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  1. Hearts finished sixth last season, were knocked out of the League Cup in the group stage and lost to Motherwell in the Scottish Cup quarter-finals. All with the great Kyle Lafferty in the side.
  2. Rock Chicks

    Here she is pre-op.
  3. Quite the hot take, I thought... I didn't really have a problem with this, the Naismith stuff was pretty matter of fact. If he's fit he plays in the final. Contract talks with him have been rumbling on for months. Craig Levein dismisses Rangers interest in John Souttar might have been a more accurate reflection, given his tone.
  4. Out of the mouth of babes...

    My friend asked me earlier if I'd be getting the Polwarth Tavern bus from Edinburgh to the Scottish Cup final. I live 20 minutes from Hampden (and she is well aware of this).
  5. I stopped reading after this nonsensical crap.
  6. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    Three certainties in life - death, taxes and Hearts getting pumped at Ibrox.
  7. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    My 82-year-old granny with two replacement knees could take out Don Cowie.
  8. Some scouting network Rangers have.
  9. The cost of drinking in pubs

    Keep going at the rate you are and I doubt you'll have much choice.
  10. Line of Duty.

    A very pleasant surprise to see her again. Too thick to be the top dog, although he does a decent job of trying to obstruct AC-12.
  11. Marrakech

    I was only pressured once and he had no chance because I'm a tight-fisted Scot who had no reason to visit a blacksmith despite his cries of "come see my metals, Asda price".
  12. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    I'd imagine Hearts will lose by two goals as usual at Ibrox.