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  1. Pretty sure we have a talent director, who certainly has a talent for directing useless fuckers into our work.
  2. Less patronising, at least. Take a 3-0 defeat and move on with all our lives.
  3. Fair description of Michael Stewart. Both as a player and a pundit.
  4. I did it for our current usage and it was still working out cheaper.
  5. I checked under medium usage because we're getting a wood burner installed and will be a lot more sensible with our usage generally this winter. So I'd imagine we'd end up in credit at their given price. I'd be checking all this before signing up. It was that article that led me to this point. I just wanted to check people's personal experiences before taking the plunge. We'd end up paying £11 more a month for our phones, but my package would be better. And we need boiler cover anyway. Wouldn't touch their broadband offer. Thanks for the feedback so far.
  6. We're on monthly mobile contracts and don't currently have boiler cover, so wouldn't cause us much hassle at all. Their 12-month fixed rate offer is about £80 a month under what we'd be spending on standard tariff. So it's a significant saving. I wouldn't be touching the variable rate, that truly does seem too good to be true, but can't see how we can go wrong with their fixed rate? I don't really care about their tactics, I saw it on Money Saving Expert so haven't heard from any of their agents.
  7. Uses lots of big words. Not always in the right context or order, unfortunately. He was going on about "biomechanics" again last night
  8. Do they have any pundits who could articulate a reasonable counter argument? I genuinely can't think of any. Tom English at least possesses the ability to speak English properly, but I'm ruling him out because he knows next to nothing about football.
  9. Has anyone switched to Utility Warehouse? Our ridiculously cheap fixed-rate is unfortunately coming to an end later this month. UW offering a fixed rate well below the likely October cap (albeit you have to take on two other services with them).
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