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  1. Bears looked awfully good last night and we have them next week. Hopefully this is the usual Bears start followed by the inevitable collapse.
  2. 5pm to 6pm on a Sunday night, definitely the slowest hour of the week.
  3. This is either going to be a very exciting football game or a total comedy-fest.
  4. I'd worry how they'd cope if they were seriously misfiring in a game. Fun to watch though.
  5. Good strategy for keeping Griffin healthy.
  6. Agree with Aikman, can't handle Buck at all though. Hes too monotonous. A good commentator can add to the excitement of the game.
  7. Definitely the best two analysts around.
  8. Pretty worrying injury news for the Raiders... Blaine Gabbert is out next week.
  9. Don't get too excited Packer fans. Its still game over.
  10. You said game over, if its tied it can hardly be game over.
  11. If the Niners score here will it be game over again?
  12. I'd be pretty surprised if San Francisco didn't win the Superbowl and Jacksonville didn't have the first pick. That Wembley game could be comically brilliant.
  13. Watching the Niners play the Packers feels a bit like watching Hearts and Celtic, I want both teams to lose.
  14. Up in a few hours but I want to see Punk batter Heyman before I go to sleep. Doubt it'll happen though, have a feeling we might meet a new Heyman guy tonight.
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