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  1. All clubs in the ERJFA were issued with their complete seasons fixtures in June 2019, as with the EOS the fixtures are subject to change. The region only show forthcoming fixtures on their website
  2. There was no mention of Fife teams in my post your conclusion is a load of bullshit.
  3. My opinion is that if the ERJFA are required to form a 16 team super League to gain access to tier 6 which would result in teams from West Lothian travelling to Carnoustie,Forfar and Dundee would be a bad decision. This would not be a viable option and could lead to a further exodus of clubs from the region.
  4. Armadale 2 Livingston Utd 1 ft
  5. There has to be compromise the present Tayside boundary must be changed. Tayside and Fife clubs should form a region with all West Lothian clubs joining the EOS. There would then be 4 regions involved in a playoff for promotion to the Lowland League.
  6. SFA member clubs automatically enter the William Hill Scottish Cup provided they have the necessary licence no SFA club is excluded because of the participation of junior or amateur clubs
  7. Both Stirling clubs drawn at home possible one of the ties could be played on Friday night and shown on TV although there are more attractive ties.
  8. Auchinleck were streets ahead of Kelty who must be playing poor opposition each week
  9. The present EOS clubs would not need to change and the EOS would determine at what tier new clubs would enter.I am not speaking on behalf of a club I am a football supporter and I have no evidence of any club being forced by members to join the EOS. What has the EOS got to lose? If they stick their head in the sand and continue to use their power of veto there will be no progress
  10. Your entitled to your opinion but the option is we still continue with the PWG talking shop which has existed for more than a decade there needs to be compromise if the Pyramid is to succeed
  11. The Tayside clubs plus all Fife clubs could form a new league and be included in the pyramid call this league the Tayside and Fife League. West Lothian and Stirlingshire clubs would join the EOS.The playoffs would then be between EOS WOS SOS and Tayside/Fife. The present boundary would require adjusting. There needs to be compromise accommodating all clubs. This is only a suggestion. The HL and Northern clubs would make their own arrangements.
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