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  1. Much better Hearts teams than this mob have been scudded at Fir Park. I'm not sure I can recall us being so utterly inept and raising our game to beat a Motherwell team who were flying high in the league.
  2. Home win. You deserve to be suspended for the apostrophe in Jambos.
  3. There's no doubt ticket prices in Scotland are a disgrace - Hearts' are abysmal, the cheapest adult ticket to watch us play Aberdeen, Celtic, Hibs or Rangers is £32 - and that we could learn a lot from other similar-sized leagues around Europe. Unfortunately I can't see anything changing due to the reasons outlined by Tony Wonder. If only our Spanish friend was Belgian and able to give us some insight on how things operate there.
  4. As far as I can tell, the Norwegian league doesn't have a sponsor. Their TV deal is worth £5m a year more than Scotland's - but for 240 live matches per season. So it would appear we're getting ripped off a lot more than you think.
  5. Better groomed than MacPhee, get him in the dugout. I see what you did there.
  6. I'll think Hibs are shite regardless of the forum I'm on.
  7. I think Hearts will be just fine with the squad they have under a semi-competent manager. Look forward to welcoming you on Boxing Day, champ.
  8. I don't know, being humourless and joyless is pretty Hearts.
  9. Hearts are under pressure to appoint a manager and Stendel is clear favourite. It's quite easy to say "he'll be appointed by midweek" without having a clue what's actually happening. Chances are he'll be right. Who got his club promoted ahead of Jack Ross's Sunderland. While my ambition isn't simply to be better than Hibs, I'd take it for just now.
  10. Don't take any family with you, just to be on the safe side.
  11. I bet you do. It's definitely squeaky bum time for Hearts.
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