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  1. I see we're not even bothering with match threads now 😄
  2. They had To Whom It May Concern above a picture of Stevie May as well. Shite.
  3. Probably true, although it's all about search engine optimisation with these headlines.
  4. No. I've said quite clearly that I think prices should be lower. I'd also stopped attending matches before Covid due to the prices. But there are more than enough mugs willing to pay over the odds to watch Hearts play at Tynecastle. Whether I like it or not, Hearts will milk fans for as much as they can. If that realism is me accepting it then so be it.
  5. I believe your wish will be granted and someone will win.
  6. I think the prices should be lower in general. As others have said, they went about the season tickets the wrong way but it seems a lot of people were happy to stump up and treat it as a "gift". Someone at Hearts has done the calculations and decided it's the best way forward. I will rarely attend as a result (after Covid) but if plenty of others are able and willing to pay those prices and they're maximising return, good for them.
  7. Hearts are entitled to charge whatever they want. If people are willing to stump up, even better for the club. I think people are mental for paying those prices but each to their own.
  8. Fair play, that's just the type of horsing many predicted.
  9. Some ROFL moments coming tonight with Lockie having a go at Lee McCulloch's teeth. A must-watch.
  10. Some finish from the penalty spot by the weather to settle it.
  11. I'm all for wiping the 2015/16 Scottish Cup from history because it was won by a lower league team.
  12. Would've been a fun away trip. Ah well, just have to wait until we're relegated again sometime soon.
  13. * I for one cannot wait to beat Hibs in a semi then Celtic in a final after being unjustly demoted. Some laugh. There's certainly been one hammering.
  14. The haste with which Neilson returned to Tynecastle indicates how much he cares about what is happening at Tannadice. I'd be very surprised if any Hearts supporter gave a shit about Dundee United being promoted.
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