enclosure, Ladies,gents disabled toilets been built,east terracing refurbished, entrance to ground improved new enclosure on east terracing next project.great credit to the committee.Would be a shame to end up in some irrelevant league, the community who give good support to the club deserve a club competing at the highest level of non- league football
  13. When are they going to realise that junior football in Central Scotland is finished. Where are they going to compete ? This attitude of wait and see who survives the present situation is a nonsense.
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